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Request: Games and puzzles (Oak park) - Looking for games & puzzles To keep my two sons and I occupied during this pandemic. Lost everything we did have in the woolsey Fire & now need them more than ever. Thanks! Request: Books (Carson near Harbor UCLA MedCtr) - I have a friend recovering from a heart attack and he is looking for books to read. He likes war novels, mystery, action adventure. Does anyone have extra of these kinds of books that you would recommend and be willing to part with? Thank you in advance. Offer: wire hangers (Monrovia) - Free wire hangers
Request: Musical equipment and gere (Norwalk) - A musician who doesn't have a gutair electric or acustic I was robbed and attaced so now I have nothing left they took it all people if u know anyone given away an actual base gutair and drums or backline with speaker amps andMike stands plus cords. I also ame in dire need of repair to my Dodge Stratus 2012 needs a rear window and driver's door window fixed and timing belt change and time up please help 🙏 alsoif u come across a dvd portebul player or laptop I have no charge cord and it's very outdated. I'm resently disabled and am in judgeneed of a hearingaid and anything that can be replaced from mybrutally attack and home invasion I have nothing left please send me all your old thingsthak you Offer: Herbal + wellness supplements (monterey hills / northeast la) - Herbal medicines, tinctures, wellness supplements, traditional chinese medicine, and a couple dog behavior supplements I have a collection of wellness supplements that I no longer need. Many are opened and may not be full but some are quite untouched. I am not a medical professional of any sort. I’d prefer if you took at least 5+ at a time. Preference to anyone who would take all of them! TINCTURES Cryptoelpsis Extract Focus Blend (Rhodiola, Gingko Balboa, Bilberry, etc) Lyme Blend (Japanese Knotwoood, Cats Slaw, Smilaz, Red Rood, Siola Acuta and Ashwagandha) F.E. nuphar polysepalum Rose Bud Tincture Artichoke - Cardio and Circulatory - Herb Pharm Stevia drops - Herbal supplement - NutraMedix WELLNESS AND SUPPLEMENTS MSM Crystals - MRM Calcium Magnesium & Zinc - Trader Joe’s Medi Clay FX - Premier Calcium Bentonite Clay - Premier Research Labs Activated Charcoal - Nature’s Way Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol - Sovereign Silver Chelated Iron - Whole Foods Vitamin D3 - Country Life Magnesium Malate - Source Naturals Super Omega 3 Fish Oil - Carlson Elite Omega 3 Fish Oil - Carlson King Chlorella - NutriCology Daily Digestive - 356 brand Daily Essential Enzymes - Source Naturals NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) Free Form Amino Acid (3) DOG Calm Down - homeopathic oral spray - Siddha Temperament and Boundaries - homeopathic oral spray - Siddha TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Yu Ping Feng San - Astragalus & Siler - KPC Herbs Ba Zhen Tang - Tangkuei & Ginseng Eight Combination - KPC Herbs Xue Fu Zhu Yu Wan - Guang Ci Tang Shu Gan Wan - Heaptico Extract - Ho Hei Ming Medicine Factory Gui Pi Pian - Guang Ci Tang Wen Dan Pian - Guang Ci Tang
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Request: Potting Mix / Plant Soil (South Gardena) - Hi everyone! I'm trying to transplant our dwarf Meyer lemon tree from a small pot to a larger pot, and just need a bit of potting soil. Anyone have some leftover bags or partial bags they aren't using and could donate? Thank you! Allison Offer: Tree stand! Free! (Sunland) - Use this bucket filled with cement to hold your tree upright! Or for some other clever use!
Offer: Sofa (Woodbridge) - Light beige, micro suede. L-shape, 2 pieces. 98” wide with arms, 39” deep overall. L attachment flips to either side. Good condition. Note that there are cats in the home (no sofa damage from cats) Request: Backyard compost bin (About a Palos Verdes Peninsula) - Old backyard compost bin broke- anyone have one they don’t want anymore? Doesn’t matter if it’s dirty! Offer: Angels Chip & Dip Plate (RPV near Hesse Park) - Easy porch pick up near Hesse Park In Rancho Palos Verdes. XP
Offer: Cookie Cutters (RPV near Hesse Park) - Number / Letter Cookie Cutters - Can be used with play doh also. Easy porch pick up near Hesse Park. XP
Offer: Misc. Toys (RPV near Hesse Park) - Bucket of small toys and a few others
Offer: Toddler Activity Books (RPV near Hesse Park) - Toddler Activity Books - Take one or all Easy porch pick up near Hesse Park. XP
Offer: Hp laptop (Santa Ana) - 15 inch black HP laptop
Offer: Old laptop (Santa Ana) - 15 inch, gray/black Toshiba laptop
Offer: 5 Pint Cans of Paint (Miracle Mile) - All samples, would be great for an arts & crafts project. First person to request and send their cell phone number gets them! Offer: water hose (90504) - green, 45' water hose. a few cracks cause it does tangle. Both ends connect each other when rolled up. Please leave contact number for porch pick up and photos. Mahalo Request: Microwave (Long beach) - In need of a microwave I have 2 small kids and I rent a living room so am limited to using the kitchen sometimes this would help with meals thank you Offer: commercial refrigerator (Inglewood) - in great condition, color silver
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Offer: twin bed (Inglewood) - I have a free twin bed available for pick up. It has metal frame. Will text pic if interested.
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Offer: 2 chairs (Huntington Park) - black color, in good condition, no rips/holes
Offer: twin bed (Inglewood) - I have a free twin bed available for pick up. It has metal frame. Will text pic if interested. Offer: Wooden Frame Futon (Sun Valley) - Brown wood, black mattress cover. Currently we use the blanket to cover up where the mattress cover no longer zips together. The frame itself is over 15 years old and has a decent amount of scratches. It’s been “well-loved” as they say, but still very functional. One wooden slat on the armrest was chewed by our dog 8 years ago when he was a puppy, and another has a slight break that can be superglued together. Other than these cosmetic blemishes, it overall is still very sturdy and not bad looking. For the past 4 years it’s sat mostly unused in a home office, though we have slept on it when we have guests, and it’s been solid. As mentioned, we do have a dog so despite cleaning, there may be some dog hairs lodged in the mattress. We disassembled it originally to get it in our townhome & upstairs. That may not be necessary for removal, as it’s the size of a couch (could sit 3 people). However, a heads up that it make take a little re-assembly time if it proves slightly too big for our door frames.
Request: Fishing (Westminster at Newland/Hazard) - I’m looking for someone who has a boat and goes fishing that my retired husband could go with. Request: Packnplay (Chino) - Packnplay Request: Tv stand or cabinet (Santa Ana) - I'm looking for either a cabinet/shelf or TV stand. Thank you! Offer: cooking magazines and books (1620 River Wood Court Simi) - Cooking magazines and books
Offer: shelving (Rancho Cucamonga)
Offer: baby swing, no batteries included (West Hollywood) - can use a quick wipe down but in great condition otherwise. 5 point harness
Offer: Poodle Back Pack (RPV near Hesse Park) - Easy porch pick up near Hesse Park inRancho Palos Verdes.