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Free: Headphones (Ormskirk L39) - Headphones with microphone,ideal for gaming,usb connector,boxed. Request: White paint (Ormskirk L39) - White gloss& emulsion,doing a job,run out of paint. Request: Wall clock (Ormskirk L39) - *Please note: A moderator has edited this message Hi, Does anyone have a wall clock, thank you. Request: Television (Ormskirk L39) - Hi,I'm looking for a TV,for my mother.Shes now gone in a care home,and her old TV was very old didn't work too well.Just need a decent working TV for her room,thank you. Request: Ladies clothing (Ormskirk L39) - I'm looking for some clothes in sizes 10/12 ,I'm asking because I'm in need of most items, thank you. Free: Yoga mat (Ormskirk L39) - Pink yoga mat with handle. Free: Set of measuring spoons. (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Two sets of measuring spoons from 250 ml,to 30 ml.smaller set 15 ml down to 1.25 ml.
Photo of free Set of measuring spoons. (Ormskirk L39)
Free: UV/Led Nail Gel polish set. (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - 18 peice gel polish set for use with UV LEDs professional user,brand new box,never used.
Photo of free UV/Led Nail Gel polish set. (Ormskirk L39)
Request: Chest of drawers/wardrobe (Ormskirk L39) - I desperately need some storage,only bedroom furniture got is a bed,modern drawers and a two door wardrobe needed,thank you. Request: Ladies summer clothes (Ormskirk L39) Withdrawn - Looking for some summer clothes or any clothes really I haven't many,sizes 10/12s.Im a size 5 in shoes,asking for help as I cannot afford to buy much at this time,what little money I have goes on food and bills.Hope someone can help,thank you. Request: Barbeque (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Small barbeque wanted,any type but suitable for small garden.im in Ormskirk. Request: Food (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Any spare food be very grateful for,don't have much left after bills to buy sufficient food,I'm in ormskirk, any help accepted thank you. Request: Ladies clothes sizes 10 12 (Ormskirk L39) Expired - All items of clothing tops,t-shirts,blouses,shirts jeans trousers etc.Especially summer clothes please. Request: Ladies clothes all sorts (Ormskirk L39) Expired - My bills take away all my money,I cannot afford to buy clothes any amount will help please,sizes 10/12 thank you. Request: Mens Health magazine or books (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Any mens/ womens health/fitness magazines or fitness books.Im doing a PT course,also I'm interested in health and fitness thanks. Request: Ladies clothes size's 10/12 (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Any items of clothing tops,jeans,shirts, t-shirts summer items please,if anyone is having a declutter etc.I cannot afford to buy clothes that's why I'm placing a post.thank you. Request: Any food (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Any help be gratefully accepted please,I'm awaiting a. Voucher for my local food bank,but in the meantime not much to live on. Free: TV stand (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Black/ silver two shelves TV stand in excellent condition from a smoke free home.Takes Upto 50 ins TV. Free: TV stand,chrome and black. (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Black,chrome three shelves TV stand takes up to 50 ins TV.Ormskirk. Request: Clothes ladies size 10/12 (Ormskirk L39) Expired - *Please note: A moderator has edited this message Can anyone help me please, clothes needed women's size 10/12.Most items, amounts accepted. I'm having difficulty with the cost of living. Thank you if you can help. Request: Seeds for the garden (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Seeds for the garden please,any type of flowering seeds,plants.im in Ormskirk,thank you. Free: Slow cooker (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Large 3.5 litre slow cooker,only used the once.im in Ormskirk. Free: Television stand (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Got a television, entertainment stand.Its got three glass shelves, it's black and silver excellent condition smoke free home collection in Ormskirk centre area. Request: Two door wardrobe (Ormskirk L39) Expired - I need a wardrobe,my clothes are still in boxes,if anyone can help please.Ive no storage after moving into an one bedroom flat,looking for chest of drawers as well.Thank you.im in Ormskirk. Free: Make your own social media channel. (Ormskirk L39) Gifted - Got a free standing tri pod,with hands free holder, adjustable heights.Its a ring light social media channel maker,make your own Tik tok,Instagram videos, suitable for all technology.Boxed unwanted present suit student.collection in Ormskirk. Request: Single two door modern wardrobe (Ormskirk L39) Expired - I desperately need a wardrobe I have no storage recently moved and still living out of boxes,thank you. Request: Indoor TV Ariel (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Need a TV Ariel the one I had the antenna has broke off,now it's not working,thanks. Request: Curtains in cream or grey. (Ormskirk L39) Expired - I moved house recently into a flat,and none of my old curtains fit,suitable,just looking for some plain curtains in sizes 48/90,66/90.much appreciated if anyone has got any to spare. Request: IKEA wardrobe chest of drawers. (Ormskirk L39) Expired - I need storage,I'm in Ormskirk,if anyone can help me out please. Request: Ladies clothes size 10/12 (Ormskirk L39) Expired - Anyone able to help me out please Y,if you've got any old clothes your not using anymore.All type of clothing would be much appreciated thank you.