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Request: Exercise Bike (Base Green S12) - Hi Has anyone got an Exercise Bike they no longer use or need for me to try and keep fit, condition not an issue so long as it works OK. Regards Bob Request: Hosehold Goods (Base Green S12) - Hi I am looking for any household goods for my son, he is moving out and is wanting anything, pots, pans or any furniture. Near to S12 if possible. Regards Bob Request: Fly Fishing Tackle (Base Green S12) - Hi all Has any one got any Fly Fishing Tackle, Rod Reel etc, i have done course fishing and would like to have a go at fly fishing i have done it once before and thought it was good, i don't want to go to a lot of expence so wondering if anyone has anything that they no longer use or need. Regards Bob Request: Landing Net (Base Green S12) - Hi Has anyone got a landing net suitable for pike or carp, i am going to try and do some pike fishing and need a net bigger than the normal one i have. Regards Bob Request: polycarbonate sheets (Base Green S12) - Hi All Has anyone got any polycarbonate sheets 2mm/3mm thick for my polytunnel the polythene was damaged after the strong winds the other day any size and amount Regards Bob Request: keep net (Base Green S12) - Hello Has any anglers out there got a spare keep net 8 or 10 foot, i had mine nick from my car at the weekend while out fishing a local pond, not knowing it had gone from my bag until last night. Regards Bob Request: polythene sheet (Base Green S12) - Hi All Has anyone got any heavy duty polythene sheet suitable for covering my polytunel on my allotment 6mtr x 5mtr but any size will do to start. Regards Bob Offer: Cross Trainer (Base Green S12) Gifted - Cross Trainer, good condition just a little dusty, will need collecting after 6pm. Will need a van as this item is large please contact to arrange pick up, it is outside at the moment so will need picking up asap Request: small rotovator (S12 base green) Received - Hi All I am new to Freegle, i am looking for a small rotovator to do my allotment, anything will do one thats working or not. Kind Regards Bob