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Free: Slimming world magazines (Ormskirk L39) - Got about a dozen magazines if anyone wants them. Request: Ab Roller (Ormskirk L39) - Ab roller wheel please, to work out at home. Request: Ladies Jean's. (Ormskirk L39) - Any style Jean's wanted in sizes 12/14,these are for myself, don't have the funds to go clothes shopping. I'm in ormskirk. Request: Television (Ormskirk L39) - Television wanted 32 /42 inch flat screen. Request: Womens clothes (Ormskirk L39) - Womens clothes needed especially summer clothes sizes 10/12 tops,12/14 trousers Jean's etc.For a female in her forties. Thank you.im in ormskirk. Request: Tv aerial (Ormskirk L39) - An indoor TV aerial please,anyone got one not using. Request: Garden Strimmer (Ormskirk L39) - Wanted a garden strimmer to do a small garden. Free: Slimming world magazines (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Got a pile of these if anyone wants them.ormskirk. Free: White paint (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Leyland vinyl matt emulsion 2.5 l tin.Leyland white wood primer 2.5l tin. Request: Double size cotton bedding. (Ormskirk L39) Withdrawn - In need of prefably plain colours cotton bedding.Double bed size please.I'm in Ormskirk. Request: Ninja Blast (Ormskirk L39) - Ninja blast or similar smoothie maker,blender to make smoothies, protein,milk shakes. Free: Michelle Obama book (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Hardback Michelle Obama autobiography book,collect ormskirk. Request: Jeans (Ormskirk L39) - Ladies jeans any style please in sizes 12/14,thank you if you can help. Request: Ladies Clothes (Ormskirk L39) - Ladies clothes especially jeans, bottoms sizes 12/14s,and any tops etc in sizes 10/12s please. .Was given some recently but most didn't fit or not suitable so I donated them to my local charity shop,thank you for the people whom helped. Free: Golf shoes size 8 (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Brand new men's golf shoes 8s. Request: Women's summer clothes (Ormskirk L39) - I've got none, if anyone has any no longer using please.Im a size 10/12 in tops and 12/14 in bottoms trousers etc.thank you.T Request: Ladies lingerie/underwear 34C/D (Ormskirk L39) - Looking for some underwear in above sizes and 12/14 pants,thank you. Free: Star Wars DVDs. (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Genuine Star Wars DVDs,not copies,want to go to a Star Wars fan.9 in total.
Free: Solar power lights. (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Solar power garden lights,push in the soil type and a few clip on lanterns, collection weekend or next week please. Free: Bird box (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Bird box excellent condition pick up Ormskirk Free: Golf shoes size 8 (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Brand new golf shoes mens size 8,to anyone who could make use of them,pick up Ormskirk. Free: Star Wars alarm clock (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Lego Star Wars alarm clock, would prefer to give to a child who loves Star wars,just needs new batteries. Request: MP3 player or mobile with radio. (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Hi,anyone got a MP3 player or mobile phone please ,just need something with music on it,has I've started running,and could do with something to listen too,to help me with my running.im in Ormskirk. Request: Store Cupboard Food Items (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Any store cupboard food items even short dated,or any food be very welcome thank you. Request: Ladies clothes 10/12 (Ormskirk L39) Expired - *Please note: A moderator has edited this message Hi,anyone got any ladies summer clothes please.Looking for size 10/12 tops,any type and size 12 jeans, trousers bottoms etc,shoes size5,for women in her forties thank you,I do look in the charity shops but they are not cheap.I live in Ormskirk but I don't drive.much appreciated for any help. Free: DVD player (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Bush PORTABLE DVD player just needs a new power plug.otherwise full working order plays CDs as well.get plug on EB.
Photo of free DVD player (Ormskirk L39)
Free: White emulsion paint (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Crown vinyl Matt White emulsion paint nearly full 5litre tub. Free: Yoga mat (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Pink yoga mat with handle. Request: White paint (Ormskirk L39) Expired - White gloss& emulsion,doing a job,run out of paint. Free: Cushions (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Two blue and grey geometric design cushions,bought from B&m,smoke free home.