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Request: King bed frame (Chelsea) Withdrawn - We are in need of simple, metal king size bed frame with or without a headboard. Rather urgent need. Thanks! Offer: iJoy massage chair (Chelsea) Gifted - I won this amazing chair at a conference in 2007! It's gotten infrequent use but has ALWAYS been kept inside our house. It works from the upper back to the neck, but below the upper back, the mechanisms don't move. Could be something is lodged where it shouldn't be, but I would guess that someone with time, patience, and any mechanical skills could get that section working again. I'm sure the owner's manual is filed around here somewhere, but I'm sure it's also available for download on line. Here's a video I found from when this model was available: We are moving to a house that's 1/3 the size of what we're in now, so this chair has to go. If you'd use it but don't have a way to pick it up, we could deliver it within a reasonable distance. 😃
Photo of free iJoy massage chair (Chelsea)
Request: Floral water picks (Chelsea) Expired - I need about 20 more of these for a project. Any number you have that you'd like to be rid of, I'll happily pick up. TIA!
Photo of Floral water picks (Chelsea)
Request: Crocheted doilies (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Expired - For a wedding tables craft, we are seeking hand crocheted doilies. White or cream in color. Shape can be round, oval, square, rectangle, or even star shaped would work. They need to measure about 12" long and about 8" wide. If anyone has some tucked away and you don't need them, it would be a HUGE help for this budget minded bride I know! It doesn't matter how far away you are, we could work out a way to get them. Thanks in advance!!
Photo of Crocheted doilies (Chelsea to Ann Arbor)
Request: White rope lights (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Withdrawn - If anyone has lengths of white rope lighting, made for outdoor use, that you don't want or need, I would be happy to take it off your hands! One of 100' in length would be AMAZING, but if you have shorter lengths that can connect to each other, that would work, too. I really hope to use WHITE ropes, but if you have lengths of the multi-colored ropes, I could use that, too. But please, NO solid other colors, red, blue, green, yellow. Colors wouldn't work for my project. I can pick up anywhere from Chelsea to Ann Arbor, even Pinckney, Hamburg, Whitmore Lake. Thank you for Trashing Nothing! Request: Table skirt (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Received - I am in urgent need of a table skirt by Friday! Fabric, gathered with table clips. Can be white, blue, black, gray. Needs to be at least 12' long, more would be fine. Thanks so much for your help! Offer: Food dehydrator (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Gifted - I saw a request here for one but they never responded to my reply. So I'll offer it up, since I'm not planning to dry more foods any time soon. I got this in Aug of 2015 so I could provide good nutrition to my son on his back packing trip. I used it until October, then packed it away. It is a Presto Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator and I also have extra trays for it. If you need one or know someone who does, it's up for grabs. Request: Display cube (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Expired - If anyone has a clear, plexiglass display cube, like you'd keep a special basketball in, that you don't need or want, I would happily take it off your hands! It must be at least 15" wide by about 12" tall. I would even like to Borrow one if you'd be so kind. I have a very precious and dainty tumble weed I need to protect at my book signing. Thanks! Request: Foam Folding chair/bed (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Expired - If anyone has one of these that you don't need or want, please let me know! I'm trying this approach before I spend all the money they sell for these days. I need it for work so I can get rest when I need to without using the couch in the lobby. Thanks! Request: Baby food jars (Chelsea to Ann Arbor) Expired - I'm ready to take and craft with any tiny baby food jars you don't want. The ones I need are only 2.5 oz, the one pictured is Beechnut brand, but if other brands have jars this small, I'd take those, too. With or without lids, labels on or off. I make Fairy lights with them, the second picture. Thanks!