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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Wooden dresser (Watkinsville) Gifted - 32 wide and 34 high without the mirror attached. It’s real wood and the top two drawers need a little tlc. The mirror could be attached onto it if desired. First person to pick it up is welcome to it.
Photo of free Wooden dresser (Watkinsville)
Photo of free Wooden dresser (Watkinsville)
Photo of free Wooden dresser (Watkinsville)
Free: Grill (Watkinsville) Gifted - Made by Brinkmann Still works but the inside pieces are really rusted and need to be replaced
Photo of free Grill (Watkinsville)
Photo of free Grill (Watkinsville)
Free: Three plastic storage (Watkinsville) Gifted - Stacking storage buckets that pull out like a drawer.
Photo of free Three plastic storage (Watkinsville)
Free: Box of construction items (Watkinsville) Gifted - Three rolls of joint tape and other construction items a couple new in package
Photo of free Box of construction items (Watkinsville)
Free: Girls bike helmet (Watkinsville) Gifted - Needs some cleaning but works good. Fits a elementary or preteen girl
Photo of free Girls bike helmet (Watkinsville)
Free: Fan (Watkinsville) Gifted - Pieces for an overhead fan including the brace for support
Photo of free Fan (Watkinsville)
Free: Small white fan (Watkinsville) Gifted - Harbor breeze fan small blades but all pieces in box
Photo of free Small white fan (Watkinsville)
Free: Ice cream maker (Watkinsville) Gifted - Several years old but still have the parts and the box and works
Photo of free Ice cream maker (Watkinsville)
Free: Car seat with base (Watkinsville) Gifted - Might be expired but it’s a Britex car seat and base
Photo of free Car seat with base (Watkinsville)
Free: Two old drills (Watkinsville) Gifted - Been in shed may or may not work
Photo of free Two old drills (Watkinsville)
Free: Two old bikes (Watkinsville) Gifted - For parts - need new tires if to bring used
Photo of free Two old bikes (Watkinsville)
Free: Knee and chin pads (Watkinsville) Gifted - Good
Photo of free Knee and chin pads (Watkinsville)
Free: Two old weed wackers (Watkinsville) Gifted - Both gave me trouble but it could be user error
Photo of free Two old weed wackers (Watkinsville)
Free: Car stereo with cd player (Watkinsville) Gifted - Works I just upgraded
Photo of free Car stereo with cd player (Watkinsville)
Free: Medal rim with basketball type net (Watkinsville) Gifted - Good but it’s just a rim and net
Photo of free Medal rim with basketball type net (Watkinsville)
Free: Joint tape (Watkinsville) Gifted - Joint tape large roll
Photo of free Joint tape (Watkinsville)
Free: Bag for golf shoes (Watkinsville) Gifted - Fine just needs to be cleaned off but nice lined bag
Photo of free Bag for golf shoes (Watkinsville)
Free: Kids fishing pole (Watkinsville) Gifted - Kids basic throw and pull back pole
Photo of free Kids fishing pole (Watkinsville)
Free: Small desk lamp (Watkinsville) Gifted - Chrome base with tan shade
Photo of free Small desk lamp (Watkinsville)
Free: Hanging rack (Watkinsville) Gifted - No tools just the hanging rack
Photo of free Hanging rack (Watkinsville)
Free: Pool cooler (Watkinsville) Gifted - Needs cleaning but it works good
Photo of free Pool cooler (Watkinsville)
Free: Yard accessories (Watkinsville) Gifted - Honda mower bag and toro blower extension
Photo of free Yard accessories (Watkinsville)
Free: Two wooden chairs (Watkinsville) Gifted - Real wood need to be cleaned
Photo of free Two wooden chairs (Watkinsville)
Free: Kids soccer goal (Watkinsville) - Needs new net it’s just the frame
Photo of free Kids soccer goal (Watkinsville)
Free: Coffee table (Watkinsville) Gifted - Old and loved but real wood
Photo of free Coffee table (Watkinsville)
Free: Two low sitting beach chairs (Watkinsville) Gifted - Good
Photo of free Two low sitting beach chairs (Watkinsville)
Free: Stanley plastic tool box (Watkinsville) Gifted - Works but been in a shed needs a little tlc
Photo of free Stanley plastic tool box (Watkinsville)
Free: Toddler three wheeler (Watkinsville) Gifted - Old and loved but it works
Photo of free Toddler three wheeler (Watkinsville)
Free: Large construction light (Watkinsville) Gifted - I think it works it just needs new bulbs
Photo of free Large construction light (Watkinsville)
Free: Blue toddler push car (Watkinsville) Gifted - Works well in good shape
Photo of free Blue toddler push car (Watkinsville)