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Offer: 17 in monitor (Near University Park Airport) - Monitor works. Comes with cord.
Request: Newspaper (21722) - I am in need of a large amount of newspaper for kennel. Offer: Baby’s Crib (Shadyside, Pittsburgh) - Much loved Morigeau Lepine crib, with adjustable side rail. Good condition. Solid wood. Will need to be disassembled for pickup; full instructions available.
Request: Suitcase (Beaver County) - A large suitcase or duffel bag to take donation items to Romania this summer. Must hold 50 fifty pounds. Request: Pittbull looking for it's furever h (Blairsville, Pa) - ISO.....WANTED.....My boys, ages 12 & 9, plus I, am looking for a housetrained, fixed, ok w cats, pittbull (for free) who needs a furever home. Yes, you read that right-PITTBULL. I had to put mine down 12 years ago bc she was suffering from cancer and I couldn't let her suffer any longer. She was a wonderful dog. (Btw, pittbulls are known as 'nanny dogs' bc they are so good with children.) I'm finally ready to open my heart to another dog & I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to teach my boys some responsibility (I, of course, would oversee the care of the dog). No cages! The dog will be an indoor dog. We like to go walking wherever we can when it is nice out. We would love to have a furry friend to come along and keep us company ;) We're located in Blairsville, Pa. Do you have our future family member? Please let me know ASAP! Thank you! Offer: Caviar dry shampoo (Mt Pleasant PA) - 2 unopened bottles of Caviar dry shampoo. This is a powder dry shampoo. Request: Wine bottles (Clarksburg) - Looking for any wine bottles, any size and any color... also gallon glass jugs half gallon glass jugs, all related to home winemaking
Offer: washing machine (Boalsburg) - Whirlpool Heavy Duty. This washer is at least 15-20 years old but it has been sitting in our basement for 9 years unused as an extra. We kept it because it cleans really well (last time used anyway) but it does "walk." You would have to get it out through our Bilco doors. Request: Bedroom furniture (In bloomfield...must b in walk) - Looking for bedroom furniture, mostly a dresser with or without mirror is fine & a chest of drawers....im able to pick up with a few days notice, i would have to rent a truck Request: Electric bass with amplifier (State College) - For a middle school musician. Any brand, thanks! Request: Wine stuff (In bloomfield...must b in walk) - Looking for anything wine themed..wall hangings, hand towels, rugs, ..will take anything you have. Must be in walking distance to bloomfield Request: Sound proof foam (In bloomfield...must b in walk) - Looking for sound proof blocks..any color..need quite a few though Offer: Wine Corks (Stormstown/State College) - Approx. 120 wine corks, suitable for craft projects etc. I am in Stromstown but can work in State College 2 days a week. Request: refrigerator (Mon valley) - Mine is going on a blink.im disabled,n funds are low for husband just had s hernia surgery Offer: 55 Gallon Metal Drums (Western MD) - Free. You accept full responsibility cleaning and removal from Grantsville MD. MUST BE CLEANED PROPERLY BEFORE USE. Good for storage, deer feeder, burn barrels. Offer: Recliner (Greensburg) - Older lazyboy recliner ...cat not included (she wouldn't get off!)
Offer: Chandler (Greensburg) - Bronze, its larger with arms and gloves for lights
Request: electric dryer (Natrona heights area) - In need of good working electric dryer. Offer: Packing Material for house move (Middlesex Crossing, Valencia) - Used, Flattened Cardboard boxes from recent house move Request: Amp for electric bass (State College) - Any size, thanks! Request: Electric bass, with or without amp (State College) - Any brand, long as it works! Request: Mason jars with lids (Boardman) - I’m looking for clear mason jars with lids- any size will do! Local librarian looking to use for public program! Thanks! Request: Coat Rack & Paper Towel Holder (State College) - I’m looking for a free standing, sturdy coat rack and a table top paper towel holder for a classroom. Thank you! Request: Household items any and all (Carrick and surrounding area) - Starting from scratch with my four children moving to the Carrick area please if anyone has anything in good condition please think about this post and contact me love and light 🙏🏽🙏🏽💜🥰 Offer: Octagon mirror (North side of town, on bissell) - Large. Some one was SUPPOSED to come by n pick it up.... please do so. It is on our front porch. U can’t miss it. Offer: Beauty care items (Lawrenceville) - Beauty care items that I no longer use. Good quality. All free. Plz take all or none. Most are opened. Will drop off if close and convenient.
Request: Wine bottles (Clarksburg) - Looking for any wine bottles, any sizeand any color... also gallon glass jugs half gallon glass jugs, all related to home winemaking RCCSH
Request: Dryer (Homestead) - Looking for a gas dryer. I bought one mod 2019 used and it has quit on me already. I'm a family of 6 and have a working washer but am in desperate need of a dryer. Thanks in advance! Request: Used Candles (Morgantown) - Looking for candles that have been completely used up and have only a bit of wax left in the bottom. Partially used candles will also work if you no longer want them. Request: Wine/liquor bottle caps (Morgantown) - Looking for wine and liquor bottle tops for a DIY project I’m working on. I have a car so I can come to you or meet somewhere.