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Request: Plastic lawn chairs & plastic totes (Jonesville,VA) - I am looking for good condition plastic lawn chairs and plastic totes for a container garden project. Dirty and wear and tear is fine. Request: soil (knoxville east) - looking for free soil for my raised bed ! Request: ear buds and Bluetooth speaket (Maryville TN) - Any color works is loud enough and charges Request: earphones or Bluetooth speaker (Maryville TN) - As long as it can charge and works and is loud enough I'll use it Offer: Toilet (Knoxville - Norwood) - White porcelain, perfect condition. 15 1/2 in. tall with 13 in. elongated bowl. No cracks. Functions perfectly. (Only replaced to get a taller one as we arr getting older.) Request: Place for my hose 75 years old (Strawberry Plains Tennessee) - could use a hide away hose storage, mobile cart hose storage free standing hose hanger. I have no way to connect to the building. Offer: Scrap metal (Jefferson City, TN) - Non working refrigerator for scrap or parts. You pick up and load. Bring an extra person to help.
Photo of free Scrap metal (Jefferson City, TN)
Request: Riding lawnmower (Greeneville TN) - Looking for a riding lawnmower in pretty good condition Request: Lill girl barbie (Maryville) - Any barbies someone would like to donate or trade on would be very much appreciated Request: motorhome (Jefferson county, TN) - I'm looking for a free motorhome that can run and hopefully doesn't have any leaks Request: vacuum cleaner and household items (strawberry plains tn 37871) - in need of vacuum cleaner and any household items and also kids winter clothes my boy is 10 n wears a 12/14 and my daughter is 9 n wears a 10 n little girls Request: Children’s Books (South Knoxville) - ISO children’s books for my boys. Request: Horse Manure, Mulch, Topsoil (Parrotsville) - Hello, Were excited to start the ground prep for our orchard. We need Horse or chicken manure to compost. Also mulch. We can pick it up or if you need to dump it somewhere we could use it and would greatly appreciate it! Thank you! Matt and LeAnn at Peachkey Farm in Parrotsville. Phone 4235887373, email peachkeyfarm@gmail.com Thanks! God Bless! Offer: chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) Promised - Lot of space (4 shelves) Good wood, some scratches......... Need to move it!
Photo of free chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Request: beds for small children (Wayland, KY.) - I am badly on need of mattresses & boxsprings. I've got no income atm 2 children whom sleep were they can and desperately need help. thank you & bless u
Photo of beds for small children (Wayland, KY.)
Request: Full & twin matress & boxsprings (Wayland, KY.) - Please in need of Beds badly. 2 kids, no income atm. They sleep were tjet can ri g.j it now. Thank u & God Bless you all Offer: Wood Cabinet (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) Promised - Good Quality wood. Has 4 shelves ... Doors close - Left side needs to be -realigned.....Some scratches (easy to repair) Needs picked up -------- ASAP
Photo of free Wood Cabinet (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Offer: low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) Promised - Good wood, so,e scratches (easy to repair) two sections with 4 shelves. needs some light repair.. I used in my garage for storage. Need it moved ASAP
Photo of free low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Offer: low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.) Promised - good wood, needs some light repair. need to have removed ASAP.. I used in my garage for storage.
Photo of free low chest (Near strawberry exit on I-40.)
Request: Twin bed (East Morristown TN) - Twin bed Request: center hub cap (downtown Loudon) - We need a center hub cover for 2005 hyundai sonata was lost or stolen Request: wooden pallets or.wood (37748) - looking for.some.wood or pallets please. Request: Atv,4wheeler,Golfcart,motorbike ect (Caton Chapel Sevierville tn) - Anyone of these, any style model or kind, broken or not I can fix minor problems. Respectfully Requesting a donation of any one or kind of these ATVs or similar that will climb steep hillside roads. I am a recently homeless Disabled Veteran starting a new life in a old house on top of an high up mountain. The coalition for homeless vets arranged this for me after several years of waiting patiently. I am now in need of some sort of transportation. For my everyday grocery and supply needs, I have a store down a private road around 4 miles round trip. It will need to be able to climb steep hills on the way back for it to be feasible transport. Preferably anything decent running if at all possible but beggars can't be chooser's and I am begging cause its a curvy high steep dang mountain I tell ya ;) Also Providing someone has something they might donate that runs well, that would be a True blessing. For instance, an ATV or something like that someone would or that someone knows would and isn't using it, might could and or would spare for a meaningful purpose. And or if someone needs it hauled off for any reason or can't use it because of a particular reason. I will be happy with any donation as long as it climbs hills. I am Truthfully and hopefully sees this request, I am also Praying and believing eventually my need will be met and someone will be able to help me out. In this, my time of need where as, i have done the same for others in need many times in my life till now and I have always been blessed beyond compare because I have listened and acted when others have requested a need I could meet. I am blessed and hopeful and look forward to hearing from you and God Bless everyone who reads this request. Thank You for your time :) I can be reached at Jeremiahgatlyn92@gmail.com or by phone 865 292 4814.
Photo of Atv,4wheeler,Golfcart,motorbike ect (Caton Chapel Sevierville tn)
Request: wood or pallets (37748)