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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Box of brown packing paper (Bernal) - for your shipping or wrapping needs. Standard "book" box.
Offer: Reusable shopping bags (Bernal) Withdrawn - Take as many as you'd like!
Offer: Yves Rocher lotion (Bernal) Withdrawn - Most of an expensive bottle of "heavy legs" lotion from my mom's cabinet. Supposed to promote micro-circulation with natural lesser celadine and horse chestnut. Has a slightly medicinal smell.
Offer: Gift box (Bernal) Withdrawn - This cool lined box originally held tea, but I thought someone might want to reuse it for a gift.
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Offer: Low-flow American Standard toilet (Bernal) Withdrawn - Perfectly functional 1.6 gal flush toilet that we recently replaced in a remodel. A little dusty from being stored outside for a few days, but a great replacement for an older less water-efficient one. You'll have to provide a new wax ring, but includes all other parts.
Offer: US wall map (Bernal) Withdrawn - For teachers or students. ~31" x 22"
Offer: 6" white baffle trims (Bernal) Withdrawn - for recessed lighting. I have six baffle trims available. Nora Lighting brand. White.
Offer: Xmas angel candle (Bernal) - Cute 3.5" tall candle for your Xmas decorations.
Offer: Cabletron 10BASE-T Ethernet hub (Bernal) - 8 ports. Works fine.
Offer: Coffee bags (Bernal) - Extra coffee bags to reuse. Great for storing cookies or other items. You can also take the Peet's bags back to Peet's to refill and I think they'll give you free coffee.
Offer: Reusable bags (Bernal) - Stop paying for plastic!
Offer: Cabletron 10BASE-T hub (Bernal) Withdrawn - 8 ports. Works fine.
Offer: Bittermelon tea (Bernal) - 6 teabags left for any fans or those who'd like to try it!
Offer: Fur-trimmed gift bag (Bernal) - Any Miley Cyrus fans :)? ~8" x 9.5" x 4" when open.
Offer: Vitamin D3 (Bernal) Withdrawn - Found in the back of the medicine cabinet. Full, unopened bottle of 1000 IU and either full or mostly full bottle of 400 IU.
Offer: Softball (Bernal) - Free to a kid or school
Offer: Gift boxes (Bernal) Withdrawn - Several sturdy gift boxes for your reuse! -5.25" diameter x 2" high round tin -8" x 8" x 2" lined box -9.5" x 16" x 2.5" box -8/5" x 11" x 2.25" box Take whatever you can use.
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Offer: Packing peanuts and plate separator (Bernal) Withdrawn - Small box of packing peanuts and 2 plate separators for your packing reuse.
Offer: Plant pot saucer (Bernal) - To keep water off your floors. Black plastic one 8" in diameter. Chipped ceramic plate 10" in diameter.
Offer: Plant pot saucers (Bernal) - To keep water off your floors. Black plastic one 8" in diameter and 10" chipped ceramic plate.
Offer: 2020 pocket calendar/planner (Bernal) Withdrawn - Handy planner for the new year!
Request: Older QuickBooks software (Bernal) - I'm looking for an older version of QuickBooks--2006 to 2010--to convert a 2003 file. Anyone have an old CD lying around they don't use anymore? Thanks. Offer: Small motor, rechargeable battery (Bernal) Withdrawn - This is a rechargeable Remington personal groomer that is unfortunately missing a blade. However, the motor works and recharges, so hope that someone can either use it for parts or re-purpose the motor, battery and/or charger.
Offer: Plant pot saucer (Bernal) - To keep water off your floors. 8" in diameter.
Offer: Pink Estee Lauder nail polish (Bernal) Withdrawn - Thought someone else would like this color better.
Offer: Retractable earbuds (Bernal) Withdrawn - Also has handy magnetic clip.
Offer: Keychain flashlight (Bernal) Withdrawn - Handy small flashlight for your keychain. Takes single AA battery.
Offer: Chipped plate and teacups (Bernal) - Good for plants. Cups are good for mixing paints or other chemicals. Hope someone can make use of these.
Offer: Pump dispenser (Bernal) Gifted - Great for lotions or gels. Holds 16 oz.
Offer: Pair of candle lanterns (Bernal) Gifted - A pair of metal and glass lanterns that can be retrofitted with candles (used to be electric). Great for Halloween decorations? Plastic top is cracked on one, but both can be carried securely by the handles.