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Request: Tricycle or ride on three wheeler (Lakewood) Withdrawn - For a toddler, (boy) 3 yrs old, for grandma’s house :-) Free: Assrtd paper plates cups napkins (Strongsville) Expired - Keep it out of the landfill assorted paper plates cups and napkins On the porch 17413 deer ridge circle Strongsville I am offline Not answering inquiries
Photo of free Assrtd paper plates cups napkins (Strongsville)
Free: Old editor/ viewer (Strongsville) Expired - cleaning out the house. putting this on the front porch today 4/30/ 22 at 17413 Deer Ridge Strongsville. If you want it come and get it. I will not be online.
Photo of free Old editor/ viewer (Strongsville)
Free: Back Up: Cat Tree (Strongsville) Gifted - Large. Good condition. Moving/Downsizing. Previous person this was promised to did not show, which is why it is back up. I need it picked up and out 😊!
Photo of free Back Up: Cat Tree (Strongsville)
Free: Back up: Loveseat (Strongsville) Gifted - Family cat has clawed and torn fabric on arm and in back. Can be covered with throw, as pictured. Loveseat itself is very sturdy and heavy. We are moving/downsizing.
Photo of free Back up: Loveseat (Strongsville)
Free: Back up : Chippendale love seat (Strongsville) Expired - Be advised there are multiple tears in the old fabric. (cat) Can be covered by a throw. (pictured) Is definitely worth reupholstering. This piece was promised, but the person decided on a different couch I was offering. I would like this gone today or it will probably have to go on the curb. We are moving/downsizing. Also be advised it is heavier than it looks 😊
Photo of free Back up : Chippendale love seat (Strongsville)
Free: Cat tree (Strongsville) Gifted - Condition is good. We are moving to a smaller place, needs to go.
Photo of free Cat tree (Strongsville)
Free: Chippendale style loveseat (Strongsville) Gifted - Really sturdy but the material on one arm and in back has been clawed by a bad kitty. :-) (It is covered with a throw in the picture) We are here all weekend if anyone wants to pick it up. If you reupholster it’s a gem. Very heavy!
Photo of free Chippendale style loveseat (Strongsville)
Free: Secretary (Strongsville) Gifted - Very good condition 4/9 edit: Hey all, am learning this new app on my tiny phone. Moving. WiFi in and out. I know I have not replied to most. Doing my best. Thanks! 😊
Photo of free Secretary (Strongsville)