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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Old wooden letterpress letters (Wormbridge HR2) - I am looking for a few letters to complete the alphabet of my late fathers letterpress set. I need B, C, F, P and Z. The letters are 84mm high. I could swap as I duplicates of a few - E, H, J, K, L, M, N, S, T, U, W, & Y Free: Garden boxes (Dalton S65) Gifted - Two garden boxes- one slightly better than the other. Tops are faded.
Photo of free Garden boxes (Dalton S65)
Free: Camping cooker (Dalton S65) Gifted - Small gas camping cooker.
Photo of free Camping cooker (Dalton S65)
Free: Hexagonal pond guard (Dalton S65) Gifted - As above. Not counted, but the box looks full.
Photo of free Hexagonal pond guard (Dalton S65)
Free: Camping chairs (Dalton S65) Gifted - 4 children’s chairs and 2 adult chairs. Barely used
Photo of free Camping chairs (Dalton S65)
Free: Cross stitch magazines (Dalton S65) Withdrawn - Cross stitch magazines. Some with cross stitch kits
Photo of free Cross stitch magazines (Dalton S65)
Free: Push mower (Dalton S65) Gifted - Still up for grabs - would the person who volunteers with the War Graves Commission please get in touch.
Photo of free Push mower (Dalton S65)
Free: Child’s bike (Dalton S65) Withdrawn - Pink, suit 5-6 years approximately. Tyres are flat but the brakes operate, so needs a little TLC
Photo of free Child’s bike (Dalton S65)
Free: Bike (Dalton S65) Withdrawn - 3 Speed. Needs new tyres, but brakes work. Suitable for 7-9 years approximately
Photo of free Bike (Dalton S65)
Free: Selection of plant pots and buckets (Dalton S65) Gifted - As in photo, and more.
Photo of free Selection of plant pots and buckets (Dalton S65)
Free: Electric Flymo and push mower (Dalton S65) Gifted - Flymo, barely used. Push mower - modern and still sharp.
Photo of free Electric Flymo and push mower (Dalton S65)
Free: Car roof box (Dalton S65) Withdrawn - Paddy Hopkirk top box/roof box. Approximately 100x120cm
Photo of free Car roof box (Dalton S65)
Free: Corner garden tool rack (Dalton S65) Withdrawn - Green. Good condition
Photo of free Corner garden tool rack (Dalton S65)
Free: Step ladder (Dalton S65) Gifted - Step ladder with safety rails
Photo of free Step ladder (Dalton S65)
Free: Steamer/wallpaper stripper (Dalton S65) Gifted - Barely used
Photo of free Steamer/wallpaper stripper (Dalton S65)
Free: Garden chairs (Dalton S65) Gifted - Four
Photo of free Garden chairs (Dalton S65)
Free: Folding chairs (Dalton S65) Gifted - Two folding chairs, still in boxes. Padded seats and backs (apparently)
Photo of free Folding chairs (Dalton S65)
Free: Kitchen sink (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Stainless steel kitchen sink. Drainer can be on either side. Needs a new cover for the tap hole (£2.50 on Amazon). Good condition. 52x95cm. Hole size (in worktop) 51x92.5cm).
Photo of free Kitchen sink (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: 1 ½ kitchen sink (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Black, but bottom has gone off colour. Maybe able to be painted or sprayed. Not sure what it’s made of but it’s heavier than it looks.
Photo of free 1 ½ kitchen sink (Wormbridge HR2)
Photo of free 1 ½ kitchen sink (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Central island worktop (Wormbridge HR2) Expired - Granite effect, central island worktop. 90 x186 cm. 49x56 cm hole in middle. Fully edged. Has a couple of bad scratches. Probably best used in a workshop etc or cut up. It is heavy and will need two people to move it.
Photo of free Central island worktop (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Vacuum cleaner bags (Wormbridge HR2) Expired - 2 different types, as in photo, (7 Hoover, 8 Electrolux) vacuum cleaner bags. Years old, but now looking for a new home. Not sure what model the Electrolux ones are for, possibly an old cylinder vac. The Hoover ones say they fit the Purepower range.
Photo of free Vacuum cleaner bags (Wormbridge HR2)
Request: Black out curtains (Wormbridge HR2) Expired - Looking for blackout curtains for an 8’ wide bedroom window. Only 4’ high, so don’t need to be very long. 2 pairs to fit 4 foot wide window would work. Anything not too far away (15 miles of Wormbridge) considered Free: Kitchen wall cupboards (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Old but ok. See photo
Photo of free Kitchen wall cupboards (Wormbridge HR2)
Photo of free Kitchen wall cupboards (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Curtain rail (Wormbridge HR2) Expired - 4 ft long old fashioned curtain rail with 20 gliders. The gliders are Harrison Drape, so assume the rail is too. There is some paint on the wall brackets but this will scrape off.
Photo of free Curtain rail (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Collector card sleeves (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - 2 full, unopened packs of standard size (66x93mm) clear plastic sleeves for Pokemon style cards.
Photo of free Collector card sleeves (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Camp stuff (Wormbridge HR2) Expired - Large box of camping bits, including an old tent (which will need reproofing). Cups, plates, cutlery, tent pegs and folding picnic table. Also size 6.5 wellies and size 7 slip on rubber shoes. Picnic table, wellies and rubber shoes can go separately, but the box of stuff is one item.
Photo of free Camp stuff (Wormbridge HR2)
Photo of free Camp stuff (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Turtle sandpit with lid (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Turtle sandpit with lid. Used but in good condition.
Photo of free Turtle sandpit with lid (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Dog food (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Part bags of 2 types of dog food. ¼ bag of Hills (as in photo) and approx ½ bag of Harrington’s (as in photo)
Photo of free Dog food (Wormbridge HR2)
Photo of free Dog food (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Plates, cups, saucers (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Part dinner service 5 cups 8 saucers 4 dinner plates 8 soup/ pasta bowls 5 Side plates
Photo of free Plates, cups, saucers (Wormbridge HR2)
Free: Party-ware (Wormbridge HR2) Gifted - Disposable picnic/BBQ/party-ware as in photo.
Photo of free Party-ware (Wormbridge HR2)