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Request: glue for ceramics (Wedgwood) - Does anyone have a small amount of Gorilla glue or epoxy or other glue for ceramics? I need a very small amount to repair a ceramic chicken I made. Free: hair products (Wedgwood) Gifted - mousse, hairspray, curl taming cream, style refresher
Photo of free hair products (Wedgwood)
Free: kite string (Wedgwood) Gifted - It's March, kite season. Need some extra string?
Photo of free kite string (Wedgwood)
Request: stepping stones (Wedgwood) - I need up to 6 stepping stones. They don't have to match. Even one or two would be appreciated. Thanks. Free: higher quality envelopes and paper (Wedgwood) Gifted - not matching. the paper is personalized.
Photo of free higher quality envelopes and paper (Wedgwood)
Free: hanging file folders - new (Wedgwood) Gifted - 20 new hanging file folders. letter size.
Photo of free hanging file folders - new (Wedgwood)
Free: plastic packing bubble string (Wedgwood) Withdrawn - I received a an amazon package with a very long (10+ft?) string of those air-filled plastic bubbles. Can you use it?
Photo of free plastic packing bubble string (Wedgwood)
Free: clean to-go containers (Wedgwood) Gifted - A variety of sizes, biggest quantity medium size. Save them from the recycling bin!
Photo of free clean to-go containers (Wedgwood)
Request: stepping stones (Wedgwood) - I need up to 6 stepping stones. They don't have to match. Free: collection of greeting cards (Wedgwood) Gifted - Some blank, some for specific occasions. 8-12 cards.
Photo of free collection of greeting cards (Wedgwood)
Free: 1 vial of revolution plus for cats (Wedgwood) Gifted - This is a single tube. Expiration date 1/2023
Photo of free 1 vial of revolution plus for cats (Wedgwood)
Free: empty jam jars (Wedgwood) Gifted - 6 clean jam jars
Photo of free empty jam jars (Wedgwood)
Free: bib style snow suit (Wedgwood) Gifted - size 14 (kids) snowsuit.
Photo of free bib style snow suit (Wedgwood)
Free: opti-free contact solution (Wedgwood) Gifted - professional sample, never opened, includes lens case.
Photo of free opti-free contact solution (Wedgwood)
Free: dishwasher drain - new (Wedgwood) Gifted - Ez-Flo 60421 Dishwasher drain Air Plastic Air Gap with CP Cap
Photo of free dishwasher drain - new (Wedgwood)
Free: story cubes (Wedgwood) Gifted - Classic (orange) and Actions (blue) Game for creating stories
Photo of free story cubes (Wedgwood)
Free: Bruder eye compress (Wedgwood) Expired - used a couple of times
Photo of free Bruder eye compress (Wedgwood)
Free: refillable ice pack (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free refillable ice pack (Wedgwood)
Free: twin bed (Wedgwood) Gifted - frame, mattress, box spring A friend's mother used it. Free: 2023 calendars (Wedgwood) Gifted - 3 hanging wall calendars 1 monthly planner 1 tri-fold - open it up and you can see the whole year on one page All are nature-related and have pretty pictures. I will give one calendar each to posters. I will see what kind of response I get before choosing. Great stocking stuffers! Free: fountain pen cartridges (Wedgwood) Gifted - "international standard" size
Photo of free fountain pen cartridges (Wedgwood)
Photo of free fountain pen cartridges (Wedgwood)
Free: printer ink (Wedgwood) Expired - unopened box. Lexmark 100XL
Photo of free printer ink (Wedgwood)
Free: stuffing (for pillows?) (Wedgwood) Gifted - 2 unopened bags of shredded fill. Came with pillows I bought online. I'm sure it's high quality, given the price I paid for the pillows!
Photo of free stuffing (for pillows?) (Wedgwood)
Free: powdered sugar (Wedgwood) Expired - unopened
Photo of free powdered sugar (Wedgwood)
Free: red and green food coloring (Wedgwood) Expired
Photo of free red and green food coloring (Wedgwood)
Free: soldering iron (Wedgwood) Gifted - it works! Thanks for all the interest. I randomly picked one recipient.
Photo of free soldering iron (Wedgwood)
Free: used comp books (Wedgwood) Gifted - about a dozen. used, but with used pages removed.
Photo of free used comp books (Wedgwood)
Free: hanging file holders (Wedgwood) Gifted - gently used. 10-20, maybe.
Photo of free hanging file holders (Wedgwood)
Free: file folders (Wedgwood) Expired - gently used, stack about 4-6in, maybe.
Photo of free file folders (Wedgwood)
Free: 32oz unopened bag of powdered sugar (Wedgwood) Expired