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Free: Rogers cable box (Centrepointe) Expired - Cisco Explorer Nextbox HD and PVR. No longer using cable! You will need to have it authorized by Rogers so have the serial number handy!
Photo of free Rogers cable box (Centrepointe)
Free: Electric knife (Centrepointe) Gifted - works fine. No longer make large roasts!!!
Photo of free Electric knife (Centrepointe)
Free: teapot (Centrepointe) Expired - Unusual cannon teapot. Damaged spout but still interesting antique!!
Photo of free teapot (Centrepointe)
Photo of free teapot (Centrepointe)
Free: trivet (Centrepointe) Gifted - terra cotta trivet. Looks nice on wall.
Photo of free trivet (Centrepointe)
Free: creamer (Centrepointe) Gifted - Antique creamer or maybe good for sauces. Nicely patterned glass
Photo of free creamer (Centrepointe)
Free: egg cups and eggs (Centrepointe) Gifted - The black egg is painted wood. The brown egg is a real egg but is broken on the reverse side. It is fine as long as it faces front!!!! VERY FRAGILE!
Photo of free egg cups and eggs (Centrepointe)
Free: jam pots (Centrepointe) Expired - two sided jam pot
Photo of free jam pots (Centrepointe)
Free: Mexican decoration (Centrepointe) Expired - This lovely senorita stands about 9" tall and would make a great decoration at your next Fiesta!!
Photo of free Mexican decoration (Centrepointe)
Free: pie "birds" (Centrepointe) Gifted - one for cherry pies and one for peach! (or any pie you want to put them in) Allows steam to vent .
Photo of free pie "birds" (Centrepointe)
Free: cookbooks (Centrepointe) Expired - assorted cookbooks. Must take all.
Photo of free cookbooks (Centrepointe)
Free: cream/sugar set (Centrepointe) Gifted - hand turned ceramic cream and sugar set
Photo of free cream/sugar set (Centrepointe)
Free: pumpkin pot (Centrepointe) Gifted - small pumpkin with lid, spoon and plate. Nice for salad dressing or jam
Photo of free pumpkin pot (Centrepointe)
Free: VHS movies (Centrepointe) Expired - Titles include Casablanca, The Colour Purple, Room With A View, Rooster Cockburn. Little Women (never unwrapped)and other classics.
Photo of free VHS movies (Centrepointe)
Free: pot holder (Centrepointe) Expired - Handmade potholder from Nova Scotia
Photo of free pot holder (Centrepointe)
Free: Recipe box (Centrepointe) Gifted - Decoupages recipe box for holding recipe cards (not included!)
Photo of free Recipe box (Centrepointe)
Free: cookbooks (Centrepointe) Gifted - take one or all!! The Fem Chopper was printed in 1902!!!
Photo of free cookbooks (Centrepointe)
Photo of free cookbooks (Centrepointe)
Photo of free cookbooks (Centrepointe)
Photo of free cookbooks (Centrepointe)
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Free: Loon print (Centrepointe) Gifted - roughly 17'x23'. Print is textured to look like needlepoint
Photo of free Loon print (Centrepointe)
Free: Book about Georgian glass (Centrepointe) Expired - coffee table book size. good condition
Photo of free Book about Georgian glass (Centrepointe)
Free: Omega juicer (Centrepointe) Gifted - worked well last time used. Has been stored in the basement for quite a while. Woodroffe/Baseline area
Photo of free Omega juicer (Centrepointe)
Free: Plant cuttings (Centrepointe) Expired - I have several (at least 8) spider plants currently sitting in glasses of water. Well rooted and ready for permanent homes. Take one or all. Must be picked up from my porch before it gets too cold!!! Free: Stitchery book (Centrepointe) Gifted - Learn to knit, crochet, sew, etc.
Photo of free Stitchery book (Centrepointe)
Free: Remote control race car (Centrepointe) Gifted - Small remote control race car. Not sure if it still works. (Been in basement for several years) Battery compartment for controller is missing cover but should not be a problem.
Photo of free Remote control race car (Centrepointe)
Free: Banana Split dishes (Centrepointe) Gifted - 4 banana split/sundae dishes
Photo of free Banana Split dishes (Centrepointe)
Free: bottles (Centrepointe) Expired - 4 empty Arizona bottles. Decorative and great for plant cuttings
Photo of free bottles (Centrepointe)
Free: Cookbook (Centrepointe) Expired - Microwave cookbook by well known Montreal/Toronto author Norene Gilletz Woodroffe/Baseline near Algonquin College
Photo of free Cookbook (Centrepointe)
Free: gift weap (Centrepointe) Expired - bag full of bows, ribbons tissue paper. Mostly red and green. Several bags of fillers for baskets ie Easter Near Algonquin College
Photo of free gift weap (Centrepointe)
Free: teapot (Centrepointe) Gifted - small 2 cup teapot
Photo of free teapot (Centrepointe)
Free: soup bowls (Centrepointe) Gifted - 4 Chinese style soup bowls and spoons
Photo of free soup bowls (Centrepointe)
Free: 3 small bowls (Centrepointe) Expired - small bowls perfect for sauces and dips
Photo of free 3 small bowls (Centrepointe)
Free: dish set (Centrepointe) Gifted - Chinese style dinner set for 4
Photo of free dish set (Centrepointe)