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Offers  and  Requests
Free: IST Proline SCUBA vest with hood (Bethesda) - Very small but good condition.
Photo of free IST Proline SCUBA vest with hood (Bethesda)
Free: UBBI diaper pail (Bethesda) - Good condition. Free: Dr Scholl’s Fast Flats (Bethesda) - Size 7-8 I think. Hardly worn, maybe once.
Photo of free Dr Scholl’s Fast Flats (Bethesda)
Free: Puddle Jumper swim wings (Bethesda) - CHILD size 10-50 lbs.
Photo of free Puddle Jumper swim wings (Bethesda)
Free: Puddle Jumper (Bethesda) Gifted - Used, great condition.
Photo of free Puddle Jumper (Bethesda)
Free: 8 party favor bags (Bethesda) Gifted - Gymnastics themed. Cute notebooks and such inside.
Photo of free 8 party favor bags (Bethesda)
Free: Kids sleep strips/breathing assist (Bethesda) Gifted - 3 packs, unopenee
Photo of free Kids sleep strips/breathing assist (Bethesda)
Free: Boys karate inform (age 8) (Bethesda) - Worn once.
Photo of free Boys karate inform (age 8) (Bethesda)
Free: Diaper genie (Bethesda) Gifted - Works great. We are just finally done with this phase of life! May also have some refills. I can check.
Photo of free Diaper genie (Bethesda)
Free: Mint (Bethesda) Gifted - We have an overgrowth of edible mint in our front yard. I’ll have to dig up most of it soon but if anyone wants to come claim some to propagate, you are welcome to! Free: Hamburger and hot dog buns (Bethesda) Gifted - We went overboard for a BBQ and have way too many leftover buns, unopened, to use in a reasonable amount of time. Happy to pass some along! Free: Puddle Jumper (Bethesda) Gifted - Great condition. Size CHILD. Free: Halova backpack diaper bag (Bethesda) - Great bag. Needs a cleaning but otherwise great condition.
Photo of free Halova backpack diaper bag (Bethesda)
Free: 4-5T pajamas, blocks, slippers (Bethesda) Gifted - Hardly worn Pokemon slippers, blocks, 4T pull ups. Free: Grace carseat (Bethesda) Gifted - Very lightly used. Great shape.
Photo of free Grace carseat (Bethesda)
Free: Toe straps for bike (Bethesda) Gifted - Pro-Grip II Double Toe Straps
Photo of free Toe straps for bike (Bethesda)
Free: Pre school day organizer (Bethesda) Withdrawn - Don’t have inserts anymore but daily organizer is in good shape. Fabric material.
Photo of free Pre school day organizer (Bethesda)
Free: Large inflatable water slide (Bethesda) Gifted - Somehow this got double posted. Works and has air pump and will need a good cleaning. As far as we know it still works and has no holes.
Photo of free Large inflatable water slide (Bethesda)
Free: Pretty big inflatable water slide (Bethesda) Withdrawn - Have air pump. Is dirty and will need a pretty good cleaning but is otherwise in good condition as per last use. Free: Car builder kit (Bethesda) Gifted - Do not have instructions. Does come with tools.
Photo of free Car builder kit (Bethesda)
Free: SmartSketcher drawing assistant (Bethesda) Gifted - Do not have images to project but these can likely be ordered or made.
Photo of free SmartSketcher drawing assistant (Bethesda)
Free: Emotional regulation cubes (Bethesda) Gifted - Different activities on each panel to help kids regulate.
Photo of free Emotional regulation cubes (Bethesda)
Free: Misc small bears (Bethesda) Gifted - 5-6 most Christmas one in blue with a school name on shirt
Photo of free Misc small bears (Bethesda)
Free: Rohm portable baby sound machine (Bethesda) Gifted - Can’t find charging cable but should be easy to replace. Lightly used. Should work fine.
Photo of free Rohm portable baby sound machine (Bethesda)
Free: Letter paper organizer (Bethesda) Gifted - Like new
Photo of free Letter paper organizer (Bethesda)
Free: Mifold carseat (Bethesda) Gifted - Used a few times. Good condition.
Photo of free Mifold carseat (Bethesda)
Free: 4-5T boys pull ups (Bethesda) Gifted - About two half packs
Photo of free 4-5T boys pull ups (Bethesda)
Free: iPad/Kindle case (Bethesda) Expired - Purple. Sadly I don’t know what type of device it’s for anymore. Info inside is US D0918924 if that’s helpful.
Photo of free iPad/Kindle case (Bethesda)
Free: Pack of 4T-5T pull ups for boys (Bethesda) Gifted - PJ Masks design. Unopened.
Photo of free Pack of 4T-5T pull ups for boys (Bethesda)
Free: Computer light blocking glasses (Bethesda) Gifted - Good condition, hardly used. Pink.
Photo of free Computer light blocking glasses (Bethesda)