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Offer: wooden calendar holder - If you have a wooden calendar holder that you no longer use I'd appreciate it. I plan to paint it as it is for a craft. Thanks Sylvia Request: butterfly paper clips - ISO paper clips that are shaped in what they call butterfly. Not your common shape but holds papers real well Sylvia Request: baby gate Expired - I'm in need of a baby gate please. Thanks Sylvia Request: Mary Mary Expired - Mary are you still needing freezer burnt food for making pet food? Contact Sylvia Request: beads Expired - Looking for beads that kids can use for crafts. Pipe cleaner needs to fit through them.Used to buy them but now I need them they have disappeared. Don't want real big ones.. Thanks Request: Help wanted Expired - Looking to find a house cleaner for a smaller home. Sylvia Request: zucchini (westend) Expired - larger size is fine or what ever you can spare. Thanks Request: old wooden bowls (westend) Expired - color and size doesn't matter as they are for crafts so need not be in good shape. Request: clay flower pots (westend) Expired - size and color doesn't matter as they are for crafts. Request: old tea cart or any cart on wh (westend) Expired - I want to use it for a planting table outside. As long as it is not too rusty. It can be tin, wood or rubbermaid type material. Thanks Request: clay pots (westend) Expired - Size and condition not important if can hold dirt. I want to paint them for my garden. Thanks Request: serving cart (westend) Expired - Looking for a cart like you see restaurants use that has wheels and shelves. I want to use it as a planting table so need not be perfect. Metal or like rubbermaid type material Request: puzzles (westend) Expired - Looking for puzzles that have all the pieces and can be used for prizes at a seniors euchre night. Thanks Sylvia Request: succlant plants (westend) Expired - Looking for information where I might be able to get small succlant plants at a reasonable price in Guelph. Request: wooden bowl (westend) Expired - wanted a wooden bowl. Wanted for crafts so does not need to be perfect. Thanks Sylvia Request: terra cota flower pots (westend) Expired - wanted various sizes of terra cota flower pots and saucers. Need not be perfect. Thanks Request: info Expired - Looking as to where I might find a wheel chair sticker to put on my van. I've seen them on cars so must be available somewhere. Thanks Sylvia Request: old wooden salad bowl and clay flower po (westend) Expired - The salad bowl need not be in perfect shape as I want to paint it. The clay pots can be any size and again I'll be painting them so need not be perfect. Thanks sylvia Request: gifts (westend) Expired - Looking to find some items for a seniors gift table for euchre. In good shape or new items you don't want. Both for men and women. New card decks, umbrellas, baseball caps, place mats, fancy soaps or lotions, pocket books, puzzle books, ladies purses in good shape, and almost anything that is not large but will give them something to take home. Request: Baby gate (westend) Expired - Need a baby gate to keep my puppy in one area of the house. Not the type that attaches to the wall. Thanks Offer: legal size file cabnet (westend) Gifted - Metal file cabinet. Measures 18" by 18" and 28" high westend pu Request: Large Glass jar (westend) Expired - Looking to find a large glass jar like maybe pickles came in for restaurants. Thanks. Offer: legal file cabinet (westend) Gifted - 2 drawer legal file cabinet. No keys to lock Offer: Cannon Ink cartridges. (westend) Expired - There are nine of them . Individual colors. Request: music stand (westend) Received - Looking for a floor music stand. Does not have to be perfect. I need it to hold my crochet patterns when I am making something. Thanks Offer: large rubbermade tote (westend) Expired - This tote is probably only useful to store kids outside toys or such as squirrels chewed a hole in it when I had it in my shed. It can certainly keep things together. Of course free. Request: person to knit adult mittens (westend) Expired - My hubby has had part of his fingers amputated and cannot ware gloves. I'd want the cuff to not be tight as he has dressings on his hands. If you can help let me know Request: gifty items (westend) Expired - Looking for prizes for a senior Euchre table. almost any good used or new items that are not large like, umbrellas, word search books, knick knacks, journaling note books, puzzles, knitting books or crocheting, fancy candy dishes,costume jewelery, craft kits and any thing men as well as women would like to receive. Even smaller plants.I will pick up Thanks sylvia Request: small desk (westend) Expired - Looking for a smaller desk I can use for my sewing table. thanks Request: sewing pattern (westend) Expired - Simplicity patterns for bear making # 2115 and 8155 Thanks