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Request: Wooden oars (Lavant) - After wooden oars please. Request: Wood, composite decking (Lavant) - After something to make a boat seat with please , needs to be hardwood or solid plastic. Will collect promptly and safely Thank you. Request: Lifejacket (Lavant) - Will collect promptly and safely Thank you Request: Boat items radio etc (Lavant) - Will collect promptly many thanks.. Request: Mobility scooter "dead" (Lavant) - Don't want a working one that someone could use, after a dead heap as I need a motor for a project, will collect promptly Thankyou.. Request: Outboard not working (Lavant) - As above please Request: A lifejacket (Lavant) - Many thanks. Request: Small dinghy (Lavant) - As above will collect promptly..many thanks. Request: Dead outboard (Lavant) - For tinkering with, thankyou Request: Knackered outboard (Lavant) - For playing with in the garage. Many thanks.. Request: Knackered outboard for tinkering (Lavant) - Mrs M is having an op I need to stay close by for a couple of weeks so after a tinkerer, in between dog walking washing cooking and multitasking to the best of my ability😀, many thanks.. Request: Adult life jacket (Lavant) - As above thanks Request: Marine ply (Lavant) - After a bit for the floor of my inflatable many thanks.. Request: Wooden oars for a dinghy (Lavant) Received - As above Request: Kayak dinghy etc (Lavant) - After getting on the water this summer many thanks.. Offer: Photographic lights (Fishbourne w sussex) Gifted - As above one bulb not working located fishbourne west sussex
Photo of free Photographic lights (Fishbourne w sussex)
Request: Tender pram dinghy kayak (Lavant) - Anything floaty😀 Request: Dinghy (Lavant) - After a dinghy please Request: Seagull outboard (Lavant) - Any condition or just bits , will collect promptly and safely Thank you Offer: 2 Jerry cans (Lavant) Gifted - As above dusty
Photo of free 2 Jerry cans (Lavant)
Offer: Valve compressor , timing light (Lavant) Promised - As above Offer: Tv collect fishbourne chichester (Lavant) Gifted - Tv
Photo of free Tv collect fishbourne chichester (Lavant)
Request: Radio cb etc (Lavant) - Will collect promptly and safely Thank you Offer: Ds game mario kart (Lavant) - Been in a drawer not sure if it works as we are ds less now Request: Radio bits (Lavant) Expired - Anything radio related for tinkering with please Request: Cb radio gear etc (Lavant) Expired - Will collect promptly and safely Thank you Request: Radio equipment (Lavant) Expired - Anything interesting as I have another month off work with idle hands Request: Valve radio etc will collect safely (Lavant) Expired - As above any radio electronic bits for lockdown projects Request: Morse code key (Lavant) Expired - It's a strange one but after a morse code key please also any radio bits many thanks Request: Camera monopod (Lavant) Expired - Will collect promptly and safely Thank you