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Request: Plastic Mat for Chair (45" by 53") (Bethesda) Expired - Hello - looking for a plastic mat to protect my rug from my office chair. Ideally the size of the mat would be 45" by 53", which is the second largest standard size stores usually offer. Thank you very much for taking a look at this post! Request: IKEA wardrobe in white (Bethesda) Expired - Hello - does anyone have a standalone IKEA wardrobe in white they are looking to get rid of? Height must be less than 84". Thanks so much for any leads! Request: Elfa or Ikea shelving (Bethesda) Expired - Hello - does anyone have any random pieces of Elfa shelving or Ikea shelving that they would like to be taken off their hands? Request: Ring camera (Bethesda) Expired - Hi all - does anyone have a ring camera that they do not want or no longer need? Happy to pick up at your convenience! Thank you! Request: Nespresso Vertuo pods (Bethesda) Expired - Hello, does anyone have any Vertuo pods lying around collecting dust? We'll take any flavor to try out! Borrowing a Nespresso machine before we decide if we want to invest. Thanks for considering! Request: Couple pieces of sod (Bethesda) Expired - Hello, does anyone have a couple of pieces of leftover sod? We just need a little but have found it nearly impossible to buy such a small quantity. Thanks for considering! Request: Step stool (Bethesda) Expired - Hello all - anyone have one of those metal step stools just gathering dust? Would love to take it off your hands & pick it up this weekend for the many home projects we have coming up. Thanks so much for considering! Request: Nespresso Vertuo Pods (Bethesda) Expired - Hello all - does anyone have any spare Nespresso Vertuo pods/flavors they don't want that are gathering dust? We would love to take them off your hands and save them from the trash! Happy to pick up this weekend. Thanks for considering!