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Request: Utility trailer (Poolesville, Maryland) - In search of 5x10 or 6 x 10 trailer in good condition. Will pick up. Thank you! Request: Box spring & metal bed frame (Poolesville, Maryland) - Good morning! We are in search of a twin sized box spring and metal frame on wheels in good condition. It is okay if these come from a home with pets. Non smoking homes only, please. We are willing to pick up within three days (we live far!). These are for personal use, not resale. Request: Oversized neutral rug (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Get a jump start or your room refresh or remodel! In search of oversized (over 10x 14) neutral colored (white, ivory, cream, beige) rug without rips or tears. Willing to take off your hands after seeing a picture. Thank you! Request: Got Dirt (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Are you under construction? Wondering where to put the dirt from your project? Let us help you clear out the dirt. Thanks for reading! Request: Hard scape material (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of bricks, pavers, gravel and river rocks. Kindly contact with a picture. Thank you for reading! Request: Got milk crates (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of milk crates. Color and size are immaterial. Willing to pick up immediately. Thank you for your help! Request: Dorm fridge (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of a dorm style refrigerator with or without freezer compartment for daughters off to college. Must be in working condition inside. Scratches and dents do not matter-I’m sure it will acquire more before they graduate. Thank you for reading this post and for parting with the fridge! Free: Construction type barrels (Poolesville, Maryland) Gifted - Got a future driver? We used these construction type barrels for five of our eight children to set up a driver’s obstacle course. Please be advised that we are in Poolesville off Route 28 Darnestown Road.
Photo of free Construction type barrels (Poolesville, Maryland)
Free: Turkey breast (Poolesville, Maryland) Gifted - Times are tough. The dollar no longer goes as far as it did. But you still have guests coming! Please benefit from our mistake. We purchased this large turkey breast instead of a traditional bone in turkey. Interested? Kindly text your date and time for pickup in Poolesville, and it’s yours to enjoy!
Photo of free Turkey breast (Poolesville, Maryland)
Request: Tumbling compost bin (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of tumbling compost bin. Not really picky, as long as it works (opens/closes/tumbles). Thank you in advance! Request: wheelchair (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Requesting a gently used wheelchair with intact foot rests for post surgery mobility. Thanks! Ro Request: crutches (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of crutches for a fun sized (5’4”) female. Request: Primed molding (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - I am in need of a great deal of primed molding. Willing to pick up. Request: Pond liner (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Looking for a pond liner, any size. Must be in good condition, without cracks or tears. Willing to pick up. Request: wing back chairs (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Looking for wingback chairs for school project, prefer without rips. Willing to pick up. Many thanks! Request: wing back chairs (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Looking for wingback chairs for school project. Willing to pick up. Many thanks! Free: Firewood (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Giving away A LOT OF seasoned firewood. Easy access to yard, and use of wheelbarrow. Take some or all. You reply, you haul. Located in Poolesville, Maryland Thank you! Request: chicken coop run (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Looking for a chicken coop run. Would prefer good condition and easily disassembled and reassembled. Thank you! Request: Happy birthday yard sign (Germantown/Darnestown) Expired - Respectfully requesting a Happy Birthday yard sign. Thank you! Free: Freestanding ballet barre (Germantown/Darnestown) Expired - Have a budding ballerina? Nurture her talent with this free standing ballet barre. Item is fully assembled and available for porch pick up near Darnestown. Request: Graduation congrats sign (Germantown/Darnestown) Expired - Good morning! Respectfully request a graduation congratulations yard sign. Thank you! Free: beautiful sized bunk bed hugger (Germantown/Darnestown) Gifted - Offering twin sized bunk bed huggers. Huggers are bed covers with finished corners that allow even the smallest child to make their bed. These were made by the exclusive California Kids. Lovely floral print on ecru and yellow background. Included are two shams-one ruffled and one tailored. Take one set or both. Ideal for girls sharing or use one now and the other later. Contact less pick up. Kindly leave the plastic container behind.
Photo of free beautiful sized bunk bed hugger (Germantown/Darnestown)
Free: Bunk bed/bed hugger (Germantown/Darnestown) Expired - Two twin sized bunk bed huggers in ivory and mauve floral. Huggers have finished square corners that allow a bed to made with “hospital corners”. This makes a bed so much easier to be made by a child. Offering two twin huggers, two standard ruffled shams and two tailored shams. Ideal for siblings sharing a room, use one save one, and siblings in separate rooms. Take one or both. All have been dry cleaned and are free of rips, tears, and funky smells. All products original purchased from California Kids.
Photo of free Bunk bed/bed hugger (Germantown/Darnestown)
Request: Utility trailer (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of 6 to 8 foot trailer with hitch and wheels intact. Free: Chopped wood (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - Offering free wood off the ground and covered. Good access to yard. Fuel for your evening fire pit! Get a jump on your winter fireplace supply! Request: large rugs (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In search of large (10x12 to 12x12) area rugs in good condition. Would prefer rugs in homes without pets and from non smoking homes. Request: Twin sized metal bed frame (Poolesville, Maryland) Expired - In need of a twin sized metal bed frame in Poolesville, Maryland.