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Request: Any gardening equipment? (Packsaddle Close, Penryn) - I’m looking for any gardening equipment that you might have lurking at the back of your shed!! I’ve just got an allotment and could do with a spade, small trowel, secateurs, a water butt... anything that you have available! Thank you xx Request: A Wardrobe! (Packsaddle Close, Penryn) - Does anyone have a wardrobe they might be getting rid of in the near future? Having recently had to move house I have managed to get the money together for my children's furniture - but none left for a wardrobe for me! Thanks Offer: Cardboard boxes for moving (Packsaddle Close, Penryn) - About a dozen cardboard boxes that I've used recently to move house. All still made up, ready for use - some writing on them but have at least one more move in them!! Please txt me (email is sporadic) on 07833 533210 Thanks - Jude Offer: 6ft Artificial xmas tree (Woodland Ave, Penryn) - Artificial Christmas tree - all the bits are there (I think!) - needs to be collected asap. Text me on 07833 533210 to arrange! (Am moving house so have no internet!) Offer: Mixed arts & crafts bits! (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - Miscellaneous arts & crafts bits - been in the loft so not quite sure what's there. Different papers, things to stick on etc! Please text me on 07833 533210 to arrange pick up as moving house and no internet! Offer: Old silk painting kit (Woodland Ave, Penryn) - Includes a number of silk paints all been used to a greater or lesser extent, plus 8 silk scarf blanks (90cm x 90cm) - ideal if you just want to try, before investing in it yourself! Offer: Glass craft cutting mat (Woodland Ave, Penryn) - Approx 31cm by 31cm - needs a wipe but intact glass cutting may with squares & paper sizes marked on it Offer: 2 fishing rods (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - 2 fishing rods - they need the fishing line etc, but I'm sure someone can get them working !!! Offer: Bike rack for a car (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - Bike rack that I think can fit pretty much any car - you're welcome to come and try it! Offer: Large Bell Tent (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - This is a large Bell Tent (originally from ShelterBox that I was given. I've never used it but have put it up once - it's v v heavy but maybe someone can make good use of it? Offer: Very large white tarpaulin (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - Very large white tarp - used to be part of a market stall set and I think it's 10ft by 10ft - but could be useful to someone? Offer: Old scales (Woodland Ave, Penryn) - Need a bit of TUC to make them look lovely but a reasonable set of old scales with various weights Offer: Halloween man!! (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - Tall Halloween statue animatronic - not sure if he works because I can't find the lead - but still looks scarily real!! He needs a bit of TLC cos he's been in my shed and he has one hand missing - but still creepy! Offer: Working strimmer - needs wire (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - A working strimmer that just needs some wire Offer: Plastic cocktail glasses (Woodland Ave, Penryn) - Around 20 plastic cocktail glasses - 12 unopened but the rest could do with a wash (been stored in my shed) Offer: Jigsaws & puzzle caddy (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - Three large puzzles plus a jigsaw puzzle mat for keeping them all together whilst you're doing them! 2 definitely have all the pieces and I think the other one has them all too. Hope there's a jigsaw puzzler out there looking for a new challenge?!! Pick up this weekend if poss! Text me on 07833 533210 if easier than email! Offer: Two small shelving units (Woodland Ave, Penryn) Gifted - Two thin shelving units - silver coloured uprights & beech shelves (I use another two as book shelves!) need to be gone before Saturday ideally. Just a bit dusty! Text Jude on 07833 533210 Offer: Old dusty mirror (TR11 3EG) Gifted - Old mirror - needs a dusting but nice long space to admire yourself in!!!! Call into The Poly 01326 319461 to pick up! Offer: Old Hoover dusting tools (TR11 3EG) - Old Hoover tools in original box - have no idea if it has all the bits but lovely original box!! call into The Poly 01326 319461 to pick up! Offer: Old paraffin heater (TR11 3EG) - Old paraffin heater - have no idea if it's working - call into The Poly 01326 319461 to pick up! Offer: Old electric heater (TR11 3EG) - Old electric heater - have no idea if it works and it has a three ROUND pin plug - call into The Poly 01326 319461 to pick up! Offer: Old metal chair (TR11 3EG) Gifted - Old stacking chair - needs a clean but quite cute! Offer: Photo frames A3 (TR11 3EG) Gifted - Not in perfect condition but we have 9 A3 photo frames free to anyone who wants them! Pop into ThePoly 01326 319461 to collect them.