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Offer: Double futon matress (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We have a standard double trifold futon mattress if anyone would like it. It's in good nick. The cover has a tear. Has been untouched in the bedroom for months. Offer: 4 Wooden Dining Chairs (Bristol, BS13) Gifted - Hi! These 4 dining chairs are in great condition. I've reupholstered them in the last year.
Offer: Wayfair Fleuristes Bookcase (Bristol, BS13) Gifted - I don't have room for this anymore and need the pass it on as quickly as possible. The actual bookcase (the gray part) is 180 x 74 x 29 cm. The oak piece on the top is 80 x 32 x 4 cm. I think it can be removed if necessary. s There are hairline cracks in the wood in 3 places. 2 are showing in the photos. The other one is in the fromt and is about 7cm long. A bit of filler and coat of paint would get rid of these easily. There's also a small spot on the side where I tried to sand it (and gave up quite quickly) It's got loads of room for things and is particularly good if you have big (tall) books. Preference given to quick collection as it's in the way in my living room! I'm in Withywood. Cheers :>
Request: Kitchen sink overflow unit (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! The bit that attaches my kitchen sink overflow pipe to the sink has corroded and needs replacing. I don't need a whole unit but can't seem to purchase just the piece I need. So I was wondering whether anyone has a sink that they have to dispose of with the overflow attachment still in tact. I'd really appreciate being able to rescue it! Mine is round. I've attached a photo of what I'm looking for. Cheers :> Kathryn
Offer: Double futon trifold sofa bed (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We recently got a 3 seater sofa bed and now we have no room for the lovely 2 seater that a fellow freecycler gave us. It's a standard 2 seater trifold futon sofa bed with a wooden fraome. It's in good used condition and loads of use left in it. There's a rip in the mattress fabric which can be easily sewn. Offer: Large metal dog crate (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We have a large metal dog crate that we no longer need. Need the space so first come first served. Cheers ;> Offer: Kenwood stick hand blender (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! This Kenwood stick blender works perfectly. There is a small crack in the plastic protective bit around the blade but it doesn't affect the performance. Cheers :> Offer: Russell Hobbs Blender/Food processo (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a Russell Hobbs Blender that needs a new home- model 19001. It's also a food processor but I broke the lid. So if you can find a replacement I have the rest of the bits and accessories. Offer: Bubble wrap, loads of it (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have loads of bubble wrap, all shapes and sizes. Cheers :> Offer: Poang chair cushions (Bristol, BS13) - H I have 3 Poang chair chushions. 1 white, 2 blue. In great condition. Just need a clean. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Cushions for Poang (Ikea) chair (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have 2 cushions wt covers for Ikea Poang chairs. They're in good condition, just need a clean. One white & one blue. Would rather find them a home than bin them. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Bubble wrap (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have loads of bubble wrap. All different shapes and sizes. If you need any, please come and get it. We're in Withywood. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Double tri-fold futon sofa/bed (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We recently got a 3 seater sofa bed and we don't have enough room for this as well. It's a standard wood frame trifold futon sofa/bed. The matress has a rip in the cover. This can be easily sewn up. Otherwise, it's i great condition. 3 people can actually sit on it. First come first served as we need to shift it. We're in Withywood. Offer: 2 seater sofa (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a white 2 seater sofa that I need to pass on as we're getting a bigger one. It has removable covers. They're wearing a bit thin in a couple of places, only one visible on the arm. The zip's broken on one of the cushions but it's not noticable. It has loads of use left in it and is really comfortable! Cheers :> Kathryn
Request: Working food processor (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! My food processor has recently packed in & I'm in desperate need of one for the upcoming holidays. If anyone has one they no longer use, I would really appreciate it. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Bathroom ceiling heat lamp (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We have no heating in the bathroom and desperately need something to avoid damp/mold. If anyone has a ceiling heat lamp they no longer need, I'd really appreciate it. Cheeers :> Kathryn Offer: Bubble wrap, lots of types (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have loads of bubble wrap & similar with larger pockets of air. More than a charity shop bag full. If anyone can use it, I'd really appreciate passing it on. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: White 2 seater sofa (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a white 2 seater sofa that I need to shift as I need to get a sofa bed. It has removable covers. There's a spot on one of the arms that's wearing a bit thin and a couple of small areas behind that back cushions that are also wearing a bit, but can't be seen. The zipper on one of the seat cushions is broken but it isn't noticable. Other than that, the sofa is in great condition and is really comfortable. I really hope someone can give it a good home so it doesn't have to go to the tip. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Top hat (Bristol, BS13 & Yate areas) - Hi! If anyone has a top hat gathering dust that they won't use, I'd really appreciate it & give it a loving home. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Any broken power tool batteries (Bristol, BS13 & Yate areas) - Hi! If anyone has any broken power tool batteries that they'd like to dispose of, either my friend or I would love to take them off your hands for a project he's working on. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Metal corkscrew Dog Lead Stake (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We have a metal corkscrew dog lead stake that we don't need any more. It's a bit rusty but perfectly functional. We're in Withywood. Am often in Bedminster & town if those are easier placec to collect. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: 2 Seater Sofa (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a 2 seater sofa that I need to shift. It's really comfortable. It has removable covers. There's wear on the main cover where it's wearing thin in a few places but no gaping holes. The zip on one of the seat cushions is broken but it's not noticable. Under the covers, there's some wear in the fabric of the sofa frame cover. The springs are starting to show through in a small patch & a tear on one of the arms. Still loads of life left in it I'd say. I'd like to shift it as soon as poss. Cheers :>
Request: Cargo trailer for a bike (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I don't drive and rely mostly on cycling to get around. I would really appreciate having a cargo trailer to transport my shopping, work etc. If anyone has a trailer that they no longer use, I can give it a loving home. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Halfords 2 Child Bike Trailor (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a Halfords Trail Buggy child bike trailer in reasonable condition to anyone who'll make good use of it. It's structurally sound. Some of the metal bits are a bit rusty. I took the seat out to convert it for my lame dog to use and when putting it back today I've noticed that a couple of nuts are missing & the strap at the front of the seat is broken and part of it is missing. Both of these things should be easy to remedy. A pic of the buggy can be seen if you look up Halfords Trail Buggy online. I need the space it's taking up in my back yard so need to pass this on as quickly as possible. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Used padded envelopes (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have about 30 used padded envelopes in varying sizes that I'd like to pass on to someone who will use them. I'm in Withywood but am frequently Bedminster or town way and could drop them off. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Hats, especially old fashioned ones (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'd like to have a go at upcycling some hats, especially old fashioned, formal ones. If anyone has any lying around waiting to be made into a project, I'd really appreciate them. Cheers :> Kathryn x Request: High Vis vests (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! Myself & a friend have an idea for an upcycling project with a view to making some pieces for an entry into the Bristol Fashion Show in November. The theme is RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS/ACTIONS IN BRISTOL in the style of the Gilets Jaunes Protest Movement in France. With that in mind, we're thinking of upcycling high vis vests with representations of the above. That's about as far as we've got. If anyone has any high vis vests, in any state of repair, we'd really appreciate them to get us started! Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Hovis Bread Yeast- out of date (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have about 2 dozen boxes (6x7g sachets) of Hovis Fast Action Bread Yeast that was out of date Nov. 2017. If anyone can make use of these, you're welcome to them. I'm in Withywood. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Any clothing, hat, bag items (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'm looking for any clothing, hat or bag items that are a single colour and made of natural fibres. Any size. I live in Withywood and don't drive so would appreciate any offers that are close by if there's only one/two items or are within cycling distance or are easily accessible by bus otherwise. I'm in town a lot so could also collect from that vicinity. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Crepe paper (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! If anyone has any crepe paper they won't be using, I'd really appreciate it. Want to have a go at making flowers for an event I'm helping to organise & need to get cracking if I'm going to give it a try. I live in Withywood & need to be able to collect by either bus or bike. Cheers :> Kathryn x