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Offers  and  Requests
Free: Receipt books (Woodpark) Gifted - Two. One is partly used.
Photo of free Receipt books (Woodpark)
Free: Gently used socks (Woodpark) Gifted - Two bags of socks. Varying types. Pretty gently used for the most part.
Photo of free Gently used socks (Woodpark)
Free: Stride cycle (Woodpark) Gifted - Sit down cycle.
Photo of free Stride cycle (Woodpark)
Free: Old phone e (Woodpark) Gifted - Old phone.
Photo of free Old phone e (Woodpark)
Free: Small amount of scrap metal (Woodpark) Gifted - Small amount of mexed scrap metal
Photo of free Small amount of scrap metal (Woodpark)
Free: Planter urn (Woodpark) Gifted - Plastic planter urn. 20” high 16” diameter. No
Photo of free Planter urn (Woodpark)
Free: Plastic planter (Woodpark) Gifted - 18x15
Photo of free Plastic planter (Woodpark)
Free: Planter (Woodpark) Gifted - 20x11x9
Photo of free Planter (Woodpark)
Photo of free Planter (Woodpark)
Free: Ceiling light (Woodpark) Gifted - Really good shape with all its parts. Approx 15”
Photo of free Ceiling light (Woodpark)
Free: Small lamp brass (Woodpark) Gifted - Works well with swing arm
Photo of free Small lamp brass (Woodpark)
Free: Small lamp (Woodpark) Gifted - Works well.
Photo of free Small lamp (Woodpark)
Free: Rowenta iron (Woodpark) Withdrawn - Works well. Doesn’t stain clothes the only problem with it is that the dial doesn’t go all the way over but that does not affect its operation. We were gifted a new one so we don’t need it any more.
Photo of free Rowenta iron (Woodpark)
Photo of free Rowenta iron (Woodpark)
Free: American standard toilet (Woodpark) Gifted - White works. Originally probably purchased from Preston hardware. Lower height. In a box that the toilet we bought to replace it is in. Clean. The only reason we replaced it is that it is to short for me.
Photo of free American standard toilet (Woodpark)
Free: Sofa pillows (Woodpark) Gifted - 24”x12”
Photo of free Sofa pillows (Woodpark)
Free: Night time cough medicine (Woodpark) Gifted - Opened but never used. Cost 22 dollars don’t want to waste it.
Photo of free Night time cough medicine (Woodpark)
Free: Jewelry boxes (Woodpark) Gifted - Old need some interior work
Photo of free Jewelry boxes (Woodpark)
Free: MEC serratus backpack (Woodpark) Gifted - Large pack. Converts to luggage. Purchased in 1992. Needs a clean and some zipper work for outside pockets. Great pack been all over Europe and west coast trail twice.
Photo of free MEC serratus backpack (Woodpark)
Free: Foam corner protectors (Woodpark) Expired - For moving or protection of floors.
Free: Chrome floor lamp (Woodpark) Gifted - Works well floor foot switch
Photo of free Chrome floor lamp (Woodpark)
Free: Day pack (Woodpark) Gifted - Very well used day pack but still has many miles in it.
Photo of free Day pack (Woodpark)
Free: Fireplace remote system (Woodpark) Expired - Bought for our fireplace fairly new. We are now replacing the whole thing so don’t need this any more.
Photo of free Fireplace remote system (Woodpark)
Photo of free Fireplace remote system (Woodpark)
Photo of free Fireplace remote system (Woodpark)
Free: Household metal (Woodpark) Expired - Grocery bag miscellaneous bits of metal.
Photo of free Household metal (Woodpark)
Free: Super cute bread box (Woodpark) Gifted - Small red keeps bread fresh
Photo of free Super cute bread box (Woodpark)
Photo of free Super cute bread box (Woodpark)
Free: American standard toilet (Woodpark) Gifted - Great working condition we only changed it because we needed a taller toilet. Free: Ironing board (Woodpark) Gifted - Great condition
Photo of free Ironing board (Woodpark)
Free: Toilet chair (Woodpark) Gifted - Good for people with mobility issues
Photo of free Toilet chair (Woodpark)
Photo of free Toilet chair (Woodpark)
Free: Deck bench brackets (Woodpark) Gifted - Beige useable about five of them.
Photo of free Deck bench brackets (Woodpark)
Free: Plastic food containers (Woodpark) Gifted - Miscellaneous containers mist with lids. Zip lock ikea etc. Must take all at once
Photo of free Plastic food containers (Woodpark)
Free: Misc hangers (Woodpark) Expired - Lots of miscellaneous hangers
Photo of free Misc hangers (Woodpark)
Free: Carpet (Woodpark) Gifted - 8x6 approximately originally bought at Costco about two years ago.
Photo of free Carpet (Woodpark)