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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Various electronic connectors (Ravenna Township) - I have a box full of various connectors for computer stuff. I don't know much about what it all is. Available or I will recycle at Best Buy. Offer: Batting (Ravenna Township) Withdrawn - I have three garbage bags full of clean white batting if anyone can use it for crafts. Offer: Pizzelle/Waffle Iron (Ravenna Township) - Working Rival Pizzelle/ Waffle Iron
Offer: Paper Back Books (Ravenna Township) Gifted - A box of approximately 50 paper back books, mostly older Sci Fi stuff. Will recycle if no takers. Offer: Canning Jars (Ravenna Township) Gifted - 25 quart size canning jars, clean. Some are wide mouth and others regular. No rings or lids. Offer: Digital camera (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Minolta Dimage 7 Hi digital camera with instruction manual, software, cords and carrying case. This was given to me and I know nothing about it. It appears to be clean, has all of it's parts and should be in working order.
Offer: Camcorder (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Sony 330X camcorder with case. Model# TRV43. Appears to have all its parts with manual except no remote control. This was given to me, so I have no idea how it works. It is clean and in good condition.
Offer: Small Aquarium (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Aquarium 10 X 20 X 12 H. It appears to be in good condition and has a lot of aquarium equipment. I don't know anything about aquariums and someone gave it to me. Offer: Canning jars (Ravenna Township) Gifted - A few dozen canning jars of various sizes Offer: 8 mm vintage projector (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Wollensak 818 8 mm vintage projector, probably from 1970's. Case and instructions included. Appears to be in working order. Can send picture if interested. Offer: Honestech VHS to DVD 5.0 Delux (Ravenna Township) Gifted - VHS to DVD 5.0 video conversion kit by Honestech. Convert your VHS tapes to DVD. It works well depending on how good your tapes are. It has it's instillation DVD and product key number. Offer: Star Trek Tapes (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Any Trekkies out there with a VCR? I have more than 30 episodes of the original Star Trek and about the same of Star Trek the Next Generation.
Offer: Medical equipment (Ravenna Township) - Have a walker, a set of aluminum adult crutches and a bedside commode for any one who might need any or all of these. Offer: De Walt reciprocating saw (Ravenna Township) - Just the saw body, no blades or battery. It suddenly stopped working but if someone wants to tinker with it, it's yours. Offer: National Geographic Magazines (Ravenna Township) - Mostly from early 2000's Like new National Geographic Magazines in those nice leatherette magazine holders. Anyone interested before they are recycled? Offer: Dish receiver (Ravenna Township) Gifted - I have a Dish receiver, remotes and all kinds of cables. They do not want the receiver back. Can anyone use this stuff? Offer: cone surgical collar for large dog (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Plastic cone surgical collar for 40-60 lb. dog Offer: Surface mounting electric stove outlet (Ravenna Township) Gifted - 50A 125/250V Pass & Seymour surface mounting for electric stove Offer: Wall Calendars 2018 (Ravenna Township) Gifted - I have 4 horse themed wall calendars, will mail to anyone would like 1 or more. Offer: Pedi Paws pet nail trimmer (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Takes 2 C batteries Offer: Dog costume (Ravenna Township) Gifted - Snowman dog costume, will fit approximately 10 lb. dog Offer: DVD player (Ravenna Township) - Mintek DVD player, no remote. Given to me, I am told it works. Offer: Camp fire wood (Ravenna Township) - I have some wood that could be used for outdoor fire, some large pieces need to be split. Offer: Sewing machine (Ravenna Township) Gifted - 1960's Kenmore sewing machine, extra parts and case. Could use tuneup. Offer: cardboard tubes (Ravenna Township) - I have about 200 waxed cardboard tubes that are 3 inches long and about an inch in diameter. Hoping someone can use them for some craft project . Offer: Osterizer Blender (Ravenna Township) - Older 10 speed blender, works fine. I just got a newer model from someone and would like to find this one a new home. Offer: Xmas tree stand (Ravenna Township) - Xmas tree stand