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Request: Yarn (32207) - Any style , or color just in need of yarn Offer: Firewood (Armistead and Thomasville) - Hello -- we received a botched mulch drop that included a massive amount of large logs and actually some construction materials as well (fence pickets, etc). Anyone who would like to come grab any of it (we'd like to keep the small amount that's actually mulch) is welcome to. Still have a good amount of potential firewood left!
Photo of free Firewood (Armistead and Thomasville)
Offer: couches (1020 caliente drive apt c) - Two love seats one with recliners and one without , queen size mattress and bed frame , take them they are free
Photo of free couches (1020 caliente drive apt c)
Photo of free couches (1020 caliente drive apt c)
Photo of free couches (1020 caliente drive apt c)
Request: Baby gate (Jacksonville) - I’m in need of a baby gate to safely introduce my cat to my roommates dog. If someone has one I can use, it will be re-cycled within the gifting community as soon as I no longer need it ❤️ Request: 18-volt D.C. power adaptor, 2-amp (Live Oak) - Somehow, I've misplaced mine. : Request: Cellular phones (Anywhere in Jax.) - Does anyone have any cell phones they might want to donate? I’m willing to pick them up. Request: Wool Blanket (Live Oak) - Any size, color or condition. Request: Uncle Wiggily books (Live Oak) - I used to read some of these books by Howard Garis when my daughter was young. Now, I've got more 'youngins.' Some titles: Uncle Wiggily's Story book Uncle Wiggily's Travels Uncle Wiggily and his Friends Uncle Wiggily's Fortune Uncle Wiggily on the Farm Uncle Wiggily's Picture Book Uncle Wiggily Starts Off Uncle Wiggily in the Country Favorite Uncle Wiggily Animal Bedtime Stories Uncle Wiggily's Journey Uncle Wiggily's Stories for Kids The Long-Eared Gentleman Rabbit Offer: Spreader (Bartram Park Blvd) - Almost new, works perfectly
Photo of free Spreader (Bartram Park Blvd)
Offer: Small thindershirt (Darien ga) - Grey excellent condition
Photo of free Small thindershirt (Darien ga)
Offer: Basket of balls (Darien ga) - Wicker and feather
Photo of free Basket of balls (Darien ga)
Request: Full size bed frame (North) - Full size bed frame. Set preferred. Offer: Cardboard Boxes (Northside - Dunn Ave) - Stack of cardboard boxes available. Medium and small. Mostly Amazon boxes. Boxes are broken down and will be left on the curbside. Offer: two (2) Slalom water skies (Live Oak) - two (2) Slalom water skies believed to be fiberglass (not wood) Need repair and/or parts