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Offers  and  Requests
Free: air freshener (Wedgwood) Promised - clean linen scent
Photo of free air freshener (Wedgwood)
Free: stainless steel cleaner (Wedgwood) Gifted - see photo
Photo of free stainless steel cleaner (Wedgwood)
Free: booklet of tree walks (Wedgwood) Gifted - in Lake Forest Park
Photo of free booklet of tree walks (Wedgwood)
Free: theater book for kids (Wedgwood) - theater games and activities
Photo of free theater book for kids (Wedgwood)
Free: gardening books (Wedgwood) Gifted - variety of gardening books
Photo of free gardening books (Wedgwood)
Free: large wooden table (Wedgwood) Gifted - clawfoot base. needs refinishing, but could be used with a tablecloth as-is.
Photo of free large wooden table (Wedgwood)
Free: 2 chairs (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free 2 chairs (Wedgwood)
Free: leather tool belt pouch (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free leather tool belt pouch (Wedgwood)
Free: assorted handmade pots (Wedgwood) Gifted - take as many as you would like
Photo of free assorted handmade pots (Wedgwood)
Free: DIY home repair books (Wedgwood) Gifted - 2 books and several Sunset booklets on things like building bookshelves, furniture, draperies.
Photo of free DIY home repair books (Wedgwood)
Free: Backpacker magazine (Wedgwood) Expired - 2 old copies. NW edition.
Photo of free Backpacker magazine (Wedgwood)
Free: Helpful Hints book (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free Helpful Hints book (Wedgwood)
Free: picture frames (Wedgwood) Gifted - larger one is about 4x6, smaller on is about 3x5. Both have stands.
Photo of free picture frames (Wedgwood)
Free: book for kids about sex (Wedgwood) Gifted - KID'S FIRST BK. ABOUT SEX by Joani Blank
Photo of free book for kids about sex (Wedgwood)
Free: book on house plants (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free book on house plants (Wedgwood)
Free: lonely planet book - Denmark (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free lonely planet book - Denmark (Wedgwood)
Request: Gi for martial arts (Wedgwood) Expired - men's small or women's medium or large. For Aikido. Thanks. Free: golf balls (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free golf balls (Wedgwood)
Free: Star Wars tattoos (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free Star Wars tattoos (Wedgwood)
Free: KN-95 masks (Wedgwood) Gifted - 3 unused
Photo of free KN-95 masks (Wedgwood)
Free: felt (Wedgwood) Gifted
Photo of free felt (Wedgwood)
Free: Mexican folk art coloring book (Wedgwood) Gifted - one page missing
Photo of free Mexican folk art coloring book (Wedgwood)
Free: ladies sandals (Wedgwood) Gifted - size 7, never worn
Photo of free ladies sandals (Wedgwood)
Free: large wooden table (Wedgwood) Expired - clawfoot base. needs refinishing, but could be used with a tablecloth as-is.
Photo of free large wooden table (Wedgwood)
Free: spray sunscreen (Wedgwood) Gifted - spf 30
Photo of free spray sunscreen (Wedgwood)
Free: insect repellant (Wedgwood) Expired - one spray, one cream. Camping season is almost here!
Photo of free insect repellant (Wedgwood)
Free: vaginal yeast cream (Wedgwood) Gifted - larger one opened, smaller one unopened
Photo of free vaginal yeast cream (Wedgwood)
Free: pet brushes (Wedgwood) Gifted - a variety of combs and brushes to groom pets
Photo of free pet brushes (Wedgwood)
Free: diaper rash cream (Wedgwood) Gifted - opened Balmex diaper rash cream
Photo of free diaper rash cream (Wedgwood)
Request: glue for ceramics (Wedgwood) Expired - Does anyone have a small amount of Gorilla glue or epoxy or other glue for ceramics? I need a very small amount to repair a ceramic chicken I made.