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Offer: Faulty Games Console (Southsea) Gifted - Xbox 360 plus 11 games mainly shoot ‘em ups. CD tray doesn’t open and the red ring of death flashes sometimes. It’s probably had it but if someone fancies tinkering with it they are welcome to it. Please leave a contact number. Offer: Clay Pot (Southsea) Gifted - Large garden pot, quite heavy. 47cm (d), 37 (h). Please leave contact number.
Photo of free Clay Pot (Southsea)
Offer: Games Consoles (Southsea) Gifted - I have a Nintendo DS and 3DS with chargers and a charging station. Ancient technology I know but hopefully someone will want them. Offer: Sci-Fi DVD’s (Southsea) Gifted - Box sets of Babylon 5 all 5 seasons and UFO all 26 episodes. Offer: Wooden pallett (Southsea) Gifted - I have a wooden pallett I need to get rid of. Obviously it’s heavy and anyone collecting would need a sizeable vehicle so I’m not confident but I thought I would give it a go. Collection anytime. Offer: Cabinet (Southsea) Gifted - Was obviously originally a hifi cabinet, been used as a drinks cabinet for the last 12 years. Quite heavy but I’m quite happy to give a hand getting it to your vehicle. Dimensions 50 x 53 x 118cm Offer: TV (Southsea) Gifted - Sony 34 inch. Quite old, works fine but sound can be a bit tinny occasionally. Offer: Sci-Fi DVD Box Sets (Southsea) Gifted - Seven seasons of Stargate SG1 and season 1 of Farscape. If you can pick up Sunday that would be great. Offer: Dog Food (Southsea) Gifted - Three packs of Naturo dog food, in date till March 19 Offer: Fishing Stuff (Southsea) Gifted - Fishing reels, some hooks and a couple of weights. Don't know anything about fishing so no idea if any of it is any good, all I know is it's been in my Dad's shed for many years. Offer: Dry Dog Food (Southsea) Gifted - About 3kg of Tesco mixer. Has an expiry date of July 17 Offer: Dry Dod Food (Southsea) Gifted - About 3kg of Tesco mixer. Has an expiry date of July 17 Offer: Sponge Dampers (Southsea) - Seven of them, unused. Offer: Dog Harness (Southsea) - Part leather, suitable for a large dog only. We bought this for our labradoodle but it was too big. Offer: 2 Harry Potter books (Southsea) Gifted - Order Of The Phoenix and Deathly Hallows, both hardbacks. Fair Offer Policy applies Offer: Air Purifier (Southsea) Gifted - Hardly used, user guide, remote control and fragrance cartridge included. Offer: Sky HD+ Box (Southsea) Gifted - Cables and box included. Offer: Saisho HiFi system (Southsea) Gifted - Recovered from my dad's loft, no idea how old it is but late 80's early 90's would be a guess. Turntable doesn't seem to work but it might be me. Speakers included but there seems to be a loose connection somewhere. Apart from that seems in working order. Offer: Exercise Bike (Southsea) Gifted - Previously kindly given to me by another freegler. Display monitor ( not sure if that's what it's called) not working, possibly fixable but resistance switch works fine. Not available for collection Saturday but any other time is fine.