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Request: Guillotine paper cutter (Campbell County) - Looking for a paper cutter for basic crafting projects. Located near NKU, happy to pick up if it's in the general area. Request: Chicken manure for garden compost (Campbell County) Received - Hi all, this is admittedly going to sound bizarre. I'm looking to build some large hot beds in my garden this year and am in need of more composting material. Chicken manure, rabbit manure, and/or old organic hay/straw or coffee grounds would all be suitable to help build up the bulk of the piles. Horse manure would also suffice if the horses grazed on organic hay and pasture (lots of chemicals can survive the trip through a horse's GI tract!). If you don't have chickens but know someone who does, I'd be willing to help clean out the pens! Free: Winter squash for chickens or pigs (Campbell County) Expired - I have about 10 large winter squash left over from last season that are still edible but are past their prime for cooking. I can compost them but figure they might be a tasty treat for chickens or pigs. Happy to give them away if anyone can use them for their animals. Grown organically in my backyard! Request: T post driver (Campbell County) Expired - Looking for a post driver for a community garden. Free: White bearded iris bulbs (Campbell County) Gifted - Our white bearded irises are currently blooming and I'll be ready to thin my collection within the next 1-2 weeks. Would love for them to go to someone else's garden to continue blooming! All white flowers, typically bloom mid May. Pick up in Highland Heights by NKU. Request: used bike trailer (Campbell County) Expired - Hello lovely folks! I'm looking for a used bike trailer. Totally fine if it's beat up as long as it's functional. It will be used solely for transporting groceries, no two- or four-legged children! If anyone has one they're looking to re-home or knows someone who does, please let me know! I don't have any great items to trade right now but I make a mean cupcake or loaf of focaccia if that suits your fancy ;) Free: Outdoor cat shelter (Campbell County) Gifted - Brand new, still in box and never opened. Pick up at Kroger on Martha Layne Collins by NKU or can arrange porch pickup.
Photo of free Outdoor cat shelter (Campbell County)
Free: Misc toiletries (Campbell County) Gifted - Nearly full bottle of curl defining gel, 100% cotton facial cleansing pads, and misc facial cleansing products (cleansing oil, toner, mask). All products are open and still very much usable, just trying to pare down my bathroom cabinets to essentials that work for me! Pick up at Kroger on Martha Layne Collins near NKU.
Photo of free Misc toiletries (Campbell County)
Free: Necklace - small diamond pendant (Campbell County) Gifted - Received this necklace as a gift as a young girl and don't have anyone to pass it on to! The pendant is in the shape of a key and inlaid with real diamonds. I believe the metal is white gold but honestly can't recall exactly. Tried to sell it with no luck and would hate for it to go to waste - would make an excellent holiday gift for a young woman! Pick up at Highland Heights Kroger by NKU. If you have a special girl in your life who would like yours necklace, please let me know!
Photo of free Necklace - small diamond pendant (Campbell County)
Photo of free Necklace - small diamond pendant (Campbell County)
Photo of free Necklace - small diamond pendant (Campbell County)