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Offers  and  Requests
Free: 8 slightly used hula hoops (Milford, 45150) Gifted - From Walmart, used at one event. Kid sized, light up when spinning.
Photo of free 8 slightly used hula hoops (Milford, 45150)
Free: 4 inch inner diameter drain pipe (Milford, 45150) Gifted - Unused. In 2 pieces, one about 10 feet long and the other about 30 feet long. Flexible plastic drain pipe.
Photo of free 4 inch inner diameter drain pipe (Milford, 45150)
Free: Bone conduction headphones (Milford, 45150) Expired - One small adult pair of bone conduction headphones. Audio is good, headphones function fine, but a transducer is loose so the left side makes a jangling bell noise. According to the internet, this can be fixed by making a small hole and filling with epoxy.
Photo of free Bone conduction headphones (Milford, 45150)
Free: Two small speakers (Milford, 45150) Gifted - Fair condition
Photo of free Two small speakers (Milford, 45150)
Photo of free Two small speakers (Milford, 45150)
Free: 4 sliding closet doors (Milford, 45150) Gifted - 80”x24”, 2 left doors and 2 right. Fair condition. Haven’t been exposed to smoke or stored outside.
Photo of free 4 sliding closet doors (Milford, 45150)
Free: Short Window curtains (Milford, 45150) Gifted - Fair condition, can come with the rods if you want.
Photo of free Short Window curtains (Milford, 45150)
Free: Handmade pottery (Milford, 45150) Gifted - I made these pieces while practicing my skills as a potter. The glazed pieces are food safe and microwave safe. Also I made the glass flower.
Photo of free Handmade pottery (Milford, 45150)
Free: New Dryer vent (Milford, 45150) Gifted - New vent was installed but then we had to replace dryer and that came with new vent.
Photo of free New Dryer vent (Milford, 45150)
Free: Yard ornament (Milford, 45150) Gifted - glass sphere on pedestal
Photo of free Yard ornament (Milford, 45150)
Free: moving boxes (45245) Gifted - Twelve 19”x19”x15” sturdy moving boxes Free: Glass bottles, jars (45245) Gifted - Assorted glass jars, bottle, crowler
Photo of free Glass bottles, jars (45245)
Free: Baby gate (45245) Gifted - Good condition
Photo of free Baby gate (45245)
Free: Pull-up bar (45245) Gifted - Freestanding pull up bar, good condition. Footprint is 45”x39”. Comes disassembled in bag.
Photo of free Pull-up bar (45245)
Free: 3 glass double-walled mugs (45245) Gifted - Two new in box, one used and in good condition. Double walled provides good insulation to keep hot drinks hot.
Photo of free 3 glass double-walled mugs (45245)