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Free: Bag of old make up (Cheltenham) Gifted - Plenty of life left. Just in my draw not being used
Photo of free Bag of old make up (Cheltenham)
Free: Chest of draws (Cheltenham) Gifted - Old but in working order
Photo of free Chest of draws (Cheltenham)
Free: Diamond dots. Partly started (Cheltenham) Gifted - No box. All bits here just havnt had time to finish it. Only done a little bit
Photo of free Diamond dots. Partly started (Cheltenham)
Free: Dishwasher (Cheltenham) Gifted - Only available once I work out how to unplumb it and pull it out.. I need the black door though! Don't use it and I would rather have the cupboard space!
Photo of free Dishwasher (Cheltenham)
Photo of free Dishwasher (Cheltenham)
Photo of free Dishwasher (Cheltenham)
Request: Wii (Cheltenham) Expired - Anyone wanting to get rid of any wii games and a controller? Request: Mini garden picket fence (Cheltenham) Expired - Hello looking for some little garden fences or even some wood to make it. Thank you x
Photo of Mini garden picket fence (Cheltenham)
Free: Nappies (GL51) Gifted - Nappies rolled up as they are left overs from a nappy cake I made. I'm not sure of the sizes but they are quite small
Photo of free Nappies (GL51)
Free: York multi gym (Innsworth) Gifted - I believe it all works. Been tucked away in a spare room for years
Photo of free York multi gym (Innsworth)
Photo of free York multi gym (Innsworth)
Photo of free York multi gym (Innsworth)
Photo of free York multi gym (Innsworth)
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Request: Decking/outdoor treated wood (Cheltenham) Expired - I would like to try make myself a recycling bin cupboard so looking for treated wood is anyone has any? I'm part of a "man shed group" who will teach me. Just need to find the wood Free: Shelf sign (Cheltenham) Gifted - Unwanted raffle sign
Photo of free Shelf sign (Cheltenham)
Free: fan (Cheltenham) Gifted - Fan well used but still works fine
Photo of free fan (Cheltenham)
Free: Draws (Cheltenham) Gifted - Just over 3ft tall
Photo of free Draws (Cheltenham)
Request: Scaffold board to make a shelf or 2 (Cheltenham) Expired - Or that kind or shelf ready made if you want to get rid of it Free: Cds (Cheltenham) Gifted - Soomany cds. I'm not listing them all. PlayStation games. Film. And you can have the case
Photo of free Cds (Cheltenham)
Photo of free Cds (Cheltenham)
Photo of free Cds (Cheltenham)
Photo of free Cds (Cheltenham)
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Free: Bath bombs (Cheltenham) Gifted - We don't have a bath
Photo of free Bath bombs (Cheltenham)
Free: Little wire pot (Cheltenham) Gifted - Pot/box/organiser black
Photo of free Little wire pot (Cheltenham)
Free: Hair dye pot n doughnut (Cheltenham) Gifted - Black
Photo of free Hair dye pot n doughnut (Cheltenham)
Free: Wicker basket (Cheltenham) Gifted - Needs dust lol
Photo of free Wicker basket (Cheltenham)
Free: Jewellery draws (Cheltenham) Gifted - Mirrored little boxes
Photo of free Jewellery draws (Cheltenham)
Free: Little jewellery box (Cheltenham) Gifted - Wooden needs a clean
Photo of free Little jewellery box (Cheltenham)
Free: Mirror (Cheltenham) Gifted - Wooden
Photo of free Mirror (Cheltenham)
Free: Lip stick organiser (Cheltenham) Gifted - Plastic
Photo of free Lip stick organiser (Cheltenham)
Free: More horse books (Cheltenham) Gifted - Manual I think would be out of date but might be nice to flick through
Photo of free More horse books (Cheltenham)
Free: Book (Cheltenham) Gifted - Horse care
Photo of free Book (Cheltenham)
Free: Sign wish it (Cheltenham) Gifted - Wooden
Photo of free Sign wish it (Cheltenham)
Free: Felt tips and a few glitter glues (Cheltenham) Gifted - Old but.Should all work only checked them a few months ago
Photo of free Felt tips and a few glitter glues (Cheltenham)
Free: Sign (Cheltenham) Gifted - Block
Photo of free Sign (Cheltenham)
Free: Hanging sign (Cheltenham) Gifted - .
Photo of free Hanging sign (Cheltenham)
Free: Little hanging blocks (Cheltenham) Gifted - 🖤 love 🖤
Photo of free Little hanging blocks (Cheltenham)
Free: Book on chickens (Cheltenham) Gifted - Sadly moved out my mums and never got to get them :
Photo of free Book on chickens (Cheltenham)