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Free: Food mixer (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Kenwood Food Mixer. Kenwood kMix HB790 series. In good working order. Not used much.
Photo of free Food mixer (Littleport CB6)
Free: Crockery (Littleport CB6) Gifted - 4 Dinner plates, 4 Smaller plates, 4 Side plates, 1 Cake/Sandwich plate, 1 Cake stand, 1 Sugar bowl, 1 Milk Jug, 4 dessert/cereal plates, 1Teapot & 4 Cups and saucers.
Photo of free Crockery (Littleport CB6)
Free: Bed ware (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Single duvet with flowery cover + Dunelm double duvet + Two pressure relieving pillows.
Photo of free Bed ware (Littleport CB6)
Photo of free Bed ware (Littleport CB6)
Photo of free Bed ware (Littleport CB6)
Free: Box tidy (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Box tidy (As shown)
Photo of free Box tidy (Littleport CB6)
Free: Light fitting (Littleport CB6) Gifted - 8 watt fluorescent fitting complete with lamp. Length 312 mm.
Photo of free Light fitting (Littleport CB6)
Free: Disability aids (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Walking frame, pair of crutches and two walking sticks.
Photo of free Disability aids (Littleport CB6)
Photo of free Disability aids (Littleport CB6)
Free: Christmas stuff (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Christmas stuff inc. christmas lights, tinsel etc. Also artificial christmas tree. Free: Pots & pans (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Various pots & pans i.e. frying pan, saucepans etc.
Photo of free Pots & pans (Littleport CB6)
Free: Games (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Board games, Scrabble, Monopoly, Trivial pursuit & Cluedo plus lots of smaller games such as Cribbage & Dominoes and packs of cards etc.
Photo of free Games (Littleport CB6)
Free: For cooking & baking (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Various cooking & baking items. E.G. Baking trays, Quarter pounder burger maker, piping equipment baking beans, vegetable bags and other containers etc.
Photo of free For cooking & baking (Littleport CB6)
Photo of free For cooking & baking (Littleport CB6)
Free: Slow cooker (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Cookworks slow cooker, model SC9429 with accompanying book.
Photo of free Slow cooker (Littleport CB6)
Free: Karcher (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Karcher patio cleaner, yellow, good condition only used a few times.
Photo of free Karcher (Littleport CB6)
Photo of free Karcher (Littleport CB6)
Free: Stools (Littleport CB6) Gifted - 2 stools both 20 inches long, 15 inches wide & 17 inches high.
Photo of free Stools (Littleport CB6)
Free: Various small cushions (Littleport CB6) Expired - Six small cushions, various shapes and colours
Photo of free Various small cushions (Littleport CB6)
Free: Boombox (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Tesco BB20 CD/Radio Boombox
Photo of free Boombox (Littleport CB6)
Free: Bodily accessories (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Various creams, sprays, soap & Oils.
Photo of free Bodily accessories (Littleport CB6)
Free: For Make-up (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Small rotating carousel for holding make-up, small bottles, brushes etc. About 1 foot high & 10 inches wide.
Photo of free For Make-up (Littleport CB6)
Photo of free For Make-up (Littleport CB6)
Free: Bed table (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Bed table on two wheels, ideal if someone is bed bound.
Photo of free Bed table (Littleport CB6)
Free: Sanitary products (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Sanitary products no longer required. Lady pants, mini pads and liners.
Photo of free Sanitary products (Littleport CB6)
Free: Oils (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Various massage and essential oils inc: Rosemary, Neroli, Geranium & Frankincense.
Photo of free Oils (Littleport CB6)
Free: Handbags (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Eight various size handbags for that Woman that likes variety
Photo of free Handbags (Littleport CB6)
Free: Hair stuff (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Hair stylers, mirror, hair clips, headband etc. Free: Foot rack (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Foot Rack, 3 shelves, 26 inches long, 12 inches deep & 14 inches high.
Photo of free Foot rack (Littleport CB6)
Free: Knitting bag (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Hardly used, inside are various knitting needles, a few balls of wool, some reading matter on knitting and an art of knitting dvd.
Photo of free Knitting bag (Littleport CB6)
Free: Sewing stuff (Littleport CB6) Gifted - various colour cotton reels, pins, scissors and various other items to do with sewing. Free: Foot cycle (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Foot cycle by Careco, good condition hardly used. Free: Computer monitor (Littleport CB6) Gifted - 20 inch computer monitor with all connections, not working. Free: Single Underblanket (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Morphy Richards single washable heated underblanket. Free: Hair dryer & Rollers (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Babyliss thermo ceramic rollers with instructions & Babyliss pro speed 2100 haIr dryer. All in good condition. Free: Food containers (Littleport CB6) Gifted - Air tight plastic containers of all sizes and different coloured lids. Black bags available to put them in.
Photo of free Food containers (Littleport CB6)