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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Book (McKellar) Gifted - Hardcover book. Life in Camelot - The Kennedy Years.
Photo of free Book (McKellar)
Free: Cushions (McKellar) Gifted - Two (2) Rust coloured throw cushions 14”x14”
Photo of free Cushions (McKellar)
Free: Blanket (McKellar) Gifted - Blue double/queen blanket.
Photo of free Blanket (McKellar)
Request: Play food (McKellar) - I am looking for play food for a kindergarten class. Free: Tripod (McKellar) Gifted - Safari 400S Tripod.
Photo of free Tripod (McKellar)
Photo of free Tripod (McKellar)
Free: Queen size sheet set (McKellar) Gifted - Queen size fitted sheet, top sheet and 2 pillowcases. Green print.
Photo of free Queen size sheet set (McKellar)
Free: Top sheets and pillowcases (McKellar) Gifted - 2 Double size top sheets and 2 matching pillowcases. Pink floral print. Yellow floral print.
Photo of free Top sheets and pillowcases (McKellar)
Photo of free Top sheets and pillowcases (McKellar)
Free: Cardboard boxes (McKellar) Gifted - Does anyone need cardboard boxes?? 30x24 BBQ Box (very strong) 36x23 Amazon box (not for heavy items 18x13 Pretty fab fit fun box
Photo of free Cardboard boxes (McKellar)
Free: Wooden Hangers (McKellar) Gifted - 14 Wooden hangers.
Photo of free Wooden Hangers (McKellar)
Free: Wicker Baskets (McKellar) Gifted - Wicker Baskets 2 at 19”lx11”w 1 at 17”lx9”w
Photo of free Wicker Baskets (McKellar)
Free: Clock Radio (McKellar) Gifted - Working old school clock radio.
Photo of free Clock Radio (McKellar)
Free: Christmas Decorations (McKellar) Gifted - Random selection of Christmas decorations. Garlands, small wreath, wooden Noel hanger, bows, etc………..
Photo of free Christmas Decorations (McKellar)
Free: Table Cloths (McKellar) Gifted - 3 large white tablecloths, 1 large dusty rose tablecloth and 1 green round table top cover.
Photo of free Table Cloths (McKellar)
Free: Paper Napkins (McKellar) Gifted - 2 packages of 20 each Gray “Bon Appetit” napkins.
Photo of free Paper Napkins (McKellar)
Free: PetPak (McKellar) Gifted - Black PetPak - holds pet supplies. Brand new.
Photo of free PetPak (McKellar)
Photo of free PetPak (McKellar)
Free: Men’s shoes (McKellar) Gifted - Men’s size 10 black dress shoes.
Photo of free Men’s shoes (McKellar)
Photo of free Men’s shoes (McKellar)
Free: Plastic kitchen items (McKellar) Gifted - Lunch containers, stacking containers, water and shaker bottles, 28 plastic plates, pineapple ice cube tray.
Photo of free Plastic kitchen items (McKellar)
Free: Corks (McKellar) Gifted - 2 wine jugs with a whole lotta corks!
Photo of free Corks (McKellar)
Free: Carpet pieces (McKellar) Gifted - So we tried to save this from landfill in one piece but could not get it down the stairs in one piece. This was a 12’x12’ piece of wall to wall carpet that was removed. It has been cut into 4 pieces. May be good for closets, reading nooks, etc.
Photo of free Carpet pieces (McKellar)
Photo of free Carpet pieces (McKellar)
Free: Curtains (McKellar) Gifted - Tab top - beige cotton curtains 2 panels 84”x40” 2 panels 64”x40” 2 panels 78”x42” Grommet top - white curtains 2 panels 82”x36” (slight rust stains on these white ones)
Photo of free Curtains (McKellar)
Photo of free Curtains (McKellar)
Free: Metal Mini blinds (McKellar) Gifted - White metal mini blinds and hardware taken from window 48”w x 42”l.
Photo of free Metal Mini blinds (McKellar)
Free: Closet interior (McKellar) Gifted - Melamine shelves and rods. This was removed yesterday. Wall to wall was 102”
Photo of free Closet interior (McKellar)
Photo of free Closet interior (McKellar)
Free: Rain gear (McKellar) Gifted - Waterproof pants and jacket. Would be good for fishing or hunting. Military green.
Photo of free Rain gear (McKellar)
Free: Men’s Trench Coat (McKellar) Gifted - Men’s khaki trench coat size 40R
Photo of free Men’s Trench Coat (McKellar)
Free: Hangers (9) (McKellar) Gifted - Wire/Metal hangers.
Photo of free Hangers (9) (McKellar)
Free: Decor items (McKellar) Expired - 3 glass vases, 2 orange and 1 red. Small orange has chip out of the top.
Photo of free Decor items (McKellar)
Free: Teacher Resouces (McKellar) Gifted - Any new teachers out there looking for supplies and English and French resource books.
Photo of free Teacher Resouces (McKellar)
Free: Christmas (McKellar) Gifted - Tins, boxes, trays. All Christmas themed. Good for baking or wrapping presents in.
Photo of free Christmas (McKellar)
Free: Duvet cover and shams (McKellar) Gifted - Reversible Queen size duvet cover and 2 shams. (FD) zipper on duvet cover does not operate but does affect usage.
Photo of free Duvet cover and shams (McKellar)
Free: Bed pillows (4) (McKellar) Gifted - White pillows for double/queen size bed.
Photo of free Bed pillows (4) (McKellar)