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Request: Any broken power tool batteries (Bristol, BS13 & Yate areas) - Hi! If anyone has any broken power tool batteries that they'd like to dispose of, either my friend or I would love to take them off your hands for a project he's working on. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Metal corkscrew Dog Lead Stake (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We have a metal corkscrew dog lead stake that we don't need any more. It's a bit rusty but perfectly functional. We're in Withywood. Am often in Bedminster & town if those are easier placec to collect. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: 2 Seater Sofa (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a 2 seater sofa that I need to shift. It's really comfortable. It has removable covers. There's wear on the main cover where it's wearing thin in a few places but no gaping holes. The zip on one of the seat cushions is broken but it's not noticable. Under the covers, there's some wear in the fabric of the sofa frame cover. The springs are starting to show through in a small patch & a tear on one of the arms. Still loads of life left in it I'd say. I'd like to shift it as soon as poss. Cheers :>
Request: Cargo trailer for a bike (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I don't drive and rely mostly on cycling to get around. I would really appreciate having a cargo trailer to transport my shopping, work etc. If anyone has a trailer that they no longer use, I can give it a loving home. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Halfords 2 Child Bike Trailor (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have a Halfords Trail Buggy child bike trailer in reasonable condition to anyone who'll make good use of it. It's structurally sound. Some of the metal bits are a bit rusty. I took the seat out to convert it for my lame dog to use and when putting it back today I've noticed that a couple of nuts are missing & the strap at the front of the seat is broken and part of it is missing. Both of these things should be easy to remedy. A pic of the buggy can be seen if you look up Halfords Trail Buggy online. I need the space it's taking up in my back yard so need to pass this on as quickly as possible. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Used padded envelopes (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have about 30 used padded envelopes in varying sizes that I'd like to pass on to someone who will use them. I'm in Withywood but am frequently Bedminster or town way and could drop them off. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Hats, especially old fashioned ones (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'd like to have a go at upcycling some hats, especially old fashioned, formal ones. If anyone has any lying around waiting to be made into a project, I'd really appreciate them. Cheers :> Kathryn x Request: High Vis vests (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! Myself & a friend have an idea for an upcycling project with a view to making some pieces for an entry into the Bristol Fashion Show in November. The theme is RESISTANCE MOVEMENTS/ACTIONS IN BRISTOL in the style of the Gilets Jaunes Protest Movement in France. With that in mind, we're thinking of upcycling high vis vests with representations of the above. That's about as far as we've got. If anyone has any high vis vests, in any state of repair, we'd really appreciate them to get us started! Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Hovis Bread Yeast- out of date (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have about 2 dozen boxes (6x7g sachets) of Hovis Fast Action Bread Yeast that was out of date Nov. 2017. If anyone can make use of these, you're welcome to them. I'm in Withywood. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Any clothing, hat, bag items (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'm looking for any clothing, hat or bag items that are a single colour and made of natural fibres. Any size. I live in Withywood and don't drive so would appreciate any offers that are close by if there's only one/two items or are within cycling distance or are easily accessible by bus otherwise. I'm in town a lot so could also collect from that vicinity. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Crepe paper (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! If anyone has any crepe paper they won't be using, I'd really appreciate it. Want to have a go at making flowers for an event I'm helping to organise & need to get cracking if I'm going to give it a try. I live in Withywood & need to be able to collect by either bus or bike. Cheers :> Kathryn x Offer: Single bed wt 2 drawers (Bristol, BS13) Gifted - Hi! Have just replaced my son's bed so have his old one to give away if anyone wants it. I think it's what is called a diva bed. It has a base wt 2 good sized drawers & a pine headboard. It's on my drive now so I'd be happy if someone can rescue it before it rains. I'll put it somewhere safe if there is a taker. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: 2-3mm thick pcs/sheets of wood (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'm learning how to design laser cut items and I don't particularly want to cut plywood. Does anyone have any thin pieces of wood, hard or soft wood, that are surplus to their requirements? About 2-3mm thick would be ideal. Any sizes would be greatly appreciated! That said, I won't be travelling across town for a couple of small pieces. I'm in Withywood. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Solar Technology Starter Kit (Bristol, BS13) Gifted - Hi! My son & I started this but the instructions are minimal and it's a bit above our abilities. If you'd like to give it a try, you're welcome to. I'm in Withywood. Cheers :> Kathryn
Request: Corded phone wt answer machine (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! If anyone has a corded phone that you can leave a message on knocking around unused, I'd really appreciate it and give it a good home. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: hp psc 1215 all in one printer (Bristol, BS13) Gifted - Hi! My friend gave me this printer but I don't need it now. She said it's a very good quality one. I've been told it works but haven't used it myself. It has a power lead but not the lead needed to plug into computer. If you would like it, I would appreciate it being collected asap to make space in my living room. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Original Rubik's Cube (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! My son is really into the Rubik's Cube and would love to try an original one. I might even have a go myself- aaahhh, memories :> Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Water butt for community proj. (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'm on the lookout for any water butts, preferably with stand & tap, for a community gardening project at Filwood Community Centre. The volunteer gardener there is doing a magnificent job creating opportunities for people in the local neighbourhoods to come, have a go at growing stuff & take it home. There isn't a water tap in the space where he's working & is working with some people who are not able to make trips to fill up buckets of water. So some water butts would be very useful for this project. If anyone has any that are surplus to their requirements, they would be very much appreciated for the Centre. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Wooden picture frames (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I'd love some wooden picture frames of varying sizes for a community project/event my friend and I are organising at the Filwood Community Centre. We'd like to put positive quotes about the importance of 'community', perhaps decorating the frames, and put them around the venue on the day. Any contributions will be appreciated! I'm in Withywood and travelling around by bike/bus, so I'd be greatful for your patience while I arrange/get around to collecting things. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Original Rubik's Cube (Bristol, BS13) - Hello! I would love to try an original Rubik's Cube. If anyone has one I would really appreciate it. Request: Greenhouse or Greenhouse frame, dismantl (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I;m requesting this for a friend. She would like a greenhouse or greenhouse frame/parts that has already been dismantled. If anyone has something suitable, she would really appreciate it. Can collect anywhere around Bristol or not too far out.. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Samsung Blue-ray Disc Player (Bristol, BS13) Gifted - Hi! I have a blue-ray disc player, model BD-J5500. i got it from someone else & haven't used it. I've been told it works but haven't tried it myself. It turns on. That much I can say. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: MP3 player (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! If anyone has an old mp3 player they no longer use, I'd really appreciate it for my son. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: Pussy willow branches (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! If anyone can help me access some pussy willow branches that I can cut, I'd really appreciate it. Cheers :> Kathryn Request: ipad lead (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I need an ipad lead (for an ipad mini, if it makes a difference) as my ipad has stopped charging and I need to check if it's the lead or the ipad. The lead seems the cheapest option to start with. I'd really appreciate it if anyone has one to offer. Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Bubble wrap, lots & good quality (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! If anyone needs any, I have lots! Cheers :> Kathryn Request: 'Articulate' Board Game (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I played the board game 'Articulate' over the holidays and loved it! If anyone has the game but doesn't play it anymore, I'd give it a very loving new home where it would get lots of attention! Cheers :> Kathryn Offer: Epson PX710W (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I got this from a fellow freecycler but can't keep it as it's too big. I haven't tried it myself but the person I got it from said it works. It has a power lead but no computer lead. Cheers :> Offer: Elevation EG 10J mini amplifier (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! We have an Elevation EG 10J mini amplifier that needs a new home. My son used it to plug into his keyboard. It comes with the lead. I'd like to rehome it asap. Cheers :> Offer: Bubble wrap- lots of it (Bristol, BS13) - Hi! I have loads of bubble wrap. Much of it is large bubbles and good quality. If you need any, give me a shout! Cheers :>