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Request: Pebbles or gravel or wood chipping. (Ripon HG4) - We have an area of garden that needs something so it looks tidy. If anyone has some left over pebbles / gravel or wood chipping this would be ideal. Here’s hoping :) Offer: Brick-wall effect tiles (Harrogate HG2) - Tiles left over from tiling job in kitchen. 2 full tiles measuring 56 cm x 31 cm. 2 more that have been broken but will cement together (and because of the 'rustic' nature of the bricks, should look fine when on the wall) and 2 half tiles. See photos. One photo shows how they look on my wall. The others show the tiles I'm giving away. They're called "Manhattan Coto" and came from "Walls and Floors" of Kettering (if you want to Google them and find out more) Free to anyone who can pick them up.
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Request: Tin of Black Hammerite Paint please (Newton upon Ouse YO30) - Hi there, if you have any Hammerite black paint, we would be grateful to hear from you. Many thanks Request: clean rugs please (Moor Allerton LS17) - if anyone has any and could drop off in ls17 would be very grateful as housebound at mo cheers Request: Sunbed (Seacroft LS14) - Hi there, if anyone has a sunbed surplus to requirements l'd love to take it. Thanks Offer: Computer Desk (Garforth LS25) - On castors.light teak.good cond.pick up garforth. 72 high 56 wide
Offer: Calcium supplements (Gledhow LS8) - I know we aren't allowed to give medicines but these are supplements you can buy in any supermarket or chemist. 2 tubes of effervescent calcium & vitamin D3 supplements and 4 tubes of chewable calcium supplements. All out of date but I don't think it matters. I now get a different multivitamin so I don't need these. To collect from LS8 Gledhow.
Offer: Unused Drinking Straws (Gledhow LS8) - Loads of drinking straws, the kind that come attached to small packets of fruit juice or soya milk. Approx 15cm or 6 inches long. To collect from LS8 Gledhow.
Offer: Small amount of bean bag beans. (Armley LS12) - Enough bean bag beans for a cushion or similar. Left over from topping up bean bags. Collection ls12 Request: Sky dish needed (Seacroft LS14) - Any one got a sky dish please Offer: Odd leather gloves - crafting? (Oulton, LS26) - Two right hand leather gloves. One slightly bigger size. Good condition- craft projects?
Offer: Wheels (LS26 Oulton) - These fix under the shoe so that you can ‘wheel’ one has lost the fastener so you will need to improvise or use the wheels for something else Collect Oulton ls26
Offer: Linen basket and pegs (Oulton, LS26) - Two of these baskets - both have cracked and been repaired. Peg carousel with 4 broken legs. Collect Oulton ls26
Request: Chest Freezer (Armley LS12) - Recently got my own place after a marital Breakdown I’m starting a fresh work nothing I am in desperate need of a chest freezer if at all possible P Offer: A4 acetate sheets (Fearnville LS8) - Five transparent sheets and thin spines that could be used again with a binding machine. Happy to post and just post the sheets or both sheets and spines.
Offer: Blznk cds x 20ish (Chapel Allerton LS7) - I have 20 approx blank CDs if anyone wants them standard 80mins long ones.
Offer: 2 Seat Sofa (Sheriff Hutton) - Blue 2 seat sofa. OK condition. One leg slightly dodgy, but alright. 140cm x 80cm x 85cm
Request: Dinosaur toys (Bilton HG1) - I am needing toy dinosaurs for a topic with my Early Years class at Springwater School if anyone can help Offer: Material offcuts (Starbeck HG2) - Various sizes
Offer: felt (Starbeck HG2) - Many offcuts but good size black and gold.
Offer: Glass chopping board, kitchen scenes (Starbeck HG2) - 38cm x 28cm x 4mm.
Offer: Glass chopping board, kitchen words (Starbeck HG2) - 40cm x 30cm x 3mm
Request: humidifier (Holbeck LS11) - dry area small room dry mouth Offer: Electric fryer (Oulton, LS26) - Works fine. Obviously it’s a bit greasy! And you may wish to remove the black marker on the front. Complete with clean oil. Collection only
Offer: Brushes (Oulton, LS26) - I think these are for shoe polishing but only one appears to have been used so I guess you can use themfor whatever. Collection only
Offer: Hamster cage (Oulton, LS26) - Fully functional to keep your hamster safe but the bars are chewed and the base is stained. Collection only
Request: chest freezer (Armley LS12) - Urgently require a working chest freezer If you have one please bare me in mind Request: Tall Moss Poles, Large Plastic/China (or other) Plant Pots (Newton upon Ouse YO30) - We are doing some much needed potting up and would be grateful for Moss Poles, Large Plastic and China/Clay/Terracota (or other), approx 30-60cm in diameter, to transfer them into. Thank you for reading this. Request: Velvet/Upholstery Fabric please (Newton upon Ouse YO30) - We have been trying to give some tlc to some old chairs, but sadly we ran out of fabric. We ideally need 4 metres, but would be grateful for anything near that amount. The colour needs to contrast / complement orange, which is proving tricky! Any help gratefully received. Many thanks Offer: Used pillows (Adel LS16) - I have 3 synthetic filled old pillows that are fine but a but clumpy. Some from ikea. Please only request if you can commit to a collection time.