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Free: Cupboard (Lime Gate OL8) - Wall cupboard 60 x 64 23 cm can be used in any room
Photo of free Cupboard (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Concrete edging (Lime Gate OL8) - Many miss shaped bricks and garden edging also some broken slabs.can all be used for edging or possibly small brick wall.was only wondering if someone could make use of them before they go to the tip Free: Shower curtain hooks (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - A full set of shower curtain hooks,they are a little differant to the shower rings.they are metal and quite heavy Bought from dunhelm and never used
Photo of free Shower curtain hooks (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Shoes (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - Size 6 ladies summer shoe,never been worn brand new this week
Photo of free Shoes (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Watches (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - Mens and womens watches,all need batteries and 1 needs a new strap.if someone can make use of them,u are most welcome
Photo of free Watches (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Kitchen stuff (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - After sorting my cupboards out,I put few bits in a box.i.e t.pots ,strainer,vegitable slicer.anyone welcome to them might do for car boot
Photo of free Kitchen stuff (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Books (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - 10 books if anyone has any use for them
Photo of free Books (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Wooden cd unit (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - Could this be any use to anyone ,nice piece of furniture for cd, dvd.has the racks inside to hold them
Photo of free Wooden cd unit (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Shopping basket (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - Shopping basket if anyone wants it.can be used for shopping or flower arrangement or whatever
Photo of free Shopping basket (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Smeg dishwasher (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - Smeg dishwasher,spare or repaired. It has a problem but genuinely don't think it's anything major.i was told by an repair guy that when it had this particular problem to pull it out and tip it backwards a few times and he was right it helped the problem but if I am honest it was too heavy for me to keep doing that so gave in and bought a second hand one.
Photo of free Smeg dishwasher (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Pictures (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - 2 pictures(if that's what you can call them)it's more ceramic I think.anyone who is into things like this are welcome to them or for car boot sale
Photo of free Pictures (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Earing aid (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - Rechargeable earing aid,charges on a USB port.bought for my mum earlier this year but she could never get used to how to charge it so she gave up.its actually pretty good,I can imagine how good it would be if u had 2
Photo of free Earing aid (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Cordless telephone. (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - Cordless telephone,works fine can even be used out in the garden.cant remember what range it has but it's quite a few meters
Photo of free Cordless telephone. (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Digital camera (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - Digital camera,was expensive back in the day when it was bought.just wondered if anyone could make use of it.
Photo of free Digital camera (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Shirt (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - Man's shirt,2xx still in wrapper
Photo of free Shirt (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Cushions (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - 2 black cushions, obviously been used but nothing wrong with them
Photo of free Cushions (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Work boots (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - Black pair of steel toe cap work boots still in the box,size 8
Photo of free Work boots (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: pictures (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - 2 pics for the wall,not sure you would call them that but you will see from picture.nothing wrong with them just having a bit of a change
Photo of free pictures (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: 2 black cushions (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - A box of kitchen stuff,t.pots,salad and veg chopper just a few odd bits if anyone can make use of them
Photo of free 2 black cushions (Lime Gate OL8)
Free: Ladies clothes (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - A dustbin back of womans clothes sizes 10/12/14.also a couple of mens bits.firsr to message can have Free: Clothes (Lime Gate OL8) Gifted - I have a dustbin bag of ladies clothes,10 ,12 ,14.some things have never been worn. You are welcome to them if it might help Request: Slabs (Lime Gate OL8) Expired - Slabs or soming similar needed for a project on my front garden.i want to minimise the lawn and use the turf around the back.dont mind if its something other than slabs as long as there is enough of them.thankyoy for reading