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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Sofa (Northampton NN2) - This has been scratched in places by cats If you'd like it please say when you can collect it
Offer: Chair (Northampton NN2) - Please say when you can collect
Offer: Mini greenhouse (Northampton NN2) Gifted - Plastic mini greenhouse Could do with a clean I'm taking it apart tomorrow Please say when you can collect
Offer: Vintage card table (Ipswich IP4) Gifted - Lovely vintage card table In need of repair as broken during house move
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Offer: Chicken coop cont. (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Also it could do with a new roof on the nest box
Offer: Chicken coop (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - This is a project for someone who doesn't have chickens yet as I have been treating it for red mites and there are still some left. It is a lovely hen house so I'm offering it on here in case someone has the time and energy to take it completely apart, wash and treat it. This will need doing at least twice. Putting this house together is quite tricky and a two person job and shouldn't be done until the mites are completely gone. I've treated it myself however haven't taken it apart to treat so some mites have hidden in between pieces of wood and the cycle continues! This is a complete chicken coop with nest. Box . (The photos I took before taking it apart are too dark to see it properly) Please get in touch if you would like it or have any questions
Offer: Out of date bandages (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Good for first aid practice orforchildren to play with
Offer: Plant pots (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted
Offer: Concrete slabs (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Three concrete slabs
Offer: Set of 3 tables (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Solid wood tables,the largest has been painted like a play stove. Might be good for an upcycling project
Offer: Electric whisk/blender spares (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Everything except the blending attachment which was faulty. Can be used just as a whisk or for spare parts Please say when you can collect Offer: WhiteTiles (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Almost full box of 25cm white bathroom tiles
Offer: Armchair (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Green armchair. Unfortunately damaged by cats! Could be reupholstered
Offer: Fir tree (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted
Offer: Carpet tile offcuts (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted
Offer: Carpet tile offcuts (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted
Offer: Wooden garden archway (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Wooden trellis archway for the garden Never used.I was given it with no instructions so can't be sure thatit's complete. Please say when you can collect it
Offer: Purpleduplex paint (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - 5l pot, feels heavy so probably more thanhalf full
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Request: Lino/ vinyl flooring (Kingsthorpe NN2) Received - I'm looking for a small off-cut - 3ft x 3.5ftor bigger and I can cut it to size Offer: Waterways play set (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - This is asystem of canals and locks in a carry case. I think some pieces might be missing and the two sides have come apart. If you'd like it please get in touch
Offer: Paddling pool (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Medium sizedpaddlingpool used a handful of times Offer: Straw (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Large bag of straw
Offer: Flippers (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Please say when you can collect
Offer: Bike pump (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - For bicycles
Offer: Guinea pig room (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - This came with our guinea pig cage and we never used it. A bit dusty from being kept in the shed
Offer: Thomas rocker (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Thomas the tank engine rocking toy Some cracks along one side
Offer: Fishing nets (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Two children's fishing nets like you buy at the beach Offer: Packaging (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Small amount of packaging Nn2
Offer: Pokémon wall art (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Glow in the dark plastic Pokémon poster Please say when you can collect
Offer: Handwash and dispensers (Kingsthorpe NN2) Gifted - Just over a litre of handwash Please say when you can collect