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Request: Split rail fence materials (Evans City) - Hi. Looking for about 200 ft of split rail fence. Thanks Offer: Earrings (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Assorted stud and hoop earrings The stud earrings are newly purchased as well as gold hoops. Another pair have rarely been worn Offer: Entrepreneur Magazine (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Three Entrepreneur magazines. Offer: novox (Shadyside, Pittburgh, PA) - Novox (aka Rimadyl or carprofen). A NSAID used to treat pain and inflammation due to arthritis and other joint diseases, including hip dysplasia. For dog. 100 mg. approx 60 tablets. My dog had to switch to Gabapentin (long story). Request: Portable sewing machine (Akron) - I'm looking for a portable sewing machine. I'm not too picky as long as it's less than an hour drive to pick up and works. Please no sewing cabinets. I just dont have room for furniture. Thank you. Offer: TV stand (Ravenna) - Glass stand great for television, plants or other storage items. 3 shelves. About 45" long.
Photo of free TV stand (Ravenna)
Request: large fish aquarium (Kenmore) - Need large aquarium please Offer: Graduation party decorations (Peasant Hills) - Various graduation party decorations including signs, banners and photo booth props. Offer: Table (South Park) - 36 x 50 open, sides down 20 x 50
Photo of free Table (South Park)
Photo of free Table (South Park)
Request: Fiber supplements (Maple Hts) - In need of metamucil or similar fiber supplements. Offer: 2 lamps (Upper Cherry St) - Night stand lamps.
Photo of free 2 lamps (Upper Cherry St)
Request: we will take your scrap (Youngstown area) - Hello do you have unwanted scrap and metal prices that you wanna get rid of do u need repairs done and don't know who will give the best price well send us a message today we collect scrap and we will give u a fair price on repairs Offer: Wood pallets (Raccoon Twp) - 4ft by 4 ft Offer: Ready to salvage (Downt) - Sofa bed ready for salvage
Photo of free Ready to salvage (Downt)
Offer: Altoid Tins (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Five Altoid mint tins. Great for crafts Offer: catmx probiotic treats (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Open bag of CATMX probiotic treats. To be honest, my cats hate them Request: Washing Machine (Salem) - Any brand, regular size would be fine. Request: Dressar (Cuyahoga falls) - Tall and long Offer: Heated blanket (Cuyahoga falls) - Med size elec blanket Request: Upright Freezer & Apart Wash n Dry (Bird Town in Lakewood) - Single disabled female in desperate need of Upright Freezer & Apartment Size Stackable Washer and Dryer. A hit n run Tbone car accident has Me almost completely homebound. Severe nerve damage makes it hard to control arms and legs and hurts to drive a lot of walking, carrying, holding, bending and standing. My place is small reason for Stackable and Upright. Thank you for your time consideration I hope to hear from you soon. I am on SSI so barely making it. Please have a very blessed day be safe and enjoy your holidays! Offer: Lol white storage divider (Cuyahoga falls) - Med size white plastic
Photo of free Lol white storage divider (Cuyahoga falls)
Offer: Throw pillows (Cuyahoga falls) - 2 medium size teal /green couch throw pillows
Photo of free Throw pillows (Cuyahoga falls)
Offer: Tall flower 🌼 picture (Cuyahoga falls) - Tall wall hanging
Photo of free Tall flower 🌼 picture (Cuyahoga falls)
Offer: Men's cargo shorts (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - 36 waist cargo shorts, solid color and camo with matching belts. My husband lost weight so they're larger. Request: 20 gallon long fish tank supplies (West side Cleveland) - Looking for new supplies for my fish tank such as lights food and decor I also have geckos and anoles so if you have any reptile supplies as well I would greatly appreciate it Offer: Avenue Parka (Thorndale and S Hawkins) - Size 26/28 Avenue winter parker with fake fur on hood. There is a small of white on shoulder. I got paint on it. It doesn't really be show. The jacket is too big.
Photo of free Avenue Parka (Thorndale and S Hawkins)
Offer: Bags of natural fiber (Point breeze north) Promised - I have 2 bags of natural fiber. One is natural cotton, the other is unknown light brown/grey wool. They are clean but both appear to have a fair amount of vegetable matter still, I just don't have the equipment to properly clean and process the wool for spinning to yarn. May be best as stuffing for pillows, etc.
Photo of free Bags of natural fiber (Point breeze north)
Photo of free Bags of natural fiber (Point breeze north)
Offer: Door frame mount pull up bar (Point breeze north) - No installation required, just mounts on a door frame. Decent condition, some of the foam on the handles is worn, torn in one spot. Offer: Magnetic close Brilliant Earth box (Point breeze north) - White, empty box from Brilliant earth. About the size of a cigar box.
Photo of free Magnetic close Brilliant Earth box (Point breeze north)
Photo of free Magnetic close Brilliant Earth box (Point breeze north)
Offer: Broken plastic glasses frame (Point breeze north) - Eyebuydirect "Delaware" glasses frame in Burgundy. Broken around the lens area for right eye, will not hold a lens. Both lenses have been removed. Would be great for play/dress up glasses!