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Request: Wooden spice rack (Bells corners) - Looking for a wall hanging spice rack Free: Car seat covers (Bells corners) - Does anyone want these before I toss them? I haven’t tried to remove the stains (it’s eyeshadow)
Photo of free Car seat covers (Bells corners)
Request: Stroller (Bells corners) - Looking for a decent stroller Free: Landline connection (Bells corners) - Corded distributed single jack micro filters I’ve got 4 of them
Photo of free Landline connection (Bells corners)
Free: Black keys CD (Bells corners) - Some scratches but works fine
Photo of free Black keys CD (Bells corners)
Request: Clothing rack (Bells corners) - Cheap ikea one would be great Request: Desk or table top (Bells corners) Expired - I need any ikea desk or table, only the top piece because I have the screw in legs.
Photo of Desk or table top (Bells corners)
Request: Stroller (Bells corners) Received - Helping out a refugee family. She needs a stroller - depending on your location I can do my best to get it to her
Photo of Stroller (Bells corners)
Request: Embroidery thread (Bells corners) Received - Looking for embroidery thread! All colours. Doggo for attention
Photo of Embroidery thread (Bells corners)
Request: foldaway table (Bells corners) Received - I had bought an excellent small, light weight table and ended up leaving it behind at an event I was working at. Looking for another that can fit in my minivan for market days this summer! Any condition is fine - as long as it still folds and stands. Dog for attention :)
Photo of foldaway table (Bells corners)
Request: Tshirts with lettering (Bells corners) Expired - Hi everyone, Pic of the kitty is for attention. I’m looking for your old, ripped or stained or out of season tshirts (or other clothing) with letter print on them. I’ll be cutting them up and using them for a creative project. I probably won’t take small print I need it about 2” or bigger
Photo of Tshirts with lettering (Bells corners)
Free: Belt bags (Bells corners) Gifted - One leather, 2 canvas. Perfect for waiters!
Photo of free Belt bags (Bells corners)
Free: clothes bundle (Bells corners) Expired - *cat friendly home* non smoking 4 hollister / American eagle pants Cozy scarf and hat Leather (I think) purse Free: Dance shoes and cozy vest (Bells corners) Expired - Well used. Size 8.5 women’s dance shoes (outer: leather, inner: cracking)
Photo of free Dance shoes and cozy vest (Bells corners)
Free: Empty shoeboxes (Bells corners) Expired - held size 8 and 7 womens
Photo of free Empty shoeboxes (Bells corners)
Free: Iron (Bells corners) Expired - It works. It didn’t steam and theres no temp control, but it works!
Photo of free Iron (Bells corners)
Free: Blu ray movies (Bells corners) Expired - Great for a cottage
Photo of free Blu ray movies (Bells corners)
Free: Toys (Bells corners) Expired - 3 colourful pipe cleaner bundles Ball Mini toys Mini Dollhouse 1 set of Pom Pom hair ties Water pump
Photo of free Toys (Bells corners)
Photo of free Toys (Bells corners)
Free: Wooden mixing tool (Bells corners) Expired - I think my mom used this to stir Mexican hot chocolate
Photo of free Wooden mixing tool (Bells corners)
Free: Vintage meat cutter (Bells corners) Expired - I don’t think this was ever used.. pickup bells corners
Photo of free Vintage meat cutter (Bells corners)
Request: Juicer (Bells corners) Expired - Looking for a juicer! I have lots of carrots and I’d like to make carrot cake from the pulp. Is anyone able to lend one out? Free: Short necklace (Chinatown) Expired - Choker style Gold costume jewellery
Photo of free Short necklace (Chinatown)
Free: Princess necklace (Chinatown) Gifted - Gold costume jewellery
Photo of free Princess necklace (Chinatown)
Photo of free Princess necklace (Chinatown)