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Offer: Yarn - Assorted Colors & Brands (Between Sugar Land & Alief) Gifted - I haven't knit in a long time - I have about half a kitchen trash bag with black, red, white, blue, and assorted other yarns to give away. I have no idea how much of any one yarn type is in there, as if I start sorting it out, I will talk myself out of posting it. I'm "spring cleaning" and would be happy to give this to someone who has a use for it. Offer: Dell Latitude PA-12 Charger & Cable (North of Sugar Land) Withdrawn - Appears to be in good shape - I no longer have a Dell laptop, so I can't test it. If your Dell laptop needs a charger & power cable, I've got one. Offer: Short roll of carpet (North of Sugar Land) Withdrawn - Fifteen years old, never installed, beige carpet found stored in a closet when we moved in (2005) -never used, approx.3.6 feet wide and 12 to 13 feet long. Probably suitable for a hallway, a closet, or to use in a doghouse or child's playhouse. ERG Offer: Bubble Wrap & Similar Packing Stuff (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - I did not end up mailing out a lot of stuff over the holidays, so a couple of years of accumulated bubble wrap, bubble packs, and similar padding for shipping is sitting around - if anyone has a use for it - please let me know & you can have it. Some smaller shipping boxes (for a couple of books, jewelry, or similar small items are also available). ERG Offer: Remodeling - Used Items (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Stainless steel sink with faucet - replaced because counter came set up for a different type of sink mount. If your sink needs replacing quickly - this one is free and the copper tubing on the bottom of the faucet area appears intact & ready to use. Clean round toilet seats/lids - may need the plastic bolts to hold them in place. They were cleaned before being moved to the garage. Four older lawnmowers - not working - not sure what's wrong with them. You can have them to fix or for the metal content...just haul them off. There may be other stuff as we clean out the garage... ERG Offer: Top Mount Kitchen Sink (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Top mount brushed stainless steel two part kitchen sink. In good shape, pulled because we remodeled and replaced it with a bottom mount sink in the new counter top. Perfect for a rental or if your sink just needs replacing. Will need replacement stoppers - the sink was installed before July 2005 by previous owners of home - unsure how old it is. ERG Offer: Glass top Desk w/keyboard shelf (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - It's lightly frosted glass on a grey metal frame with a glass keyboard. No cracks in glass pieces, but all the ball bearings came out of the sliding keyboard shelf mechanism, so it is rather stiff - but still slides. It's in pretty good shape for a used desk - top is 44" wide by 30" deep and it's a standard height for a desk. It will take a larger vehicle to handle the frame, as I have no idea how to take it apart - we used to have a mini-van when we bought it. It will need a large flat space for the glass. I cannot deliver and I cannot meet you, current vehicle won't handle it. If you want to try taking it apart, that is up to you. I'm rearranging the room and there just isn't space for it anymore. Closest major intersections would be Hwy 6 between Bissonett & West Belfort southwest of Houston. Offer: Threads Magazines -30+ - Kilt issue (North of Sugar Land) - Discussion of sewing machines, sewing patterns, tips for sewing, and inspirational photos of vintage gowns and the projects of others. Free to anyone who sews & wants them. Earlier issues include quilting, weaving, knitting, crochet, lace making, leather working for making a buckskin outfit (I think that I have that one) and the proper pleating of an authentically styled kilt (I know that I have that one). They've given me joy and some education & inspiration - perhaps they can inspire & educate someone else? ERG Offer: DDR2 RAM & Dell DVDRW (North of Sugar Land) - RAM from a Dell laptop - not limited to use in any particular brand of laptop, as long as it uses DDR2 generation. DVDRW Dell optical drive from an E-series laptop (I think). I had a spare, as I had two of these, but put them up on Trash Nothing over the last year or so, due to not having the time to fix them myself. If you have an E-series laptop & need or want a spare optical drive, let me know. I seem to remember it works, because I got rid of the CD drive that quit working. ERG Offer: Kenmore/Sear Sewing Machine Cabinet (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Dark wood, some scratches, and a couple of chips in the veneer. It's 30.5" high, 19" deep, and 23" wide when closed - about twice that when the top is opened to the left for more desk space. Measurements of opening shown in photos. Should fit most vintage Kenmore sewing machines, possibly other brands, depending on which company was making machines for Sears at the time. It has the pins. It could also be used as a night stand, side table, or even a foldup desk - if someone with a little woodworking experience wanted to make something to hold a piece of wood in the opening or add a piece of glass or acrylic cut to cover it. No machine came with it and I don't know which machines might fit it - I bought it from someone who was using it as a lamp stand. I do know that it won't hold a Singer sewing machine! ERG
Offer: Threads (sewing) Magazines (North of Sugar Land) - Several years of Threads magazine published by Taunton - early issues include instructions on leatherworking, weaving, knitting, spinning, and even how to make your own authentic kilt. More recent issues are more sewing related - include instructions on altering patterns, making a dress making dummy that is "your size", pattern drafting, and seam finishes for a professional appearance. Offer: Aluratek Pro Libre Readers - 2 (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Black, 4.5" x 6", will include 2gb SD cards, 100 classic books that came loaded when they were new , one USB cable to charge & load books to both, and black carry cases. They have grayscale screens, no WiFi (you have to have a computer to load book files to them - but they are great for flying, as they don't have to be turned off in flight), they double as MP3 players for audio books, and will use MP3, PDF, MOBI, PRC, EPUB, TXT, and RTF formats - so a wide variety of book files can be read. I don't have the headphones - but they have a standard plug, if you do want to load music or audio books to them (one cable included for both). Will meet at Kroger on Hyw , either West Airport or Bissonnet; WalMart at Hwy 6 & Alt 90; Fry's off I-69; or location of your choice not too far from Sugar Land. Offer: Printers & Monitor Available (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - The laptop has been claimed. The items below are still available. Flat screen 17" monitor "as is" - I think that two or three pixels have burned out - but it hasn't been in regular use for a while. HP PSC 1610 All-in-One (printer, scanner, & copier) "as is" - says it has some ink in the cartridges. Brother MFC 44CN (scanner, printer, copier, & fax machine) "as is" - networks through an ethernet cable - does not have wireless. Has some ink in it. We've replaced these with a wireless printer - the sooner the better - pickup on or before 19 April preferred. Will split them up or all to one person - don't care as long as they're picked up on time. Offer: Laptop & Accessory Equipment (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - I have a Dell 6500 laptop with your choice of formatted HHD, Windows 7, or Windows 10 (digital entitlement), docking station, power supply, battery, and a dock that fits into the optical drive bay for a second hard drive for additional storage or a second operating system. No second hard drive included. Flat screen 17" monitor "as is" - I think that two or three pixels have burned out - but it hasn't been in regular use for a while. HP PSC 1610 All-in-One (printer, scanner, & copier) "as is" - says it has some ink in the cartridges. Brother MFC 44CN (scanner, printer, copier, & fax machine) "as is" - networks through an ethernet cable - does not have wireless. Has some ink in it. We've replaced these with a wireless printer - the sooner the better - pickup on or before 19 April preferred. Will split them up or all to one person - don't care as long as they're picked up on time. Offer: Printer HP -PSA 1610 All-in-On (North of Sugar Land) - Printer, scanner, & copier - works with Windows 10 - scanner works fine - out of ink & decided to replace it with a smaller laser printer. WalMart & other places still sell the ink cartridges. I just don't use the color or copier/scanning options. Offer: Singer 6235 Sewing Machine (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - First - the machine has all of the original presser feet, bobbins, and other accessories except the manual and the original packet of needles. Slant presser ankle, zipper foot, embroidery foot, buttonhole foot, button foot, zig-zag, and straight stitch foot - feed dog cover, needle threader, brush, and spool holder stops. If it came with the machine, it's there, including the free arm adapter and a larger extension table adapter. The only thing missing is the manual and the packet of sewing machine needles. It does not work. Stitch selector dial does not work to change stitches. You can't wind bobbins without being able to change stitches. It would sew zig-zag satin or straight stitches, if you had another machine to wind the bobbins (they wind in place in the bobbin case - without being able to select the straight stitch, no bobbins can be wound). It is offered to anyone with a slant shank Singer (or other machine that might use the same presser feet) who wants to take out the presser feet, bobbins, and other small parts to use or whatever they choose to do with it. If you want to practice fixing sewing machines - fine. It's up to you what you do with it. I will not ship it, I have no box that it would fit into. I am not a mechanic - I bought if for a small lot of things that it was included in - the machine was a "bonus" if it worked and I did not care if it did not work. If you want to know what it looks like - try going to Singer.com and putting 6235 in the search option - the manual on tab #3 has a sketch of it. Offer: Singer CE-200 Parts (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Working embroidery attachment & free arm adapter with storage. Software disk set with basic software. Motor burned out in the sewing machine - but if anyone has a working machine and wants or can use these pieces, I'll arrange to meet them to pass these along. No pedal, no power cord, no sewing machine feet, or other parts - just the embroider machine bed, free arm converter with storage compartments (empty), and two software disks. To the best of my knowledge, will not work with any other model. ERG Request: Sewing Table or Cabinet (North of Sugar Land) Received - I'm trying to rearrange my sewing area to be more efficient and it looks like an extra sewing cabinet or table that would let me leave my sewing machine set up on it instead of on the floor under the existing sewing table would be a big help! If you want to clear out an extra table from your area - I can arrange to come get it after the 13th. ERG Offer: Green Man & Lion Heads Trio (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Wall sculptures (Green man head is hollow, the lion heads have flat tops) that hang to give a bit of medieval flair to a room. Original person never picked them up and is not replying to email a month later. ERG Offer: Fleece Strips for scarves, etc. (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - A friend of a friend moved out of state and I got a chunk of their fabric stash. Double sided fleece in prints and solids, mostly pieces of a quarter yard to a half yard. It was apparently bought to make no-sew scarves - if anyone wants to make no-sew scarves - I have more than I can use! Assorted colors & prints - some still rolled up & labeled as coming from the remnant bin at JoAnn's or Hancock Fabrics. Let me know if you want a little or a lot, please contact me. Especially contact me if you can use a lot! ERG Offer: Green Man & Lion Heads Wall Group (North of Sugar Land) - I have a "medieval style" plaster grouping - two lion heads (about a foot high) that could hold candles or plants and a larger (more than two feet high) head of a "green man" (hollow area at the top instead of a flat shelf) that would make great decorations for your Renaissance Festival campground, folklore themed party, or whatever you have in mind for a little medieval theme in your décor. I live near West Belfort at Hwy 6. Available through next weekend, then they get donated to a local thrift shop. Photos on request - they are not hanging up - so they might not look quite the same as they would on a wall. Indoor use suggested. Tied up with company between now & 27 November - but if you're interested, it's still available. If your Man Cave or She Shack needs a touch of mythology...they'll be perfect. ERG Request: Vintage Sewing Accessories (North of Sugar Land) - Looking for older sewing accessories - buttonhole making attachments & similar for an older short shank sewing machine from the 1960s. I'm especially looking for a buttonhole attachment (Greist or Singer) for making buttonholes - Mom bought some beautiful plush - but it's too thick for a new machine & there's no way to make buttonholes in it with my 21st century machine, as the motherboard keeps telling us that the pressure foot won't go all the way down. My vintage machine will sew it - but I need a buttonhole maker! If you don't want to get rid of it - can I borrow it for a few days while Mom is here? Renee G Request: Sewing Machine cabinet (North of Sugar Land) - I have an older sewing machine that is designed to fit in a cabinet. I don’t have a cabinet. If anyone has a cabinet or desk, please let me know. It is currently sitting in a carrier case, so I can use it...but it would be easier to put away if I could fold it into a cabinet. RG Offer: Padded Mailers & Small Boxes (North of Sugar Land) - I buy from eBay or Amazon, I don't sell anything - so I have more padded mailing envelopes & small boxes coming in than going out. If anyone can use them, contact me - I live south of Alief & north of Sugar Land off Hwy 6. I can meet people in Missouri City or Westchase while I'm out running errands during the day. Request: Singer Sewing Machine Accessories (North of Sugar Land) Received - I've just gotten a vintage Singer 328K - it did not have the accessory box - if anyone is getting rid of an older Singer that has any of the missing feet, the straight stitch plate, or more of the stitch design disk cams, please, I'd love to have them! I plan to sew on this - so they would be getting used! ERG Offer: Threads (sewing) magazines (North of Sugar Land) - I've decided that these need a "new home" and they are free to anyone who wants all of them (I'm pretty sure it's over fifty magazines but I haven't counted them) - I don't have a complete collection - but if you want to fill in gaps in your own collection... Sewing teachers looking for something to inspire students, I have some of the earlier issues with knitting, crochet, beading, weaving, leatherwork, and even the issue on how to make an authentic kilt! If you're wanting to go to the Highland Games or the Renaissance Festival in true Scotts style! You're going to want to get this pile of magazines & sort through it for what inspires you! I live fairly close the Kroger Hwy 6 north of Bissonnet or I can go down Hwy 6 to the Kroger at West Airport, the Sugar Land branch library, the WalMart on Hwy 6 at Alt 90, or any of several other public places to drop these off with someone. I will not mail them, they are heavy. I will not break them up, take them all - sort out what you find inspiring, then pass along the ones you don't want to keep. ERG Offer: VHS Instruction Tapes for Sewing (North of Sugar Land) Gifted - Various VHS tapes with lessons for sewing, tailoring, using pattern drafting software, using specialty sewing machine feet, and other sewing & fitting related subjects. These are commercial tapes - not copies of television shows - I have not used them in years (VHS) so I have no idea what kind of shape they are in - but if someone has a VHS machine and a desire to learn to sew or to fit themselves - they're welcome to them. All or none - you can sort them out when you get access to a VHS tape player, I suppose. +++You will need a working VHS tape player to use these+++ ERG Offer: Wax Crayons (North of Sugar Land) - I have a shoebox worth of or so of wax crayons to pass along to someone with kids who like to color - Crayola and RoseArt, possibly other brands - assorted colors and sizes. One 64 count box is still holding together - the rest will be loose in a bag or box. I'm cleaning a closet full of boxes from our last move and it's amazing what never got unpacked. ERG Offer: Older D-Link router (77498) - D-Link DIR-615 router with install disk. Was working, replaced with all-in-one modem that is also the wireless router. Original box and install disk - will include an Ethernet cable to connect to your modem, if requested. ERG Offer: Desk with glass top & keyboard (ALt 90 & Hwy 6 - NE Fort Bend) Gifted - Tealbriar development east of Hwy 6 & south of Bissonet - it's going out on the curb later tonight to get picked up tomorrow as "heavy trash". If you want it, let me know & I'll put it where it won't get picked up as trash - but I really do want it GONE, the sooner the better. Glass & desk frame in great shape so it would still be a good desk - the keyboard assembly lost the ball bearings, so while it is present and works, it doesn't glide smoothly. ERG