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Request: Fan (West side) Expired - Our air conditioner went out two days ago and we are in need of a fan. If anyone could please help it would be greatly appreciated. We stay very close to UAMS and I could come pick it up if it's not to far away. Thank You for your time. Request: air conditioner (West side) Expired - My elderly neighbor is in desperate need of a window unit hers still somewhat works but the air is not very cold at all if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Request: food items (West side) Expired - I stay very close to UAMS and I am in need of some food badly there are enough food banks open until Tuesday because of the holidays if there's anyone that could help out it would be so greatly appreciated thank you for your time Request: Girl stuff (West side) Expired - In need of anything that anyone could spare for a 5"3 140 lb girl. They lost everything in a house fire and she was just a roommate in the home that burned so she could get no assistance from red cross or anywhere. She needs everything clothes shoes and especially hygiene products. I have helped with everything I can so I was hoping that reaching out on this platform might help as well. I live very close to UAMS and could meet anyone close to there to pick up anything they could part with to help this girl. Thank you for your time. Request: Hoping for teenaged girl stuff (West side) Expired - My sisters 14 & 16 year old girl have lost almost everything in the tornado but she is to proud to ask for help they are sizes 7-10 in pants large shirts and 7-8 sizes women's shoes if anyone out there could spare anything that might give them some comfort & make things easier it would very greatly be appreciated. I live by UAMS and could come meet to pick up if anyone could help. Thank you for your time hope you have a great day.