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Request: yarn (West Oakland) Expired - I want to knit this winter but I lost my job and can't afford any yarn. If you have some yarn you don't want anymore, I'd be happy to take it off yours hands or even do work trade if you need some help with yard work. Request: dresser (West Oakland) Expired - I would like to find a dresser for free if possible in West Oakland. It would need to be not too large because I don't have a car and am not very strong. Request: tall dresser (West Oakland) Expired - Hi I just moved to Oakland and am looking for a tall dresser in West Oakland. Request: Pottery Ceramics Gear (West Oakland) Expired - I just moved to Oakland and I'm trying to put together a space where people can learn about or make ceramics for free save the cost of materials, but I'd like to use freecycled or donated equipment. If you have wheels, tools, or a kiln that you'd like to donate or sell please let me know! I can also mention you in a list of people who helped make the art of ceramics available to low/no income individuals in Oakland. Free: twin xl mattress memory foam (Magnolia) Expired - It's in good condition but there's no frame. I also removed the cover. I'm moving into a studio where there's already a bed so I don't need it. It's really comfy so I'd rather not dispose of it. You'd need to pick it up. It fit in the back of my prius c3 when I had a car so you can probably swing it if you have a smaller car that has seats that go down. Free: womens shoes size 8, cloths, more (Magnolia) Expired - There's a bag of nordstrom clothes, multiple pairs of women's size 8 shoes that are very nice, a legend of zelda wallet, and a small container for screws and other tools sitting on Thorndyke and Newton. Please take them! Free: Queen Mattress & frame (Magnolia) Expired - It's a memory foam queen mattress that I can't take with me to a new shared room. It's going to the dump if no one wants it, but it's a shame because it's like new and is pretty comfortable. You must pick it up however. It comes with a queen frame if you want that too.