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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Retro Ornaments (Dufton CA16) Gifted - A selection of household ornaments. Vintage!
Photo of free Retro Ornaments (Dufton CA16)
Photo of free Retro Ornaments (Dufton CA16)
Free: Calcium Tablets (Dufton CA16) Expired - For dogs! Half a tub full. Expirey date August 23. Left over from when our dog had puppies.
Photo of free Calcium Tablets (Dufton CA16)
Request: Exterior Wood and Glass Door (Dufton CA16) Received - We are looking for a wood and glass door for a shed with a view project. Or possibly French doors! Free: Old Glass Door (Dufton CA16) Expired - 77.5" x 30" Frosted glass. Very solid.
Photo of free Old Glass Door (Dufton CA16)
Free: Old Glass Interior Door (Dufton CA16) Expired - 77.5 " x 24" Patterned frosted glass. Very solid.
Photo of free Old Glass Interior Door (Dufton CA16)
Free: Shower Board (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Half a sheet of shower board. Been in the garage so a bit dusty. Unused - very sound.
Photo of free Shower Board (Dufton CA16)
Free: Aftercut Lawn Care (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Empty refill tub. Full box of Lawncare became damp in shed but is drying out nicely
Photo of free Aftercut Lawn Care (Dufton CA16)
Free: Wood to Burn (Dufton CA16) Gifted - We've just taken a shed down and have lots of great wood to burn. Come and fill a car or trailer!
Photo of free Wood to Burn (Dufton CA16)
Free: Cross Country Skis and Kit (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Skis, poles and boots - EU size 40 (5.5 ish).
Photo of free Cross Country Skis and Kit (Dufton CA16)
Free: 3 X Panes of Glass (Dufton CA16) Gifted - 3 panes of glass measuring 2ftx2ft square. From an old shed.
Photo of free 3 X Panes of Glass (Dufton CA16)
Free: Old Pine Table (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Lovely sound dining table. Extendable with screw on legs. Would make a great upcycling project. Stripped and oiled top and pained legs. Never got round to it myself.
Photo of free Old Pine Table (Dufton CA16)
Free: Fire Board (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Large piece of fire board.
Photo of free Fire Board (Dufton CA16)
Free: Plastic Sledge (Dufton CA16) Gifted - A bit dusty but in great condition.
Photo of free Plastic Sledge (Dufton CA16)
Free: 1950's School Desk (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Has been in a damp shed and is ready for TLC, an upcycle and a new lease of life. Could be a project?
Photo of free 1950's School Desk (Dufton CA16)
Free: Plastic Storage Boxes (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Two handy storage boxes
Photo of free Plastic Storage Boxes (Dufton CA16)
Free: Medium Sized Dog Crate (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Collapsible dog crate for a medium sized dog or puppy Free: 5L Pressure Sprayer (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Only used once.
Photo of free 5L Pressure Sprayer (Dufton CA16)
Free: Solar Panal (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Working but front shattered. Still sound and not falling to pieces.
Photo of free Solar Panal (Dufton CA16)
Free: Large Plastic Pots (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Three large plastic pots all with drainage holes. Please take any or all.
Photo of free Large Plastic Pots (Dufton CA16)
Free: Plastic Trough Trays (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Four trough trays. One very large, three others.
Photo of free Plastic Trough Trays (Dufton CA16)
Free: Old Wire Vegetable Rack (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Handy in a garage or shed
Photo of free Old Wire Vegetable Rack (Dufton CA16)
Free: Plastic Seed Trays (Dufton CA16) Gifted - 6 seed trays with drainage holes
Photo of free Plastic Seed Trays (Dufton CA16)
Free: Fence Paint (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Almost a full tub of fence/shed paint.
Photo of free Fence Paint (Dufton CA16)
Free: Garden Netting (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Great for climbing peas or plant protection
Photo of free Garden Netting (Dufton CA16)
Free: Old Garden Tools (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Still in good working order. May need a squirt of WD40 on hinges and a dust off. Take any or all.
Photo of free Old Garden Tools (Dufton CA16)
Free: Folding Camping Barbecue Stand (Dufton CA16) Gifted - 3 tiered barbecue stand. A few years old and has been stored in the shed but has never been used. Collapses neatly for travel.
Photo of free Folding Camping Barbecue Stand (Dufton CA16)
Free: Sink. (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Nice quality sink with working taps and push plug.
Photo of free Sink. (Dufton CA16)
Free: Metal Oil Drum (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Rusty old oil drum with lid. 3 feet tall.
Photo of free Metal Oil Drum (Dufton CA16)
Free: EasiYo Yogurt Maker (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Make your own yogurt from easiyo packets or any other way you know how to. Free: Adis Squirty Mop (Dufton CA16) Gifted - Only been used a couple of times. Collect soon please.
Photo of free Adis Squirty Mop (Dufton CA16)