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Offer: Padded carboard bureau/dresser (Dupont) Gifted - Cute 5-drawer storage container for lightweight items. 35"x15"x12" Perfect for small clothing items in a closet or wherever. Clean and functional.
Photo of free Padded carboard bureau/dresser (Dupont)
Offer: Broom and mop wall holder (Dupont) Gifted - Unused wall holder for brooms and mops. Only one in box but has hardware to mount to wall.
Photo of free Broom and mop wall holder (Dupont)
Offer: Older PC parts: CPU, memory, cables (Dupont) - Athlon 64 CPU with stock heatsink. Corsair 400MHz 256MBx2 matched pair. Corsair 400MHz 516MBx2 matched pair. Various cables: colored Ultra-ATA IDE drive cables, Case lights, SATA cable, etc.
Photo of free Older PC parts: CPU, memory, cables (Dupont)
Offer: laptop cable lock (Dupont) Gifted - Kensington laptop cable lock, with key (in the blue tape)
Photo of free laptop cable lock (Dupont)
Offer: AT&T landline phone (Dupont) Expired - Working fine traditional POTS landline wired touchtone phone for legacy Verizon-like service. Large buttons, speaker phone function (works), adjustable ringer, display supports caller id. Requires 4 AA batteries not included. Working fine until we finally decided to cancel the service for which Verizon charged $7 service-change fee (goodbye Verizon, for good).
Photo of free AT&T landline phone (Dupont)
Offer: Three curtain rod hardware sets (Dupont) Gifted - Three-ish different sets of curtain rod hardware including rods (most are adjustable), mounting brackets, and curtain stays. Not necessarily complete sets from same design product so some mix and match will be necessary. Were used on approximately 76" window frames. No curtains, just the hardware.
Photo of free Three curtain rod hardware sets (Dupont)
Photo of free Three curtain rod hardware sets (Dupont)
Offer: Four bicycle hangers (Dupont) Gifted - New unused bicycle hanger hooks. Rated at 70 lbs when used vertically or 40 lbs horizontally.
Photo of free Four bicycle hangers (Dupont)
Offer: Framed print: The Archangel Gabriel (Dupont) Gifted - Professionally framed print from National Gallery of Art of Panicale's The Archangel Gabriel. Approximately 27" x 40". Excellent condition.
Photo of free Framed print: The Archangel Gabriel (Dupont)
Offer: Framed Matisse print (Dupont) Gifted - Professionally framed Matisse print of Window at Tangier. About 27" x 39". Excellent condition
Photo of free Framed Matisse print (Dupont)
Offer: Six pasta bowls/plates (Dupont) Gifted - Set of six pasta bowls. Good condition.
Photo of free Six pasta bowls/plates (Dupont)
Offer: Blank VHS tapes Memorex "Pro Cam" (Dupont) Expired - Three Memorex T-30 VHS tapes. 2 still in plastic, one opened but never used.
Photo of free Blank VHS tapes Memorex "Pro Cam" (Dupont)
Offer: Growler bottles (Dupont) Expired - 1 quart size with built-in cap (Whole Foods "Beer") and 1 half-gallon from DC Brau
Photo of free Growler bottles (Dupont)
Offer: Wooden bookcase/curio shelf (Dupont) Gifted - Open on both sides, can be used between areas. Magazine rack at one end. Minimal wear. 33" wide (including magazine rack), 24" high, 12" deep.
Photo of free Wooden bookcase/curio shelf (Dupont)
Photo of free Wooden bookcase/curio shelf (Dupont)
Offer: 4 Growler bottles (Dupont) Gifted - 3 from the defunct Chocolate City Beer, and one from Whole Foods. Empty, clean, 64oz glass jars.
Photo of free 4 Growler bottles (Dupont)
Offer: Brown loveseat (Dupont) Expired - 58" wide, 35" deep, 29" high. Overall good condition other than the tear you can see in photo.
Photo of free Brown loveseat (Dupont)
Offer: Black leather ottoman (Dupont) Gifted - 46" long, 22" wide, 16" high - no tears.
Photo of free Black leather ottoman (Dupont)
Offer: Fire extinguishers (Dupont) Gifted - Two fire extinguishers. Assume they need servicing.
Photo of free Fire extinguishers (Dupont)
Offer: Mick Jagger print (Dupont) Expired - 24"x36" print on good quality backing. Good condition overall.
Photo of free Mick Jagger print (Dupont)
Offer: 8 glass tealights (Dupont) Expired - 5 plain, 3 in back are ribbed, slightly shorter, but similar. About 2 1/2" high.
Photo of free 8 glass tealights (Dupont)
Offer: Clarinet (Dupont) Gifted - Artley student clarinet with case.
Photo of free Clarinet (Dupont)
Offer: WalkyDog bike leash (Dupont) Gifted - WalkyDog bike leash attaches to the seat post and allows you to bring your dog while biking. New, includes extra seat post clamp. Also bike bag for top tube, ankle band reflectors, and reflector.
Photo of free WalkyDog bike leash (Dupont)
Offer: Cast Iron grill/griddle (Dupont) Gifted - Lodge reversible grill/griddle - put across 2 burners. Flip side is flat for pancakes, etc.
Photo of free Cast Iron grill/griddle (Dupont)
Offer: Antec computer case, motherboards (Dupont) Gifted - Antec computer case, includes power supply and case screws. Asus A7N8X-E motherboard with box & accessories, installed in case. Athlon XP CPU. Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra-939 motherboard, with box & accessories. Athlon 64 CPU (may need heatsink) Box of additional cables, case fans, graphics cards, etc. NO HARD DRIVES. Parts and supplies from older builds for the PC builder, not a working computer. Taken as a complete set.
Photo of free Antec computer case, motherboards (Dupont)