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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Child's dresser (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Nicely sized vintage Trompe l'oeill effect handpainted chest of (4) drawers. Very cute nice motif.
Request: Computer speakers (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Any working speakers please. Request: Blood Pressure monitor (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Hi -posting for a hypertensive male coworker. Does anyone have a decent home BP monitor? Thank you Request: Shoe storage (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Rack, sterilite/rubbermaid boxes with drawer(s), over door rack, underbed. etc. My shoes are all over my home. Thank you!! Request: Large binders (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - 3, 4, 5 or more inch binders if anyone has any in decent condition. Thank you! Offer: Rocking chair (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Needs a pinterest project! Free to good home. Offer: Drawers (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Tall, narrow chest of drawers, unfinished pine, ready to stain or paint. Also has 2 small valet drawers on top for jewelry or keys.
Offer: Armoire (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Light oak finish, wardrobe, vintage mid century, goth style. Beautiful piece, but I need it moved ASAP.
Offer: 2 ZZ Plants (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Not huge but take up too my space for my tiny patio. Excellent air cleaners..... Same size, in smalker than 1 gallon pots, and they thrive indoors.....
Offer: Big wooden chair (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Cool chair, begging for a pinterest project and free to a good home....
Offer: Wicker shelf unit (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Needs some tlc - a new spray paint job.
Request: Ottoman/Seat (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Still looking for a seat, small bench or chair, storage ottoman or even a footstool for a papasan chair that I can re-purpose, please. Request: Vintage Girlie Mags (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Looking for vintage "girly" or skin mags of any kind for a project. Hoping someone has a box their uncle left behind. Thank you Request: Tall narrow cabinet / bookcase (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Need extra storage for a small space, please Request: Tall narrow cabinet (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Need extra storage for a small space, please Request: Planters (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Want to recycle if possible, need some planters and pots for plants, please. Request: Wicker or rattan shelves (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Am looking for tall wicker or rattan shelves/ bookcase, curio, please. Request: Tall skinny cabinet/bookcase (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - A tall narrow storage cabinet, or bookcase. Request: Make up mirror (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Lost my oldie....Light up makeup mirror, usu with regular and magnification. Request: Laptop (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Just need a laptop to do documents from home, my phone is destroying my eyes Request: Very narrow drawers/bookcase (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Very narrow bookshelf or "skinny" drawers desperately needed for storage Request: Dressing table/Vanity (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Am looking for a 'pet project'. Looking for an antique or vintage ladies dressing table/Vanity, with drawers, or even an old small desk that could be made into one. Offer: Lifestyler Treadmill (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - Was not heavily used, looks a little beat from being kept in a garage. Deck can be inclined, or not, and multi level speed, as well as safety key, and works perfectly. Need pick up asap, I'm crammed in here!!
Request: Crutches (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Received - Need crutches, thank you Request: Standing Fan (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Really need a standing fan. Thank you Offer: Closet Maid storage piece (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Gifted - 75" high x 24" wide Top cabinet part, w/ 5 shelves, is 12" deep, And bottom piece is a big drawer, and 18" deep. This piece has been VERY handy. I've used it for shoe storage, crafting storage, a pantry, it's awesome. If you are interested please get it before I change my mind!!
Request: School pencil sharpener (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - Desperately needed. An "old" style, wall mount school pencil sharpener. Please!!!!! Request: Dressing table/Vanity (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - I am looking for an antique or vintage ladies dressing table/Vanity, with drawers, or even an old small desk that could be made into one. Request: A 2018 muscle car calendar (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) - I miss having one this year! Request: refrigerator (Fort Lauderdale/Pompano) Received - Coworker has been without a fridge 3 days, really hoping to help him out of a jam. He'll drive anywhere for pick up. Thank you