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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: XS peach tank (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: AE xs ladies sweater (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: XS Capri stretch grey leggings (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: Ladies XS Bluenotes shirt (L5L 5P5) - Porch pick up
Offer: Very large bow (L5L 5P5) - Purple white and silver… Porch pick up
Offer: 6 pocket caddy, new (L5L 5P5) - New in package… Porch pick up
Offer: Knit slippers (L5L 5P5) - Not worn; probably size 7- Porch pickup
Offer: 12” wooden angel plate (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Porch pickup
Offer: Portable phone Panasonic (L5L 5P5) - Porch pickup
Offer: Horse statue 10 x 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Porch pickup Disinfected and in plastic bag
Offer: Guitar (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Needs some strings Fast porch pickup
Offer: 13” frame for picture (L5L 5P5) Gifted - 13” frame,8” inside Can be hung up - has hardware on back to hang Taped but tape can be removed Porch pickup
Offer: 3’ square foldable table (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Outside on porch pickup Fast pickup
Offer: Laddies small coat (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Fits XS- small very warm No the less leave I’m putting your hand inside needs to be & as it’s twisted inside but… But can be done Porch pickup
Offer: Coffee and water bottles (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Coffee and water bottles Porch pick up
Offer: Starfrit blender base (L5L 5P5) Gifted - This was gifted to us but it doesn’t fit out blender for nutrition bullet Porch pickup
Offer: Ladies XS-S leggings (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Says medium but for small Porch pickup
Request: 2 bookshelves 24-30" x 70" (L5L 5P5) - Need 2 bookshelves in clean, good condition to put books, etc on maximum 70" tall and 24-30" wide; adjustable shelves please Pleaes provide your location so I can find a way to pickup; however, I only have a small vehicle so if there is any way you can deliver that would be greatly appreciated. Winston Churchill & Burnhamthorpe Rd, Mississauga (L5L 5P5) Request: Fridge not working -please read (Georgetown, Ontario) - Bar fridge to mid size fridge - Doesn’t have to work - just need to use shell and door - muse be bright white interior best to find a working mid size fridge with a small freezer Please provide your location and contact information to pass on to my friend who is in Georgetown Request: Feta cheese containers (L5L 5P5) - Need 2-3 regular size or 2 large feta cheese containers similar to the one in the picture from Superstore or Walmart preferred Please provide your location so we can make arrangements for pickup
Request: Bookshelves see dimensions below (L5L 5P5) - Wanted bookshelves to fit into a spot approx 74" max by 28"; this is in a hallway landing. Ideas for sizes of bookshelves that Iwe used to have were: 36" x 71" and 29 1/2" x 71" also need a very narrow one, maximum 28" these need to be clean and in very good condition to hold books and other good items Please provide your location so we can make delivery arrangements BUT if delivery is available it would be greatly appreciated to Winston Churchill & Burnhamthorpe/Dundas area, just north of Costo Offer: Men’s XS grey T-shirt (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Porch pick up
Offer: Men’s XS T-shirt dark green (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Porch pick up
Offer: Ladies Med jacket (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Shows wear Porch pickup
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Offer: Perennials - iris (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Perennials We think they are blue or purple iris Porch pickup
Offer: Painting sheet mattress pad (L5L 5P5) - This is a mattress cover but it was used for painting… Porch pick up
Offer: Misc Christmas decorations (L5L 5P5) Gifted - This bag of miscellaneous Christmas Decorations was gifted to us but we haven’t used it… Porch pick up
Offer: USB flat for most devices (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Porch pickup
Offer: St Martin XL top (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Porch pickup
Offer: Entertainment Unit, TV stand (L5L 5P5) Gifted - Entertainment Unit, TV stand 50” x 17” deep x 49” high 28” x 25” high spot for TV etc but can move top shelf Top shelves and right two shelves adjustable porch pickup please provide your own delivery and help to move it please let us know when you can pick up with dates and times Erin Mills, Mississauga