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Offer: Small cardboard boxes (Howard) - We have lots of smallish cardboard shipping boxes. Most of them are less than a cubic foot in volume and have printing on them, such as "Melaleuca" or "Amazon." You don't need to take all of them, just what you can use. If you're looking for a particular dimension/size, I can check for that. Offer: 3.5" computer disks (Howard) - I have 27 "new" IBM-formatted 3.5" computer disks. I don't know if anyone uses these anymore, but I thought I'd ask before tossing them. Offer: File folders (Howard) - I have lots of used file folders, both hanging and manila. Offer: Women's clothes (Howard) - I have several bags of women's clothes to offer, mostly dresses, skirts, and tops. Sizes M-L. Offer: Toilet (Rhinelander) - I have a Kohler toilet that works great but I had a brand new toilet for a rental of mine but it wouldn’t fit so I replaced the Kohler that I had used for several years with the new one. The Kohler that I am giving away when I bought it was able to flush a dozen golfs balls down at one time and it only uses 1 Gallon of water. If no one wants it it will go to the land fill.
Request: Full sized box spring (Mattoon Wi) - In decent shape prefer no stains Request: Landline Corded Speakr Phone (NW Appleton) - I'm in need of a corded landline speaker phone as I'm hard of hearing. It needs to be in working condition. It's okay if it needs to be cleaned and such. Thank you in advance for your help. Request: Fleece Material (Little Chute) - Looking for any kind of fleece fabric to make tie blankets for children in need. Anything helps!! Offer: Old large broken fridge, aluminum d (Menasha wi) - Scrap metal-old side by side fridge, and two aluminum doors located in menasha.
Offer: 18” x 48” Intex metal frm pool (619 E Byrd St Appleton) - Needs a couple valves— easy to buy. Always needs patches when set up— come tonight or early tomorrow. First come first serve
Offer: 5 twin mattresses, 1 queen set - Stevens Point - From a clean house. Offer: Mattress--Full size (Howard) - We have a full size mattress that is in decent shape and clean. It is indented on one side where my husband sleeps. It will be available some time this week when our new mattress is delivered. Request: I need to borrow a Reacher (august st) - Good condition! I accidentally broke my rental reacher😣