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Offer: Shelving (Hazel park) - Gray office shelves with wood braces to attach to wall
Offer: Neck travel pillow (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi, I have a U- shaped neck travel pillow. Soft, fuzzy, and barely used. Great for bingeing Netflix. Easy PPU Peace, emceemk Offer: Electric drier (Hazel park) - Won’t turn on
Offer: Assorted hangers (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi. I hve a dozen or so assortedwire and dplastic hangers-- just the thing for a yard sale. Let me know if you'd like them. Have a good one, emceemk Offer: Asst flatware (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Yes, it' me again. I have an incomplete set of flatware, Mansfield pattern, plus some soup spoons. Great for teh cabin up north until you buy a set you really like. Easy PPU. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: Asst. Hats (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi guys, Assorted hats says it all. Ball caps, winter hats, straw hats, visors. You know 'em, you love 'em. You want 'em? Easy PPU near Middlebelt and Eleven. Enjoy the sunshine! emceemk Request: Old Hockey Helmets and other gear (Farmington Hills) - I collect vintage adult hockey equipment, anything from mid-90s and older. Helmets, gloves, skates, sticks, jerseys, goalie pads, etc.
Offer: little tykes car (Clarkston) - Little tykes car- just needs a good cleaning
Offer: Head board (Hazel park) - Head board for full size bed
Offer: Chrome Clothes Rack on Wheels (Independence Twp) - All chrome clothes rack on wheels. 48 inches wide and 67 inches tall. Top hat rack is 8 inches deep. Two hooks on both ends for purses or whatever. Easily breaks dow for storage and transportation
Offer: Couple dozen T-shirts (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi y'alls, I have a couple of dozen black Tshirts, small through XL, each bearing a picture with the name of my failed dotcom. Winner takes all. Wasy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt. emceemk Offer: Upholstery fabric (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi All, I have a chunk of material about a yard and a half across, and two and a half long. It is a heavy woven check pattern, brown and black. I made a bath rug from some of this material, and it survived the washer a couple of times wihtout shrinking or other problems. Easy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: Book bags, etc (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hello all, I have two bags full of misc book bags, backpacks, and laptop bags. If there are any in here that you don't want need to keep them all, please find good homes for the remainder. Be safe, emceemk Offer: Misc pet items (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi. I have some assorted pet items, bottles of shampoo, anti--tick, floor cleaner, etc. They need a new home. Easy PPU near 11 Mile and Middlebelt Road. Stay safe, emceemk Offer: Play structure slide (11 Mile and Farmington Road) - Large yellow play structure slide, originally from a Rainbow play structure set, already re-purposed once for another set, still has some life left in it Easy driveway pickup
Request: Garden hose (Farmington) - Any size, any condition. Thank you! Offer: Old car tires (Northwest Detroit) - I have 3 in my backyard. It crossed my mind someone might like to make yard flowerbeds. Request: Gravel or rocks (Detroit West side) - I would like A LOT of rocks/gravel large or smalls to put under bushes next to my driveway. I'm hoping someone can bring them to my driveway. Please Offer: Phillip's 20" television (Farmington Hills) - Older regular color TV 20 inch size with remote. In very good condition. Great for attaching a DVD or VCR to. Garage pickup, need you to carry to your car. It will be sanitized even though it's been covered and in garage. Thanks! Offer: Misc Electric (10 Mile and Middlebelt) - Hi, I have a few electrical items to give away-- a couple of extension cords, hanging lamp cord, lamp base, etc. Easy PPU near Orchard Lake and 11 Mile Roads. Stay safe y'all, emceemk Offer: Rainbow Play Set (Novi) - Full Rainbow playset. Perfect for your backyard or subdivision playground. The top of the fort also comes with it (we never reinstalled after moving it last time). Our kids have outgrown it and we want our backyard for other things. We don't want any money, but you do have to disassemble and move. It's not hard at all. If interested, please plan to remove by June 15th.
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Offer: Purses (Berkley) - Black and brown clip purses With attached straps (stored inside) Offer: 600 piece jigsaw puzzle (9&10 mile Farmington Hills) - New still in box jigsaw puzzle to give away Offer: Assorted printers (9&10 mile Farmington Hills) - All size and shape printers for give away- come select 1 or 2 to take home- don't know if they work or not☺sorry just need them gone Offer: Kleenex box holder (Ferndale) - Bamboo Kleenex box holder, standard size. 6.5” tall. Great condition. Easy PPU.
Offer: Baskets (Berkley) - I have 5 baskets (so far) that I don’t need. I may find more. Located in Berkley, between 12 mile rd & Coolidge.
Offer: basketballs and baseball gloves (off union lake and cooley lake) - good condition and also skate board skooter in good condtion Offer: Wood Shelf with Brackets (Independence Twp) - Wood shelf with matching wood brackets. 30 inches long by 6 1/2 deep
Offer: 78"X84" White Vertical Vinyl Blinds (Hartland) - 78" Width x 84" Height - 3 1/2 inch White Vertical Vinyl Blinds for patio doors/sliding glass doors.
Offer: Working Gas Range/Stove/Oven (Hartland) - White gas stove has working oven. Top range/stove burners usually must be lit with a lighter, but they work fine once lit.