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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Polystyrene Packing Noodles (Whitley SN12) Gifted - A box of those packing noodles that look like white cheesy Whotsits. Very light, very protective.
Photo of free Polystyrene Packing Noodles (Whitley SN12)
Free: Olympus 850 SW camera (Whitley SN12) Gifted - Doesn’t work but it seems wrong to bin it. Spares/ repair
Photo of free Olympus 850 SW camera (Whitley SN12)
Free: Bunk bed (Whitley SN12) Gifted - In very good condition. Was offered to charity but refused because one plastic stopper is missing. Sorry but no photo of it assembled as I’d dismantled it for the charity.
Photo of free Bunk bed (Whitley SN12)
Free: USB Floppy disc drive (Whitley SN12) Gifted - This is a long shot but is this of any use to anyone? It worked last time I used it but have long since got rid of the floppy discs.
Photo of free USB Floppy disc drive (Whitley SN12)
Free: 3-wheel scooter (Whitley SN12) Gifted - Pretty tatty but still works. If there are no takers, it’s off to the tip.
Photo of free 3-wheel scooter (Whitley SN12)
Free: Workzone Multi-tool (Whitley SN12) Gifted - I’ve replaced this with a mains powered one. The spindle seems a little loose so may be only suitable for spares. Charger is included but no accessories as I need them for the replacement.
Photo of free Workzone Multi-tool (Whitley SN12)
Free: Children's bike (Whitley SN12) Gifted - See photo for details. The stabiliser wheels need a couple of small parts to keep them in position (see photo) but fine for a child that doesn't need stabilisers.
Photo of free Children's bike (Whitley SN12)
Photo of free Children's bike (Whitley SN12)
Free: Siemens Fridge/Freezer (Whitley SN12) Expired - In good clean working condition. Has a split on the outside of the fridge seal but this has no effect on performance. Two of the freezer drawers have small cracks. It has been used by our Ukrainian guests for the last year but they have moved on so it is now surplus to requirements. 600x600x1700mm approx.
Photo of free Siemens Fridge/Freezer (Whitley SN12)
Photo of free Siemens Fridge/Freezer (Whitley SN12)
Free: Thigh waders (Whitley SN12) Expired - Size 11, I think. They’ve been in my attic a while so I can’t guarantee that they’re totally waterproof.
Photo of free Thigh waders (Whitley SN12)
Free: Toddler bed (Whitley SN12) Expired - Used toddler bed, 145x75x57cm with mattress and under bed drawer. It is marked in a few places and there is staining of the mattress cover but it is still a functional bed!
Photo of free Toddler bed (Whitley SN12)
Free: Shelf unit (Whitley SN12) Gifted - 43w x 20d x 69h. Cream colour. Basic but useful
Photo of free Shelf unit (Whitley SN12)
Free: Corded curtain track and Roman blind track (Whitley SN12) Expired - Both working fine but redecoration and replacement windows means they are surplus to requirement. The curtain track has lost some paint from the overlap hanger but the cord works fine. Curtain track is 180cm Roman blind track is 170 cm Both can be cut down to size.
Photo of free Corded curtain track and Roman blind track (Whitley SN12)
Request: White board (Whitley SN12) Expired - I’m looking for a white board to use at club evenings to help illustrate demonstrations. Ideally one of reasonable size, say 60x90cm or thereabouts. Free: Ceramic tiles (Whitley SN12) Expired - Box of 12 white 20x20cm tiles. New. Dusty but new.
Photo of free Ceramic tiles (Whitley SN12)
Free: Ceramic floor tiles (Whitley SN12) Expired - Box of 9 new wood-effect tiles 60x20cm. Dusty but new
Photo of free Ceramic floor tiles (Whitley SN12)
Request: Football boots (Whitley SN12) Expired - One of the Ukrainian boys, who we are hosting, would like a pair of size 37 football boots so he can join in at the school football club. Free: Ceramic wall tiles (Whitley SN12) Gifted - Selection of new, but very grubby, wall tiles and border pieces. All unused
Photo of free Ceramic wall tiles (Whitley SN12)
Request: Buggy board (Whitley SN12) Expired - We are looking for a buggy board to go behind a pushchair for our Ukrainian family’s 3year old. Thank you. Request: Stroller/push-chair (Whitley SN12) Expired - We need a foldable stroller/pushchair suitable for a 1 year old child, to help our Ukrainian family. Please forage in your attic or garage. The more foldable the better. Thank you. Free: Telephone cable (Whitley SN12) Gifted - Two part rolls of 6-core telephone cable from a retired telephone engineer. NOT suitable for 240v mains. Destined for the tip if not claimed.
Photo of free Telephone cable (Whitley SN12)
Request: Demijohns (Whitley SN12) Received - Has anyone got one or two demijohns that they can spare? Thank you. Free: Gossen Sixtomat light metre (Whitley SN12) Expired - This is probably from the 1960s. No idea how/if it works. Collectible?
Photo of free Gossen Sixtomat light metre (Whitley SN12)
Photo of free Gossen Sixtomat light metre (Whitley SN12)
Free: Floating shelves (Whitley SN12) Gifted - IKEA “Lack” shelves with concealed fixings. All have at least one undamaged surface and can be mounted either way up to hide any damage. 59w x 26d x 5 thick.
Photo of free Floating shelves (Whitley SN12)
Free: Shelves (Whitley SN12) Expired - 2 shelf units, as photo. 53w x 21d x 69h & 43 x 20 x 69 Need a coat of paint (they’ve been in my attic for ages).
Photo of free Shelves (Whitley SN12)
Free: Drawers (Whitley SN12) Gifted - 2 Floating drawer units with mounting bars. Some marks but solid and serviceable. 48w x 25d x 8h
Photo of free Drawers (Whitley SN12)
Free: Chrome spiral thing (Whitley SN12) Gifted - Chromed steel holder of some sort. This was on the wall of my son’s new flat, left by the previous occupants, no idea what it’s for. Possibly a hair dryer holder? Approx dimensions: 25w x 18h x 13d (cm)
Photo of free Chrome spiral thing (Whitley SN12)
Free: Cabin bed (Whitley SN12) Gifted - Used cabin bed, clean but has signs of use! 6’3” (190cm) long, 3’ (90cm) wide, total height 3’9” (115cm), height to underside 2’4” (70cm). Already dismantled. All fixings present, as far as I can tell. Mattress available if required.
Photo of free Cabin bed (Whitley SN12)
Request: Bunk bed (Whitley SN12) Expired - We’re taking in a Ukrainian family and a bunk bed would make better use of the space available. Condition not important as long as it’s sound. We have 3’ mattresses so don’t need those if not available. Request: Wine bottles (Whitley SN12) Expired - Narrow wine bottles with a deep dimple in the bottom. Condition is not important as long as the bottom few inches are intact. Clear glass preferred but not essential. Standard sized wine bottles are not so useful.