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Offer: ewfrtryte (Cedar Rapids) - eftryrgefd
Photo of free ewfrtryte (Cedar Rapids)
Photo of free ewfrtryte (Cedar Rapids)
Request: Perrin book: THIRD PERSON RURAL (Dubuque) - This is a nonfiction book by Noel Perrin published 30+ years ago. I gave mine away, not thinking I'd need it again. Not at Carnegie Stout. A copy in any shape would be fine. Offer: seven audiobooks on cassette (Dubuque) - A TOWN LIKE ALICE, by Nevil Shute. Unabridged. 12 hours. THE GREAT GOOD THING, by Roderick Townley. Unabridged. 3 hours. QUITE A YEAR FOR PLUMS, by Bailey White. Unabridged. Read by the author. 5 hours. KILLER DILLER, by Clyde Edgerton. Unabridged. 8 hours. COLD MOUNTAIN, by Charles Frazier. Unabridged. 14 hours. SUMMERLAND, by Michael Chabon, read by the author. 15 hours. THE BLIND ASSASSIN, by Margaret Atwood. Unabridged. 18 yours. LEWIS & CLARK: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery, narrated by Ken Burns--a companion to Burns' PBS documentary. 4 hours. Happy to answer questions. You're welcome to any, some, or all. Offer: antique pillow and 4 pillow cases (Dubuque) - 12" x 12" antique feather-filled throw pillow. Heavy black flannel backing. On that background is a hand-hooked gray and white kitten with pink bow seated on a green and yellow pillow. Back side of pillow is a more recent lighter weight black fabric. In excellent condition. Four antique hand-embroidered standard-sized pillow cases: *A matched set of MR and MRS pillow cases. Letters are pink. The MRS case is embroidered with a two-inch high woman in a hat and a blue dress with a bustle. The male figure on the MR case is dressed in blue and bowing with a doffed top hat. *One single pillow case with a 5" high orange basket of pink and blue flowers flowers with scrolled embellishment. *Second single case is newer--from the 1950s?--with a pair of deer (one with antlers) gazing at each other in a bed of flowers. These pillow cases have been in storage. Need to be whitened with a non-chlorine bleach. Offer: Stroller (Altoona) - Good condition Works great
Photo of free Stroller (Altoona)
Photo of free Stroller (Altoona)
Photo of free Stroller (Altoona)
Offer: Two swings (Altoona) - Good condition
Photo of free Two swings (Altoona)
Offer: Booster seats (Altoona) - Normal wear Three seats
Photo of free Booster seats (Altoona)
Offer: 2 toddler swing seats (Altoona) - Free 1 fisher price 1 little tikes
Photo of free 2 toddler swing seats (Altoona)
Request: Comic books (Altoona) - Any condition Hopefully readable Offer: "Read-Aloud Classics" for kids 4-9 (Dubuque) - 101 "10-minute readings from the world's best-loved children's books." Selected to be read aloud to children ages 4 to 9. 392-page hardback book with various illustrations, published in 2005, never read, in pristine condition. Also: VHS tape of "Sunday School Songs: 15 Classic Christian Songs for Kids" with "over 30 minutes of Live Action Sing-A-Long Video." You're welcome to either, or both. Request: old Dormeyer mixer beaters (East Dubuque) - I am looking for beaters that will fit an old Dormeyer mixer. Since this was inherited from a friend I do not know what the beaters should look like. The ones with it do not fit correctly. Thanks Request: Beds (Dubuque) - Broke my leg . In desperate need of a queen and king size beds I have no transportation please and thank you Request: tennis balls (East Dubuque) - ISO old used tennis balls for pups K9 Kannon. Will pick up. Thanks Request: Ride to and from school (1015 glen oak) - If you can take my daughter to, and pick up from school I'll pay half your insurance. It breaks my heart that my daughter has to walk 2 miles in the freezing cold. Plz plz plz plz help me. I'll pay half ur insurance!! Me or my wife have to be in the car! Offer: T'ai Chi and Power Yoga VHS tapes (Dubuque) - Bryan Kest's POWER YOGA, unopened, still in wrapper. T'ai Chi for Health: Yang Short Form. T'ai Chi for Health: Yang Long Form. Stress Free with Tai-Chi ("ideal for seniors"). You're welcome to any some, or all four. Offer: Black snowsuit size 10/12 (Durango) - Black, like new Request: Dishes and cups (Dubuque Iowa) - Can anyone help out with dishes and cups Request: out-of-date U.S. postage stamps (Dubuque) - Old, in small denominations, in any condition. Unused U.S. postage stamps. Will be used to mail post cards, thank-you notes, and letters to family and friends. Request: Dressers (Dubuque Iowa) - Looking for dressers anything helps Request: Couches and furniture (Dubuque Iowa) - I am looking for couches and chairs and a coffee table. Anything helps no transportation at all Offer: coffee cans with lids (lancaster,wi) - 4 swans ice cream containers, 6 RR1 popcorn plastic containers with lids and 17 coffee cans (1.5lb) with lids--all great for cookie walk sales when they return
Photo of free coffee cans with lids (lancaster,wi)
Request: furniture (Dubuque) - Living room furniture need 2 chairs end tables please and thank you Offer: Empty jars (North Central Ames) - I have 7 of these empty and clean salsa jars.
Photo of free Empty jars (North Central Ames)
Request: Military metals (Peru rd) - Any Request: World war II patch or dog tags (Peru rd) - Vietnam or american, my son collects. Request: women & baby clothing (Southside des moines sw 9th) - Running out of ideas to make ends meet.... I appreciate everything in advance. God bless. Literally starting with close o nothing... Needing: Women's snow boots Size 8.0-9.5 Women's shoes size 8-9.5 Women's maternity jeans large and xlarge Women's clothing ; everything from underwear, socks, jeans, tops, blouses, jackets etc . (I have a winter jacket so far.) Need boots so badly! New born needs!!!! For my expected baby boy(due in spring/may) ;; clothes, diapers, bottles, toys, blankets, bunnies, wipes, anything and everything I'm forgetting....etc. No vehicle. No bus pass. I appreciate all your thoughts prayers and help in advance Request: cleaning supplies (Dubuque) - In need of cleaning supplies anything will help broke my leg and no transportation Please and thank you Request: Homless family (Des moines) - Single mom of 2 teens currently homeless living in our vehicle anything will help clothing blankets pillows gift card for food and gas Offer: 4 mug set (wdm) - 4 mugs white with rainbow pattern, excellent condition will send picture if you supply email address (didn't see anyway to do it here.) Request: wood of all kinds (Independence) - Starting out a woodworking hobby/business, any wood that is milled or I milked I am interested in