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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Adjustable Lounge Chair Frame (Ledroit Park) Expired - Plastic mesh is deteriorated.
Photo of free Adjustable Lounge Chair Frame (Ledroit Park)
Photo of free Adjustable Lounge Chair Frame (Ledroit Park)
Free: Christmas Tree (Ledroit Park) Gifted - Very realistic artifical Christmas tree w/ storage bag. All white lights (top strand not working). 7' tall & 46" wide.
Photo of free Christmas Tree (Ledroit Park)
Photo of free Christmas Tree (Ledroit Park)
Request: 2022 Nationals Hawaiian (Ledroit Park) Expired - I'm looking for a medium. You can have my large (unworn).
Photo of 2022 Nationals Hawaiian (Ledroit Park)
Free: Pavers (Ledroit Park) Expired - Pavers: 3 approx 2' square Long ones are 2" wide x 18" long Third pile is various lengths of cut pieces all 2" wide
Photo of free Pavers (Ledroit Park)
Free: Pottery dog bowl (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 6"diameter
Photo of free Pottery dog bowl (Ledroit Park)
Free: Deck of cards (Ledroit Park) Gifted - Complete
Photo of free Deck of cards (Ledroit Park)
Free: Laptop case (Ledroit Park) Expired - Cushioned with handles. 13 x 10
Photo of free Laptop case (Ledroit Park)
Free: Chicken figurine (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 3½" tall. From Germany
Photo of free Chicken figurine (Ledroit Park)
Free: Mariachi figurines (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 3" tall
Photo of free Mariachi figurines (Ledroit Park)
Free: Toothpick holder (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 3" tall
Photo of free Toothpick holder (Ledroit Park)
Free: 45 troll doll (Ledroit Park) Gifted - Can be used as a voodoo doll. 5" tall.
Photo of free 45 troll doll (Ledroit Park)
Free: Pee Wee's colorforms (Ledroit Park) Gifted - Play set. Complete
Photo of free Pee Wee's colorforms (Ledroit Park)
Free: Fabric elephant sculpture (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 5" tall. From India
Photo of free Fabric elephant sculpture (Ledroit Park)
Free: Pottery Bee house (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 5" tall. Made for votive candle inside
Photo of free Pottery Bee house (Ledroit Park)
Free: Rainbow troll doll (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 3" tall plus hair
Photo of free Rainbow troll doll (Ledroit Park)
Free: Laptop briefcase (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 16 x 12. Lots of storage pockets.
Photo of free Laptop briefcase (Ledroit Park)
Free: Suitcase backpack (Ledroit Park) Gifted - 12 x 21 x 8. Has carry handle, shoulder strap, and can be worn as a backpack with two additional straps.
Photo of free Suitcase backpack (Ledroit Park)
Free: Espresso cups & spoons (Ledroit Park) Gifted - Four cups with saucers, one cup without, three spoons
Photo of free Espresso cups & spoons (Ledroit Park)
Free: Single wireless earbud (Ledroit Park) Gifted - Includes charger & case
Photo of free Single wireless earbud (Ledroit Park)
Free: Elfa accessory tray lid & divider (Ledroit Park) Gifted - These work with the old accessory trays that elfa no longer makes. They are both approximately 15 x 9 and birch
Photo of free Elfa accessory tray lid & divider (Ledroit Park)