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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Framed Beach picture (395) - Excellent condition
Offer: Candy dish (395) Withdrawn - Excellent condition. Landmark area of Alexandria
Offer: Beautiful painting (395) Withdrawn - Gorgeous
Offer: Plastic utensils (395) - New
Offer: Shabby chic wall hangings (395) Withdrawn - Excellent condition
Offer: Rustic wood table (395) Withdrawn - Needs resurfacing, as it's been outside, but overall great condition. Tabletop swivels
Offer: Travel books (395) Withdrawn - Excellent condition. Books andtravel maps. Caribbean, south America, England, etc...
Offer: Star wars trilogy - vhs (395) Withdrawn - Great condition
Offer: Various cups/bottles (395) Gifted - Blender bottles, thermos, etc... Never used
Offer: DVDs (395) Withdrawn - All types
Offer: Food storage containers (395) - Take-out containers of various sizes
Offer: Used mailers - lots to give (395) Withdrawn - Great condition, various sises
Offer: Throw pillows (395) Withdrawn - Lightweight and beautiful
Request: Massage table or chair (395) - Any would be appreciated, thank you! Request: DVD player (395) - My dvd player just broke :-(Anything would be appreciated, thank you <3 Offer: Thank you cards (395) Withdrawn - Brand new, beautiful
Offer: Asus 23-inch LCD monitor (395) Withdrawn - Brand new in box. Older model but never used. Lightweight
Offer: Propane bottles - empty (6) (395) - 6 empty bottles Offer: Boxes (395) Withdrawn - Excellent condition! Lots to choose from. Take as many as you'd like Offer: Reversible comforter (395) Gifted - Great condition. Very warm.
Offer: Comforter (395) Gifted - Great condition. Lightweight and warm.
Request: Bolt cutters (395) Withdrawn - Even if just to borrow for a day, it would be much appreciated! Request: Men's casual/dress shoes (395) - In need of shoes, sizes 10.5 - 11. Thank you so much! Offer: Tupperware/ carryout containers (395) Withdrawn - With lids Offer: Fabric (395) Gifted - New
Offer: Patterned fabric (395) Gifted - Brand new
Offer: Queen-size duvet (395) Withdrawn - Great condition
Offer: Floral duffle bag (395) Withdrawn - Used, sturdy
Request: Mason jars - quart sized (395) Withdrawn - As many as you can spare would be appreciated, thank you! Request: Humidifier (395) Withdrawn - Anything would help, thank you!