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Free: Differential Equations book (Ashley) Expired - This was our nephews. If you can use it, that would be great. Author: Henry Edwards & David Penny. Second Edition.
Photo of free Differential Equations book (Ashley)
Free: Baby bottle warmer & cables (Ashley) Gifted - We hope someone can use a lightly use baby bottle warmer & cables, mouse etc.
Photo of free Baby bottle warmer & cables (Ashley)
Photo of free Baby bottle warmer & cables (Ashley)
Free: Electronic magnifiers parts (Ashley) Gifted - Parts of a electronic magnifier. Perhaps they can be useful to someone. Last time hooked up, they worked.
Photo of free Electronic magnifiers parts (Ashley)
Free: Bidet (Ashley) Gifted - We have a 3 year old Bidet toilet seat unit. For some reason it started dripping water and we couldn't figure out why. You can use the oval toilet seat, use it for parts or if you know about these units, fit it!! Even to try out a bidet to see if that's something you like. Let us know if you would like this unit.
Photo of free Bidet (Ashley)
Photo of free Bidet (Ashley)
Free: Cabinet (Ashley) Gifted - This is a very nice knotty pine TV cabinet to give away. It is 64” wide, 21” deep and 52-1/2”. It is quite sturdy and in excellent shape. Can be repurposed into anything you like.
Photo of free Cabinet (Ashley)
Free: Small animal cage parts (Ashley) Expired - These hamster cage parts can be used with any small caged animal. They are in good condition
Photo of free Small animal cage parts (Ashley)
Free: HP Printer (Ashley) Expired - Printer in working condition. Can’t be hooked up to WiFi but works well when contacted to your computer.
Photo of free HP Printer (Ashley)
Free: Student textbooks (Ashley) Gifted - Textbooks used for homeschooling. In wonderful condition - only a few pages are written in.
Photo of free Student textbooks (Ashley)
Photo of free Student textbooks (Ashley)
Free: Car radio (Ashley) Gifted - This radio/CD player was our sons. He no longer needs it. Hope someone needs one.
Photo of free Car radio (Ashley)