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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Metal Bread Box (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) - A metal bread box that we bought for use in a deep drawer - has a sliding top. Could be used standalone. The inside of the box has some "corrosion" (interior shiny surface has some blemishes) that doesn't affect its utility - I don't know the specific material, but I'm inclined to call it "tin" with a shiny finish. The dimensions are: 10" H 11"W 16-1/2" D Easy pickup from covered porch in Ravenna/Maple Leaf
Offer: Raised Planting Bed (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) - A raised planting bed (4' x 8') built with 2"x10" untreated lumber and put together with standard bolts. It can be easily disassembled and reassembled in your yard. Includes hardware for optional PVC hoops for early planting. We can help you load into your vehicle.
Offer: Z-fold foam mattress (full/double) (Ravenna) Gifted - Originally purchased from Family Foam Shop. Teal-colored twill cover unzips for washing. Easy pickup from covered porch. Offer: two box honeysuckle - lonicera nitida (Ravenna) - Two large shrubs that have overgrown our planting strip and deserve a larger space. Please let me know when you can come for them. You must be prepared to remove them, and may also want loppers or a hedge trimmer to give them a "haircut" for easier removal. Photo in "Mary's Shrubs". Offer: Cotoneaster or Boxwood shrubs (Ravenna) - Four shrubs that have outgrown our parking strip and need a bigger space in someone's yard. Our best guess is that they are some sort of boxwood or cotoneaster. They are (approximately) 2-3' high and 3'-4' wide, and good candidates for pruning to a somewhat smaller size. See actual photo of one of them in "Mary's Stuff". Please let me know how many of them you'd like and when you could come to remove them. Offer: Mugo Pine shrubs (Ravenna) - Four Mugo pine shrubs that have outgrown our parking strip. All in good health - just need a bigger space. They are (approximately) 3' high and 4' wide - each is a little different. If interested, you must dig them up. Please let me know know many of them you want, and when you would plan to come to remove them. Photo of one of the actual shrubs in Mary's Stuff. Offer: White wood-slat shelves (Ravenna) - White-painted set of wood shelves - good enough quality for basement or closet storage. They are very sturdy, and not easily disassembled. Dimensions: W: 31-1/2", D: 13-1/2", H: 31-1/2" Easy pickup from covered porch. See photo in Mary's Stuff. Request: New Yorker magazines January 2019 (Ravenna) - I accidentally let my subscription to The New Yorker expire, and I'll be missing issues after Dec.17 2018 through most of January (until it'd restarted). If someone in NE Seattle would be willing to save them for me after they've read them, I'd appreciate it. Offer: LifeProof phone case for iPhone 6 (Ravenna) Gifted - Dark blue LifeProof case for iPhone 6 - it's a two piece snap-together case that also protects screen. Great quality, but more protection than I needed (Verizon store oversold me). See photo in Mary's Stuff. Easy pickup from covered porch. Offer: Eight White WIne Glasses (Ravenna) Gifted - Eight somewhat retro stemmed white-wine glasses in good condition. Box also includes two 14 oz. Libbey bar glasses. Easy pickup from covered porch. Offer: Canning jars (Ravenna) Gifted - Mod fix. Box includes: Four 1-1/2 pint (24 oz) straight-sided wide-mouth jars (perfect for pickled asparagus, beans, or anything else) Four quart jars (2 wide-mouth, 2 regular) Three half-pint jars Please be willing to take all. Easy pickup from covered porch. Offer: Brinkmann Universal Grill Igniter (Ravenna) - We discovered that it's not truly "universal" - didn't work for our Weber gas grill. Likely works on all Brinkmann models. Easy pickup from covered porch. (See photo in "Mary's Stuff".) Offer: Mary's Stuff Offer: TWIN MATTRESS - IKEA Sultan Havberg (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) Gifted - Twin mattress - was in our basement as an extra "sleepover" mattress. Although it has been well vacuumed, cats have slept on it. It's a decent mattress, but not for anyone with allergies. It's a spring mattress, medium firmness. Light and easy to transport. Easy pickup from covered porch. See "stock" photo in Mary's stuff - the particular model no longer made by IKEA. Offer: IKEA Malm full/double bed frame (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) Gifted - IKEA Malm full/double bed frame in medium brown. It has been disassembled. All parts are here - just needs reassembly at your destination. Assembly requires only a Phillips-head screwdriver and a 1/2" socket wrench (or the tool from IKEA). Below is a link to the current Malm bed frame - this one is similar, but a slightly older model - clearance under this bed is not quite as high. Mattress not included. / Easy pick-up from covered porch; Several pieces are heavy - you'll want a second person to help load (or arrange a time for one of us to be here). Offer: Gillette "Spa" Razor cartridges (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) - Bought the wrong style/type cartridge - an expensive mistake! Nine pink Gillette Spa cartridges (will fit any Gillette women's razor handle). Easy pickup from a covered porch. Offer: Spice bottles (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) Gifted - Twenty clean identical spice bottles from a spice set received by my parents as a gift and never used. (See photos in Mary's Stuff.) I composted the 15-yr-old spices and washed the bottles - now they need a new home. It's so much less expensive to buy spices in bulk (@ PCC, Fred Meyer, QFC, etc.)! Let me know if you'd like 10 or all 20. Easy pickup from covered porch. Offer: Krups Espresso Mini - Model 903 (Ravenna/Maple Leaf) Gifted - Espresso maker with all the parts (and instruction book). It was working the last time we used it. It's been in an open in the basement box for a while and could use a little clean-up (but not much). Easy pickup from covered porch.