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Free: 18 cans of nonfat dry powdered milk (Northeast, Ithaca.) Gifted - Stored in my neighbors basement for about 30 years. I don't know if it is still safe for human consumption so these are being given away instead to those who collect old canned food or who want them for other purposes. Free: Hoverboard 10" wheels (Northeast, Ithaca.) Expired - Needs new motherboard (necessary) and Bluetooth audio circuit board (optional). You can buy them and connect them to the existing (working) motors, lights, speaker, and battery packs, and load cells. The 2 new circuit boards cost about $50 on eBay. I kept all the screws and old parts. I just don't have time to fix this anymore and my kids are grown and have lost interest. This is a very good hoverboard. It goes fast and has big wheels, which offer a smoother ride over Ithaca's cracked roads.
Photo of free Hoverboard 10" wheels (Northeast, Ithaca.)
Free: toaster oven (Northeast, Ithaca.) Expired - Works. Stainless. Never used it much. Need to reclaim the space it occupied.
Photo of free toaster oven (Northeast, Ithaca.)
Request: Wall clock with mechanical movement (Northeast, Ithaca.) Expired - I'm looking to replace my cheap Quartz wall clock with broken pendulum with an all mechanical wall clock, preferably with German movement, pendulum and weights, but a wind up spring powered one would work too. I don't mind if it isn't accurate since I can adjust it. I'll also consider one with a broken movement since I may be able to rebuild it. Thanks Free: Four wooden framed windows (Northeast, Ithaca.) Gifted - About 2 feet by 16 inches (eyeball measurement). These came from a shed which I demolished. No rot on the window frames but they could use some new paint.
Photo of free Four wooden framed windows (Northeast, Ithaca.)