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Offer: Mothercare Car Seat (Chard, Somerset) - Universal car seat 9 - 36kg (see photo with info label). Great condition, never been in an accident or placed under excessive forces, all attachments complete and in excellent condition. The covering can be removed to wash, I’ve not done that but the hard surfaces have been sanitised and the cloth hoovered.
Photo of free Mothercare Car Seat (Chard, Somerset)
Photo of free Mothercare Car Seat (Chard, Somerset)
Photo of free Mothercare Car Seat (Chard, Somerset)
Photo of free Mothercare Car Seat (Chard, Somerset)
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Offer: Material Play Tent (DT3) - See pics
Photo of free Material Play Tent (DT3)
Offer: Red Light shades (FROME Football side of town) - I have 2 pleated red light shades If anyone is interested 6.5ins High x 10ins Wide or 16.5cm H x 25.5cm W
Photo of free Red Light shades (FROME Football side of town)
Photo of free Red Light shades (FROME Football side of town)
Offer: Soft toy rabbit (FROME Football side of town) - Cute cuddly soft toy rabbit With large floppy ears holding ribbon flowers Looking for a loving home. Size H 14.5 ins x W 11 ins H 37cm x W 28cm
Photo of free Soft toy rabbit (FROME Football side of town)
Offer: Photo albums (Wells, Somerset) - Five .. they are in excellent condition - like new.
Photo of free Photo albums (Wells, Somerset)
Offer: (2 x black bags) Variety of packaging materials (Higher Bagborough Farm BA4) - Mixture of bubble wrap, brown packaging paper, polystyrene pieces. State when you would like to collect and I can leave outside garden gate. Request: Jam jars with lids (Croscombe BA5) - If any one has any spare jam jars with lids I would be very grateful Offer: Pregnancy Support Bands (Taunton TA1) - 4 Tubigrip Elasticated Multi-Purpose Tubular Bandage is easy to apply and reapply and requires no pins or tapes. It is washable and reusable each one 65 cm x 30 cm approx * Tubigrip Tubular can be useful as a pregnancy support bands * Tubigrip Tubular Bandages are used to provide tissue support during treatment of strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, joint effusions, general edema, post-burn scarring and rib cage injuries.
Photo of free Pregnancy Support Bands (Taunton TA1)
Photo of free Pregnancy Support Bands (Taunton TA1)
Offer: Children’s keyboard - not working (Wells) - Motherboard is bent from child standing on it. Possibly can be fixed as it works when motherboard is straightened out. Seems wrong to throw away.
Photo of free Children’s keyboard - not working (Wells)
Offer: Yes and coffee pot (Wells) - Comes with free tea bags too!
Photo of free Yes and coffee pot (Wells)
Offer: Well used Wok (Wells) - Still got life left but some of the non stick layer has come away.
Photo of free Well used Wok (Wells)
Photo of free Well used Wok (Wells)
Photo of free Well used Wok (Wells)
Request: Dumbell Weights Metal/Vinyl (High Street) - Hi guys. If anyone has a set of dumbells they no longer need or spare my son would love to consider them depending what they are etc as he is putting a gym together in his and his pals hut. Many thanks. Jeff Offer: Bananas (Chilton Polden, TA7) - About 30 ripe bananas, great for smoothies or baking, need collecting by Sunday 12th July please
Photo of free Bananas (Chilton Polden, TA7)
Request: Apple CinemaDisplay 65W Power Brick (BA3) - Hi All I am attempting to upcycle an Apple Cinema Display (20 inch) that I found discarded on a skip near my house along with a beautiful and in perfect working order older iMac 😳. Upgrade for me, thank you Universe 🙏🏻. For the display, however, they omitted to throw the other shoe and so I do not have the bespoke Apple Cinema Display 65 Watt Power Adapter brick (model A1096) needed to breath life into her. Therefore I ask does anyone perchance have a decommissioned one of these AC power bricks so I can save her from becoming just so much more mess on our Planet. I thank you in advance. Request: Top soil (Evercreech) - Could anyone spare us a bag of topsoil please? We have donated a small tree to a public space and the roots are partly uncovered. Offer: Mugs, glasses and soup bowls (Weymouth) - I have a selection of mugs, wine glasses and soup bowls (white) with handles if anyone wants them? Offer: Book case (Street) - Wood home made
Photo of free Book case (Street)
Offer: Unit wood (Street) - Brown
Photo of free Unit wood (Street)
Offer: Table and chairs (Street) - Polished wood top black legs
Photo of free Table and chairs (Street)
Offer: 2 seater sofa (Street) - Multi coloured
Photo of free 2 seater sofa (Street)
Offer: 3 seater sofa (Street) - Green floral
Photo of free 3 seater sofa (Street)
Offer: 2 old pillows (Galmington) - Hi did anyone want these old pillows. I just bought new ones so no longer needed. The cases are stained as you can see (Mostly hair product build up I think!) and 1 has gone quite lumpy but would be fine for a dog bed or similar?
Photo of free 2 old pillows (Galmington)
Offer: Ikea Kroby floor lamps + one other (Glastonbury, BA6) - 2 of these Kroby swan necked, flared conical translucent glass shades. Base of one has a bit of rust on top, but could be painted over. Height: 135cm Plus one stainless steel floor standing reading light, height 147cm, has a flexible top. Offer: Doors (Chetnole DT9) - Doors surplus to requirements after house alterations. White 840 cm x 196.5 cm Brown 197.5 x75.5 cm Brown 197 cm x68cm Request: Table top dishwasher (Yeovil) - Looking for table top dishwasher Offer: Two different chairs to renovate (Morcombelake DT6) - Two chairs, together or separately One has a caned back in good condition but needs a new seat. It has the original drop-in seat frame. The other is a chair for a smaller person - the seat is 42cm off the ground. Lots of wobbly joints but in good condition otherwise. Pick-up from the kerb in Morcombelake.
Photo of free Two different chairs to renovate (Morcombelake DT6)
Photo of free Two different chairs to renovate (Morcombelake DT6)
Offer: conservatory (Morcombelake DT6) - White pvc conservatory Footprint 6m x 3m Window panels are 130cm tall Roofing panels are a bluish translucent plastic with a cellular structure (imagine corrugated cardboard but with the middle layer in squares not waves) One set of double doors, and one single door. All have keys. Some double glazed panels are blown. Built by a previous owner and blocking my sea view. It's got to go!
Photo of free conservatory (Morcombelake DT6)
Photo of free conservatory (Morcombelake DT6)
Offer: Wooden cot (Old Gore Farm BA3) - John Lewis 'Anna' wooden cot in overall good condition. Some damage to one side of the base has been effectively repaired and doesn't show because it's under the mattress. We found the drop down mechanism a bit of a fiddle, so didn't use it. The base can be set at three different heights. Instructions and Allen key included.
Photo of free Wooden cot (Old Gore Farm BA3)
Request: Helpful Metal detector enthusiast! (Shepton Mallet BA4) - Wonder if anyone would be kind enough to help me find my car key lost on a dog walk yesterday please.BA4 area, would be very grateful for some help finding it as my spare key fob doesnt work and I cant get into my car. Tried with tracker dog last night and another this morning without success due to long grass and the rain. Please message if you might be able to help. Its a simple path i took and was 30 mins total walk in a straight ish path over two fields, one over stone track the other grass...keen to try find it before it is driven over as is access for other fields to be cut for hay and would be incredibly grateful for anyone who can help!thanks for reading Request: Plank of wood 160cm by 40cm (BA3 5) - Looking for a plank of wood at least 160cm by 40cm (bigger is fine as I can cut it down) to make a shelf. Something like a wooden worktop would be perfect!